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Unhappy I need motivation for Nutrisystem ASAP

Hi everyone. I've been lurking around for a while... I did buy my first month of Nutrisystem and I am feeling pretty badly about it.

Has anyone had success with this? I am too young to be so overweight. I am only 23 and 238, and my goal is 160 (which was a size 8 for me).

It's a long way to go. I am on day 3 of Nutrisystem and to fill myself up, I am eating a salad the size of a planet with lettuce and pickle juice... (is this also bad? I know sodium causes you to retain water, I drink at least 64 oz a day...will I gain fat from it?)

Is it realistic to think I could lose 50lbs by May?
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Hi there,

Everyone loses weight differently but 50lbs by May, doesn't seem very realistic. 8-10 pounds a month is realistic. Sodium makes xtra water stay in your body, which makes you heavier, lose slower. I love pickles and that too, right now my mouth is watering.

Salad is great, and steamed veggies. There is a blue bag in the frozen section they are birds eye, and you microwave the entire bag (in the bag) don't open it or anything, and the veggies steam themselves.

Try out the General Support board at the nutrisystem website it is great!!!!
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Never want to go back!
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Why do you feel badly about it? I think it's great that you took a big step like that! It's only a month, right, so if you don't like the food or the plan, you can always switch it up for February. Just pick something you LIKE and it'll be so much easier to stick to. Any diet where I'm ravenous most of the time isn't for me, so if you find you're hungry see what their website says about it and if that doesn't work, consider a change. It's not how you go about this journey that matters-- it's THAT you do it, so chin up! You're doing a good thing for yourself!

Oh yeah, and I could see 50 as a reasonable goal by the end of May. You'll feel better about yourself far before you reach 50 though, I promise! Just don't forget to get lots of exercise. It helps with hunger and with the losing.
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Keep in mind what Nutrisystem is based on - convenience and portion sizes.

Don't think of as a magical type of food, because in the end, you must have a long term plan to main your weight forever. Otherwise, the minute you stop doing Nutrisystem you will gain back all your weight!

Here are a few tips for you:
1) Initially, on any similar type of food plan, you will be hungry for the first couple of weeks as your body adjusts to the smaller portions and the overall lower quantity of food. This is normal, but can be tough, depending on how drastic the difference. I'd suggest getting some additional snacks that can fill you up (an apple is an ok snack that may help to fill you up, or you can eat other green vegetables like broccoli or asparagus, which are very low in calories)

2) Eat on a schedule. Don't try to improvise thinking it's the special food that makes you lose weight. It is the new eating schedule (smaller more frequent meals) combined with the convenience factor. If you decide to skip a meal here and there you will be even more hungry because the portions are smaller than what you may be used to. The plan is designed to work a specific way, so if you choose to modify you may run into some problems.

3) Exercise. Do not kid yourself into thinking this will work out just by eating less. You may end up with a slower metabolism if you do not change your body composition. Everyone, one way or another, will come to this conclusion, some try to deny it longer than others. Exercise is a necessary part of our lives, and you should start thinking this way. If you do not use your body it will become weaker as you are less active. Find an exercise plan you can live with and gradually learn more.

4) Learn from the plan. Pay close attention to eating schedules and portion sizes, and make it part of the way you think of any foods. Think smaller portions, and eat more frequently. This is the foundation of how you should eat after you stop eating the prepackaged meals! Read the calorie info on the back of each food and understand how it relates to real world food when you are in the grocery store.

5) Consistency, above all, will determine your success. Too often people eat "on plan" for 5 days, and then blow it on the weekends. If you understand that you are creating a caloric deficit each week by eating less overall, if you have a couple of bad days it can negate a lot of what you've done. So if you for example burn 1700 calories per day and you consume 1500 per day, you will be at -200 calories each day and at -1400 calories for the week. Think of how easy it is to eat 1400 extra calories if you are not paying attention...a couple of bad meals (or maybe one really bad meal) can erase your progress!
Good luck! If you look at this in the right frame of mind it can change your life for the long term, but the key is to really be observant and try to understand what is going on with your body.

50 pounds is very feasible if you add in daily exercise. 20-30 minutes should be fine to start!
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Hey sharkaps,
I've been on Nutrisystem for one week today and I weighed myself about an hour ago (before eating breakfast) and I'm down from 375 to 365! I seriously couldn't believe my eyes.I kept getting on the scale and noticed that it would stay at 365.I lost 10lbs. in a week! I know that's not really healthy,but in the first few weeks is when you lose the most weight.It'll probably slow down for me after this,but I am happy and feeling great. Anyway,I've been documenting everything in a blog,including my daily menu. Are you eating JUST the entrees or are you accompanying them with what you're supposed to? I am always full at the end of a meal. I really like all the food I ordered too (mainly pasta entrees) so I always look forward to the next one. I use the little yellow book (journal) as a guideline for what I have to eat,and as you know in the back it gives you all the things you can eat,so I mix it up all the time...except maybe with the veggies,since I'm not a big fan.I usually only eat baby carrots. Anyway,don't get discouraged.Keep at it and you'll see it really works! Good luck!

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I would say 50 by May could be realistic if you stay on plan 100% and lose 10lbs a month. Are you exercising?
Why do you feel bad about starting up on NS?
I started dabbling in it right before Christmas and have been going at it faithfully since 1/2. I am never hungry unless it is right before I am supposed to eat. At 23 I was also 238lbs, you are awesome for realizing you need to lose weight and are doing something about it. I'm 27 now and am still working on it.
Are you adding anything to your salad besides pickle juice? I would add some veggies and switch to a FF dressing. There has got to be less sodium in it.
Also, pickle juice will not make you fat , it will just make you retain water
27 yrs old / 5'4

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Hey All

Nutrisystem definately works. I started it Jan 2006 & in about 3 months I'd lost 27lbs. The first week I'd lost 8lbs! The first week is the toughest because your body is hungry & is trying to adjust to the smaller portion sizes. But if you can get past the first week, you should be fine. I actually stopped after 4 months & maintained it until Nov 2006. My family threw me a big b-day party & since then I've gained back 10lbs. As of yesterday I'm back on the ball but not with NS. It's just too expensive. I'm just going to take what I've learned from them & apply it to real life. NS really does work & I've tried everything but it really does! Hang in there girly... you can do it.
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No cake 4 Gingercakes!
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Default My Version of Nutrisystem

Hi Everyone,

I looked at Nutrisystem online, but after hearing about tiny portions and poor food taste and quality, I opted for a more flexible eating plan. I am using Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones as my primary source of meals. I track everything in Fitday, and snack sensibly. Yes, that means only having a couple of bites of cake, instead of the whole big piece (as I grudgingly did yesterday at my daughter's birthday party ), but I think learning and understanding what I eat, and making smarter choices on my own, and learning to have control will benefit me in the long run.

Steve has some very good points written above. Use Nutrisystem to train yourself, because few people go on a plan like that for the rest of their life (unless they are VERY wealthy)

It's time to quit whining and put your big girl panties on!

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No cake 4 Gingercakes!
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And yes, you can easily lose 50 by May- it all depends on how dedicated you are!

It's time to quit whining and put your big girl panties on!

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