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Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc For support and questions about diet meal delivery programs, or weight loss clinics that offer prepackaged meals and products.

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Default Anyone tried HealthyHeartMealsUSA delivery? I am and here is my ongoing review

I have been on a local meal delivery (goodmeasuremeals in atlanta) and the food was fantastic and reasonable (for meal delivery anyway - 20 bucks a day). But there were no substitutions and I am allergic to eggs and a picky eater. So I found myself loving the foods I would and could eat, but found many meals that I hated and was wasting money and eating stuff that was not good for me in place of the meals I couldnt/wouldnt eat. So I have decided to try a national delivery service that allows more choice in the plan.

I had it narrowed down to DietToGo after checking out all the info at this site and also other sites (thanks so MUCH for this site!). I was ready to place my order but on my final search for info, stumbled across some reviews on HealthyHeartMealsUSa.com delivery and was impressed.

So I decided to give HHM a try and I will post ongoing reviews after I get my meals Tuesday.

But in the meantime, I wanted to check out if anyone else had tried it and what their opinions are.


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In case someone is checking out the site, let me give you some info that I found out after talking to thier customer service that isnt clear on thier site or isnt listed.

For National delivery the prices on the site are a little confusing. There is a 30 day option that is not listed, which drops the price by $3 a day. Basically click on the link for NY/NJ pricing and national is the same but add $3 a day for delivery. (National price page only shows the 12 day price and it DOES include the $3 day delivery in that price) So basically the National price page is correct for 12 day and it INCLUDES shipping, they just didnt list the cheaper 30 day prices so use NY/NJ price page for 30 day prices and add 3 a day for shipping)

For each 3 day cycle you get to choose from 6 breakfasts, and 9 lunches, and 9 dinners for each day. Some of the meals are vegetarian. One of the things they also do not show on the site are the snack selections. If you opt for the 1350 snack plan (Plan B) you get a choice from 6 snacks for the 3 day cycle (1 snack option per day).

It is 2 3day cycles per week (2 deliveries per week) so you fend for yourself for 1 day a week. Which is OK for me as I have a freezer full of food and should be good practice for "can I do this on my own in the future". If I find that this day on my own messes me up, I will have to switch to DTG or if I dont like the food as that seems to be my biggest concern with trying an unknown place haha. Also, I am curious how I will do on it as I tend to be carb sensitive.

Anyway,I opted for the 1350 plan because the snacks will allow me to do next to no shopping at all (other than I will pick up some baby carrots and brocolli to have for snack or times when i dont like the vege). The cost for the 1150 plan would be 19.99 a day + 3 for shipping, so 22.99. The cost for the 1350 is 21.99+3=24.99. So for for 5 weeks cause you fend for yourself 1 day a week, my cost was $$750 or $150 a week, including shipping.

They ship in a cooler, but instead of dry ice, they send with freezon water bottles, so you get free water also!. Its fresh food, not fresh/frozen and no perservatives. I think she said they vacuum pack each meal. They fedex so you get it the next morning. Mine is being shipped Monday so I should get it Tuesday.

The thing I liked about the snack option is that at least one choice of the 6 is always a combo, like fruit/cheese/nuts or fruit/yogurt/nuts. So it is snacks for the day, not just one snack. Other snack options are things like apple fruit crisp for those who like more sweet things.

Anyway, I couldnt find many reviews on it, but the ones I did find said the food was great. So I am going to give it a try, as I can cancel it and get a refund ($-20 but at the 12 day rate for food already delivered) and am willing to chance the $20+ to check it out.

Hopefully someone else here has tried it, but if not at least we can get a thread started as I know we are always looking for good meal delivery options.

Hope the info helps.

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Oh, one more thing.. if you sign up you dont get immediate access to pick your foods or give a credit card nbr. The sign up triggers a phone call from them and they will get your ccard and set up your account via phone. It took them a few hours after signing up to call and set up my account. I then got an email with my account info and instructions of deadlines and how to pick my meals online.

Picking my food was very easy and I like that I get to pick my food in 3 day cycles, so I can adapt if I dont like the breakfasts or snacks that I picked for next go around.

The website says deadlines are 11pm, but I was told Friday that I needed to have my meals picked by noon eastern for my Monday shipment. So thought I would throw that info out also.

