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Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc For support and questions about diet meal delivery programs, or weight loss clinics that offer prepackaged meals and products.

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Default Medifast vs Wonderslim - ingredients and carbs?

Hi guys. Newbie here, ready to order my first shipment of delivery food/meal replacements. I've been searching the threads for a while, so I have seen the discussions comparing taste, price etc. between Medifast and Wonderslim. I was wondering if some of you could answer a couple of other questions:

First, is WS a soy-based program like MF? Or is it whey?

Second, I know MF is low-carb. Is WS low carb?

Third, if WS is not low carb, how is it doing in terms of controlling appetite and urge to binge?

Thanks very much!!

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From what I know, WS contains soy in a lot if not all of their products. Dietdirect.com has a lot of nutriotional information on their site about each item. And I actually did a side by side comparison of the foods to Medifast and many were almost identical. Apparently Medifast has more fiber.

My sister who is on Medifast hates their food. I chose WS due to price and food reviews and have suggested that she start WS food. The only thing she can tolerate on Medifast is the bars and shakes. That's all she eats. I love the WS foods. Almost all of them are really good and make me feel like I am not cheating. The food reviews on their sites are users like me. In fact I posted 5 reviews last week.

I just finished my 3rd week on WS and have lost 9.4 lbs. And if you look at the nutritional value most is low carb. But it's almost a balance of carbs and high proteins.

Lots of information online. I read up on each for about a week before I made my purchase. Good luck!
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I just started New Lifestyles which is the WS products sold through a different retailer. I didn't research enough and actually, I'm switching over to the WS products through Diet Direct to save some money (they also have a little more variety) but will probably stick to the NLS schedule- which is less carbs than WS's actual plan (I think WS allows you a serving of fruit and a serving of starch a day, NLS is just 7 supplements and a lean and green meal).

I have thyroid issues and a lot (but not all) of the WS products are whey-based rather than soy-based.

I can tell you that I do really like it. I was fully prepared to have to hold my nose through most of the food and be hungry most of the time, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Yah, it's "diet" food, but I ordered a pretty big variety and so far none of it has been inedible, though some stuff is definitely better than others, and there is a bit of a learning curve on how to prepare it. One of the other things I like is that NLS/WS allows you to eat more often during the day- 7 supplements as opposed to MF's 5. 7 is actually a lot- it's been hard for me to eat them all everyday. I'm sure it's reflected in the calorie/carb count difference between MS/WS, but honestly, if I only get in 6, I'd rather feel like I was UNDER my limit than if I was on MF and was so hungry I ate 6 and was OVER my limit. That's just my personal psychological makeup, though- a calorie's a calorie!

NLS/WS does suggest that you take a multi-vitamin every day, and MF doesn't because they have more micro-nutrients in their food. For me, this didn't really matter one way or another- it was still cheaper for me to do NLS/WS and buy vitamins than to do MF. I also did start taking a fiber supplement, though I probably would've done that on MF, too, just because of how much processed food you're eating on either diet.

I know people on here are really pretty jazzed about whatever one they're on, though, which says to me that both are really great programs and whichever way you go, congrats!
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