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thirti4thirty 02-03-2014 12:12 PM

Serious binge looming...
I don't know why I'm making this post here right now. May be I need to vent just a little bit. Because it seems to be one of those days no one or nothing can get me out of the trouble I'm getting ready for: I'm going to binge eat.
I just happened to feel this way. It might have something to do with TOM, and my new medication: PROZAC. I'd never been on any antidepressant before. This week I haven't stopped cheating on my diet. This happens also when I stop exercising, still because of TOM.
Today I think it's also because I spent the whole day at home watching T.V and watching all those ads about chocolate, biscuits, cheese and what have you!
So I'm just waiting for the day to get a little dark outside so I could take my fat and neglected self to the store to buy chocolate and any fattening I can afford... come sit in front of my T.V and eat.
Why is it like that? Right now I can't for the life of me concentrate on anything. All I think about is THAT chocolate I'm going to swallow.
I'm so sad. :(:(:( It's so difficult :(:(:(

ames14 02-03-2014 12:29 PM

DONT DO IT!!! you will regret it!!
It's like jumping off a bridge!!!!!!!!!Im reaching my hand out..
If you have to go to the store. get something healthy. Don't get empty calories.. Just my 2 cents..
So many healthy snacks you can make. Look it up on the internet..Not sure what diet or healthy eating your following. But there are so many good yummy snacks you can make.. That will be kind to your body!
and then when your done you will say. Hey I was in control. I made it past a binge!!!!!!!and it was tasty! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

sept2012 02-03-2014 12:35 PM

Yea... don't do it... not worth it. I am shoving baby spinach, strawberries, chicken and dressing down my throat right now. I dont want it in the WORST way. BUT i know once I am done I will be full and hopefully it will curb my want for chocolate too. I am also forcing myself to drink a 50oz bottle of water with it. Sounds so gross to me too right this second BUT again I know once I am done I have had a small success and I know that I won't go buy that candy bar my mind is so pushing for!

My motto its not just one day at a time we have have to do this one second, one minute, one thought and one breath at a time.

Diana3271 02-03-2014 12:49 PM

thirti4thirty Please don't do it. I have planned off plan/higher calorie days on occasion. Those really aren't even worth it. The food doesn't even taste as good as how you are imagining it. I have tested this theory and I can honestly say, it never tastes as good as I imagine it will. I hope you don't do it, but if you do remember to keep working on things. Get back on track with your next meal or the next day. :hug:

Pattience 02-03-2014 01:06 PM

As a binger, i know that its hard to change your mind unless you decide to resist it.

People say that you can talk yourself out of a craving for food. I don't know. I can do it with cigarettes (as per when i first quit) but the times i tried to resist a craving, well i did it but underlying feeling tended to stay. Although i remember it did come can go but i binged on less fattening things. Although also i wasn't so near a shop that i could go and do the worst damage. But did my best to binge on the sweetest baddest thing i could put together.

So from my experience, i am not sure she can skip it. Sometimes a craving feels so much deeper than just a thought. So just hugs and go back and talk to the doctor about whether this is the right med for you.

I am not sure its the prozac but it could be contributing. Did you never need to binge before?

sept2012 02-03-2014 01:19 PM

You are right. I am not a real "binge" eater so I think of that word and say to myself I can control it, but when there is a real problem then I can understand the mindset may be different. So I just hope if you you did binge thiri4thiry that you don't beat yourself up and join us in the conversation we are having with you!

thirti4thirty 02-03-2014 02:12 PM

I'm sorry to be joining in only now, sept2012. I was busy fulfilling my evil intentions:devil:
So I did it.
I see things more from Pattience's point of view. I like to compare that feeling to pregnant women cravings. It's a crippling feeling. Like if I don't eat that food I craved I can't sleep or do anything. When I get into that state, no one can talk me out of it. I've just got to get the food in.(and it's always bad food. I wish I could crave carrots like that).
So I heeded your advice anyway and I limited the damage.
I bought 3 sachets of powder chocolate, made myself a chocolate beverage :coffee: which I drank with some bread and omelette.
And I'm fine now. Tomorrow I'm hoping back onto my treadmill :tread:
Thank y'all though. It would have been MUCH WORSE without you. Trust me for it.

krampus 02-03-2014 03:14 PM

That's amazing! So glad you didn't have a FULL ON binge with a stomachache and a ton of guilt.

ames14 02-04-2014 08:04 AM

Well Its your body!! and its up to you!
Im the opposite. NO matter what I Do. weight comes off slowly.
Never binge..
But imok with that.. I rather say I did all I could do..
Good luck!! IN life what it comes down to is as long as your happy.

thirti4thirty 02-04-2014 08:21 AM

Thanks, ames14 for your kind words...

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