PS - I am fighting the urge to do my normal "i am starting a new diet next week so binge this weekend" mentality haha. I still have goodmeasure meals to get my by until HHM shipment comes, so I am TRYING to be a good girl Aren't food issues a pain in the butt!

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OK for those who are interested, I am going to review my first delivery with HHM.

Reminder, they ship fresh cooked meals that are not frozen, but suck all the air out of the container to keep it fresh. I am doing plan B which is 1350 calories which includes choice of snack. And my cost shipped is $24.99 a day for 6 days a week.

I got my first delivery and opened it and found 6 water bottles that were very cold, but no longer frozen, so I was a little concerned. The food was still cold so figured that all was ok and it was, except the yogurt didnt keep for very long. It was plain yogurt which I am not fond of anyway. But I did call them and the credited my account for the 2 breakfasts that had the yogurt in them, as well as called the distributer where my shipment came from and told them to make sure the water they sent was frozen and put in more if needed.

My second shipment came and the water was frozen this time. So I would rate customer service well at this point.

As far as food, I have been pleased with most of it. It seems like a fair amount of food for the calories. I even had one lady at work come up to me and ask about it as she had tried NutriSystem and said she couldnt deal with the amount of food, and was impressed with how much food I had.

I had 2 breakfasts with a very large serving of cantelope,plain yogurt, and a fair sized cranberry muffin. The muffin was a little dry but very tasty with some coffee. I will replace the plain yogurt with my own next week as I like flavored, but no biggy as that is very cheap.

I had the Blueberry pancakes and bacon. Loved it. I added some Waldons no calorie syrup so I cant rate their syrup.

The sloppy joe was good, but a little greasy. Not overly greasy, but I usually make mine with turkey burger so perhaps I am just not used to any grease at all. Very filling. It didnt have anything else with that meal, but I save half of my cantelope from breakfast to go with it and was stuffed.

I got the tofu Teriyaki with Sesame Broccoli on brown rice. I havent had tofu in a very long time and wasnt sure if I would like it, if it would have enough flavor. But I really enjoyed it. It looked like they lightly fried the tofu and the meal had good flavor and was very filling.

Hot turkey sandwich on Stuffing bread. The stuffing bread was gross and I threw it out. It didnt come with a bun, but I had one left from my last food order from previous meal delivery and used that. I am going to get a pack of low cal, whole wheat buns and stick in the freezer for times like this. It did come with home fries which I did enjoy. So overall I would rate this meal good and would order again. BTW it was a turkey buger, not sliced turkey.

The lasagna - mmm - didnt care for it. It was a little overdone with not much flavor. I added some spices but still didnt care for it because of overdone and only ate half of it. Wont order that again.

The snacks ! I really enjoyed these. And for only $2 more a day I would say its definitely worth the cost. I got 2 orders of apple,cheeze,cashews. There was 2 string cheezes and maybe 10-15 cashews. So a lot of food to spread out thru the day for snacks. The first day I left the cashews and cheeze together in the fridge and took the apple to work. So when I went to eat the cashews in the evening, they were a little moist. So the next day I took them out and put in baggy out of the fridge and tasted better that night.

The 3rd snack was the apple rasberry fruit crisp. I wanted to try it but was concerned about only having that one snack for the day (whereas in above I could split into several snacks for the day). It was fantastic and very filling and will order the fruit crisps again. I did have an extra fruit that day which is fine because I dont like to keep my calories the same every day.

I bought some baby carrots and brocolli just in case I needed to have some extra food to quench between meals and a few extra fruits, yogurts. I spent less then $10 and that should hold me for a few weeks. I didnt even have to break into the veges cause I have been full.

I didnt rate the other 2 meals cause I had a few meals left from my last service that I wanted to finish up.

OVerall I am very pleased. They ship in 3 day cycles so I am just starting on my next 3 days now and will review those in a few days.

Hope the info helps. If anyone else is doing HHM, feel free to jump in and rate the meals you got so folks who want to try will have some feel for the different meals.


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Thanks for the review. I am on ediets fresh prepared (fresh meal delivery system) and have been pretty happy with it, but always like to see how other meal delivery plans are working for others.

I wish you success with this program!


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thanks for the info, please keep us updated, I checked them out in the past, but their site was so confusing, in regards to the prices, that I gave up. Do you have to sign a contract? How much is it on a weekly basis?

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