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Vickie 04-24-2009 05:49 PM

Jenny Craig Chat
Here's a new thread for us to chat about our life on Jenny Craig!

xpinkglowx2 04-24-2009 06:25 PM

sounds good!

eaconstantin 04-25-2009 08:29 AM

Great idea!

Vickie 04-25-2009 09:44 AM

Now how is everyone doing? I'm slow as molasses but not giving up. I'm all Jenny all the time, except for my Thursday night dinner out. I choose plain and healthy but I've noticed that my weigh is up on Friday and the weekend.

I'd really like to show a big loss on Monday. Guess I should get off of the computer and get on the treadmill instead of sitting here.

dolphn545 04-25-2009 08:20 PM

Today was Day 2, and I already had to go off plan. But considering we were running around, I stopped at BK, had a garden salad w/grilled chicken and Lite dressing for my lunch, instead of the JC meal.

I can't wait til Thursday afternoon, to WI and see if this is going to work for me!!

mbumblebee 04-25-2009 11:09 PM

Here I am!
Ok - FINALLY have time to post!!
Actually, I tried to post the other day from work but there is some security thing at our office that prevents me from posting! Apparently we are supposed to be actually working! :dizzy: How ridiculous.

Anwyay, PINK I can't believe that trip! What a story!! You are some friend for going through all that trouble! Really, I can't believe that about the brick thru your windshield - that's just wrong!

So, I had a good week - nothing too crazy went on. Thurs I had a slice of homemade pizza, but it wasn't big so I'm cool with that. And today I had a margarita (came with a pedicure). IT WAS SO AWESOME! But it wasn't big or anything, so I think it's cool.

I should be ok with the occasional splurge. Which brings me to a little venting I wanted to do earlier this week. This is about ladies in my office. OK, one lady is on nutrisystem. She had repeatedly asked me to join with her (which I felt slightly uncomfortable about since I hadn't even discussed going on a weight loss program yet). Excuse me, that is kinda personal. SO, anyway I told her I'd like to see the food, and then lo-and-behold it was horrible. Later I joined Jenny (when I was ready). She knows I get weighed on the weekend, so Monday morning, before I can even take off my coat, she accosts me and says "how much did you lose?". Not "good morning", not "hey how's it going?". So I told her how I lost 7 lbs. and she left me alone. Then a few days later I see her in the lunch room and she says "how is everything?", I say "great", she says "did you cheat?". WHAT? What kind of thing is that to say? AND just the day before another coworker overheard me talking about Jenny and says "are you really on it, or are you cheating?" WHAT is with these people? How rude!

And "cheating"? This is not some crash diet - it's a life change! I am learning a new way to LIVE! There is no "cheating" - it's moderation!
ANYWAY, I just had to get that off my chest b/c I think some people are just RIDICULOUS! and rude. I wish I had something sassy to say back to them.

Alrighty, I feel better having posted that.

Food notes: the salmon is very good, LOVE LOVE LOVE the french toast, cookout chicken is too saucy for me. I heard that the pomegranite cherry crystal lite is awesome, so getting some of that soon. I heart mango fruit salad from whole foods & zbars.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in for week 2! WOOHOO!! GO GO GO GO!!

Have a great weekend,

xpinkglowx2 04-26-2009 12:42 AM

I am doing a lot better then last week... the windshield thing... wow that was the cherry- but its fixed now.. (250.00 later) and im back on plan.. exercising everyday and eating my jenny food. so id say my diet is going pretty good!

my current problems are with guys... lol not food.

mbumblebee 04-26-2009 03:45 PM

Week 2 - down 3 lbs! YAY ME!!
*PINK* - I can't stand when I have to spend $ on my car... so not fun! But necessary right! Lately I even stopped getting my oil changed at the dealership b/c they always seemed to find something to replace (and it's only 2 yrs old). Now I just go to Fuller's - plus they give you a free car wash!

Had my weigh-in, I lost 3 lbs bringing my total to 10!! WOOHOO! YEAH!!

I'm still loving JC! I had the banana nut muffin this morning and it was AWESOME!! It was thawed, but still kinda cold - so delicious and rich tasting, perfect w/coffee!!

CHUCKLE: Last night my 6 yr old told me that she told her 1st grade class that I was on a diet and lost 7 lbs!! "They were like 'WOWWWW!'" OMG that is SO hysterical!! I didn't even know she knew about that, but she said she overheard me telling DH. Still makes me laugh, picturing first graders mezmerized by weight loss. Even funnier, she followed it up with "don't worry mom - you don't look any different to me!" It was priceless!

OK I have to share this food item w/everyone...

