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HMRgourmand 09-22-2012 04:32 PM

HMR Recipe - Smoky Enchilada Bake
I was assigned a blast day this week. So, I had to eat more than my minimum, which meant I had to fit an extra entree in somewhere. Now, don't get me wrong, I sometimes do this voluntarily when I am ravenous, but this time it was an assignment, and I do my best to fulfill all of them. So I needed a new double entree for supper, something different, something that I could make with what I had at home with me. Something like this.

This requires a little decontruction of an entree, but it really wasn't that difficult. It's an enchilada entree and a BBQ chicken entree (BBQ chicken is my favorite entree...can you tell?) You have to unroll the enchiladas to use for a top and bottom, spoon out the stuffing, mix it with the BBQ chicken, and spread the left over enchilada sauce across the top, with some hot sauce if you'd like.

You'll need a little time for this one, because you simply must bake it.

Recipe and pictures here!

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