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Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc For support and questions about diet meal delivery programs, or weight loss clinics that offer prepackaged meals and products.

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Default Honest Wonderslim assessment needed

I am looking for people who have tried Wonderslim and would like an honest assessment of the program. Throughout my years of yo-yo dieting, I have learned what works for me as far as structure and due to my hectic schedule, kids, work, and school, I need a more structured plan without measuring and cooking a lot and a program that if followed yeield results. So, my husband said financially if I could handle it do it, but I want opinions on the program and how much weight you have lost in the process and if it honestly worth me spending over $200 a month for.

I thank you all in advance. I am hoping to make my informed decision this week to get started.

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My husband and I tried it. We were on plan for about a month, but frankly, the hardest part for me was trying to find time to eat so many times a day. Yah, you can take a bar with you in your purse, but I feel awkward mixing up diet shakes in front of other people or trying to microwave a tiny bowl of WS pasta four times a day. If you don't have that problem, it might be a better fit for you than it was for me. Also, I kind of realized that I like eating fewer times but more food. Eating a hundred calories several times a day makes me feel like I'm never full. Also (I had this problem with slimfast, too) you can get a lot more filling food for the same amount of calories. Ex: a slim fast is about 200 calories, for that I could have 3 large eggwhites with salsa, a piece of double fiber toast and a banana, which will keep me full a lot longer than a shake.

Overall, the WS products were not bad, they taste pretty decent especially with a good amount of hot sauce or no-calorie seasonings to doctor them up a little bit. The price is not really that terrible if you think about how you will not be eating other food (other than your lean and green at dinner), it's just paying for it all up front that makes it seem like a lot.

You can also buy sampler packs of their products that will get you through a couple of days to see what it is like without the commitment of a month's worth of food on dietexpress.com (or you used to be able to at least). I know many people have had a lot of success with WS and really love it, but it just didn't work for me. I did lose about 10 lbs., but I found that staying on plan got increasingly more difficult as time went on for me, though I know a lot of people say it gets easier with time, so that may be your experience, too. I went off and gained it all back in pretty short order (though I just kind of derailed and got back into bad habits) and just started calorie counting about a month ago. With calorie counting, at least, I feel like I can still go to restaurants with people and eat at others' homes without making it too obvious that I'm on a pretty strict diet. I've lost about 12 lbs this month calorie counting- and I have not been too strict about measuring anything out, though I do track what I eat. Best of luck!

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I am not on the program but I really like the shakes and bars. Very filling and really low carb for the amount of protein. I started with the sample pack and then I have been ordering more. It's nice because the sampler pack includes a shaker bottle for the shakes.
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Medifast has better nutrition in its bars and food. Medifast bars are true meal replacements and have been around for over 20 years. I love the S'Mores bars.

I looked at Wonderslim but decided on Medifast. I love high protein and moderate carb- it has been wicked easy for me to get used to (after the first week that is)!

Wonderslim is trying to copy Medifast but they do not have the complete daily nutrition along with lower carbs and highest protein. Carbs is what made me fat!

It's strict but easy to do and I have done great on it.

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Sadie from Colorado
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I too like Medifast. It tastes great and I agree that after the first couple of days it gets much easier.

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Ive not tried Medifast but have lost 42 lbs on WS products. I agree that it is alot of food so I eat what I can when I can. I plan to lose another 25 lbs, maybe even more, but first things first. Ive been on the plan since March or April.
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I just started the plan a week ago. I don't have a ton of weight to lose but I've never been "thin" and just got married and really want to lose my belly and just feel better. This has by far been the easiest plan I've used. The reading material even helps, they have great hints, even the squats while brushing your teeth, may sound goofy but if you do them almost every day you will see quick results in your legs. I've found the shakes to taste the best and I've tried almost all of them and bought my own powders and these only mixed wth water are much better than the others. I've lost 3 pounds and couldn't be more excited about it. It really changes how you look at serving sizes and you are able to still eat out you just eat less and say no to the rolls and fries. I found if I do the shakes and meal replacements through the day I don't get hungry but I really look forward and enjoy dinner. I used to eat all the time and eat unhealthy and not really pay attention to how much I was even eating. I have more energy, none of the bloating and just feel better over all.
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Default Healthy supplements helped me

I have tried Medifast and now I have ordered a sample of wonder slim to see about the taste difference. Price of wonderslim is better and that direct diet site definite,y helps out with sales and deals. In three days I have lost 4 pounds. Which isn't a shocker to anyone who has tried the plan. Same thing that happened last time. The problem I faced was the crazy hunger and cravings during the first week which got me off the plan and the back and forth began.
This time I started supplements from herbal life like a multivitamin and some other things, then started the program and MAN! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The cravings are definitely gone, and I don't feel hungry. I am not tired or moody which is what happened the other times and energy level is way up. I'm actually finding it hard to wait the time period before beginning exercise again.

Only down side is my hair is growing like crazy, so my roots are showing! Lol. So whichever one you choose I highly recommend a supplement to go with it. A good one! No one a days from walmart. go to gnc or vitamin world, or herbal life and get good ones. Remember good does not mean expensive.
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I have done both medifast and wonderslim. I liked WS products better (mostly the bars they have) and found them to be very similar in nutritional stats except less carbs in WS.
I did not follow the WS plan, and was trying to give myself more room with the WS products and wasnt as successful but if you did a MF plan with WS products and added some good vitamins I think it would be the same.

I am currently looking for some protein powder that isnt a diet company or whatever that I can get locally and just doing that for a while.. (15 months later its almost all back, but oh well. better than gaining more.)
Everything about this post is a joke, including my life.

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