MY FAVORITE SALAD DRESSING!! Bolthouse farms has a new line of lite dressings, creamy and vinaigrettes. The creamy versions are made with yogurt instead of weird chemicals, and the vinaigrettes are made with olive oil. So, yesterday they were giving out samples at the whole foods near me. I tried a few - all good. I really wanted the ranch, but for some reason they don't carry the ranch at my WF. I did try the mango vinaigrette and it was fantastic! So far, I've used it to make the most delicious spinach and strawberry salad ever!! I just put some on my salad, toss and let it sit for a few minutes -- and it has such a great sweet/savory taste that I actually finish my ENTIRE salad!

2 TBSP has 30 cal and 1.5g fat. (less than the JC dressings)

If anyone has tried the ranch, let me know. I heard that maybe Jewel carries it - I already checked the Dominick's (safeway) near me and they don't have the line.

Update on Crystal Lite Cherry Pomegranite - bought it, tried it. It tastes almost exactly like a red popsicle (you know the kind). I told my DH that the flavor is "red". Pretty good. I also bought a buncha other flavors to try (the ocean-spray kind was on sale, so mostly those flavors). I do like the cran-grape alot.

Program Notes: I'm starting week 3 - This week I will be trying the JC Pedometer to come up with a baseline # of steps to work on. Interesting.



Kimana 04-27-2009 12:42 PM

25 lbs!
I lost 25 lbs on Jenny Craig!! LOL I sound like a commercial. Also, I'm back in onederland! Yay! Actually I did it using JC and GoWear Fit combined. I finally found a system that is working for me. It's happening slowly, but I think that is because I am integrating the tools into my life to make permanent change. Just wanted to share.

PS - I read the boards a lot but rarely post, so if I don't answer, I don't mean to be rude, sometimes I can't get back to the post to check in.

Vickie 04-27-2009 02:17 PM

I lost 2.4 pounds this week! It sucks to have to pass on the breakfasts and the desserts but I guess the weight loss is worth it.

I'll be back to catch up with you all later.

I've got a sick pup that I'm dealing with.

lookergirl76 05-02-2009 03:39 PM

I see this thread hasnt had alot going on lately. I hope everyone is still sticking to it. Im on week 3 of JC im a lifetime member havent done it in over 2 years but im back and doing ok. Im down 5lbs in 2 weeks. Its gonna be a bit slow since I lost some weight on my own so I dont have to much more to go im gonna have to work hard for every pound. Im exercising now about 4-5 times a week a hour each time so im hoping to tone up too. Im feeling good loving the diet this time im never hungry and enjoying the food. I always complained in the past but this time I think im just so ready to get to goal my mind set is right. I weigh in on thursday so I will start posting my weight loss for the week then. Good luck everyone!!

xpinkglowx2 05-03-2009 01:04 AM

im def. sticking with it. today was terrible i worked for 14 hours so i had to eat at work. i had a chicken taco with just grilled chicken lettuce and salsa, and a salad. (That was at like 2pm) then i just got home at 11:30 and was finally able to eat dinner. im exhausted. i have to be back at work tomorrow at 11am. the gym is not happening tomorrow. though im a server and we were SLAMMED tonight because of the Bull's game. so im sure i ran around enough to count as a work out.lol. then i have to study for finals that i have on monday. Tuesday is the only day i am free from work AND school so i CANT WAIT to just sleep in and relax.. im hoping to lose four pounds this week, but thats sure not gona happen if i dont get some sleep and stop being so stressed. im finally going to bed.

xpinkglowx2 05-03-2009 08:47 PM

so for some reason i feel like im going soooooooooooo slow with the weight loss thing. i mean.. ive lost 31 pounds which is AWESOME. but. idk i feel like ive been saying that ive lost 30 pounds FOREVER. another thing.. is that my body really trips me out. my official weigh in day is tuesday. so then ill weigh myself on thursday and ill be like... four pounds down, then the rest of the week im at the same weight i was at on tuesday.. until my next weigh in day when suddenly over night im down four pounds again for the week.. i mean im not complaining because.. who the **** doesnt like to lose four pounds "over night" but, it confuses me a little. maybe thats why i feel like im going so slow because my scale awlays says the same thing..... idk.

lookergirl76 05-03-2009 09:09 PM

Im noticing the same thing I weigh at home and I dont see any weight loss then comes weigh in day and im dreading the worst and im down 2lbs, I go home to double check and thats right. I am trying not to weigh myself at home cause I see I dont loss till the last part of the week. Im thinking since im lifting weights I build up the lactic acid in the muscle which weighs a bit and then I always dont lift a few days before weigh in and that gives the muscles time to release so then my true weight shows. My biggest advice dont weigh yourself at home only let Jenny weigh you. Im trying to take my own advice. Dont get discouraged you are losing I have had to talk to myself about not being upset over little loses I figure the slower it comes off the better chance I have of keeping it off and that is so important.

Vickie 05-04-2009 05:17 PM

I lost a pound this week.

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