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HMRgourmand 09-14-2012 08:13 PM

HMR Recipe - BBQ Chicken Stack
BBQ Chicken Stack
For those of you interested in my personal weight loss stats, I've recorded my week by week weight loss for you to peruse, along with a terrifying/interesting before and current picture of yours truly. It is available after the recipe.

So...enough about me! On with the important stuff: the food!

I know you won't believe it, but I occasionally screw up. Like when I was trying to microwave chips for the recipe yesterday. I initially added too much water to the chip batter, and it wouldn't firm all the way up and dry out, like a chip should. So I ended up with a plate-sized crust of chicken soup, and I refused to throw it out. This stuff is expensive, you know! So I gave my favorite standby recipe, BBQ Chicken Pizza, a visual makeover.

Geez, I have missed cooking for myself. I mean, I still have to cook for my husband and daughter. (Yes, I'm a masochist.) But it's nowhere near as fun cooking what you can't eat. In fact, it stinks.

But this doesn't. It's visually different, a feast for the eyes, and not too bad for the tongue, either. Sweet and smoky. Go eat a stack.

See recipe and pictures at my blog: hmr-gourmand.blogspot.com

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