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Default Addicted to Scales - Weigh ins

Hi everyone

I am addicted to jumping on the scale. I have electronic, analogue, talking scales, about 4 in the house in different rooms.
I am constantly weighing myself, at any time, in the mornings, after a large meal, dressed up with boots/heels
It is totally affecting my moods
If my weight fluctuates up on any given day, i have a lousy day
Sometimes, when i am frustrated, i deliberately pig out and step on the scale to see how heavy i get
I remember one time out of sheer frustration that i broke a scale by striking it with my foot cracking the screen when i broke 250lbs for the first time!
I am fed up with this constant cycle of weighing myself
Anyone have the same problem?
It doesnt help that different scales say different weights! uggh!
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Yes I have the same problem

I love 3FC! You ladies have really helped me and motivate me! Kisses! Thanks or all the support!
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BMI is:
My goals for December 2012: Cardio 3 days in the gym for two hours and 2 days in the gym for three hours.

I made it and so can you! Fitness is the key!

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I threw out a scale that cost approx $70 because I weighed myself approx. 3x a day on it at times and drove myself crazy with the frequent weigh ins that I subjected myself to. I would get so upset by the numbers on the doc's and health professional's scales that I would not only ask them to not tell me the number but I would panic, sometimes cry and weigh myself backwards. I still get upset when I weigh myself at home or when the doc weighs me but I am coming to accept that it is just a number, not a measurement of who I am as a person. I know that may be hard to hear or accept but perhaps it is worth thinking about self esteem? You are better than a number!!!

Take care.
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I was a little scale crazy this past week but mostly because I knew I wasn't on track. I honestly think that if the scale is going to be that detrimental to you, then it has to go. Throw them out, have a family member hide them, something to get them out of your sight
Start working on your food choices and stopping the binge sessions. Take the time to figure out your relationship with food and how your emotions tie into your bingeing.
1st GOAL!!

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I am addicted to the scale, and I weigh myself as often as you do. However, I do not let the fluctuations bother me. I realized early on in my weight loss that fluctuations were going to happen. At first it caused me to panic. But when the fluctuations when down -- and I wound up still losing a few pounds by weeks end - I knew that I had over-reacted. I have since taken a long term approach to my weight loss. Even though I weigh myself constantly, I have an "official" weigh in at the same time every week. As long as I don't gain weight from one week to another, I am fine with my progress. Typically, I lose 3 - 4 pounds per week. But sometimes I can go up or down 2 pounds in any given day, depending on a variety of factors (water retention, etc.)

Started out at 405.5 on 7/31/12. Then lost 156 lbs to get down to 249.5 by 7/31/13. In the past year I have put back on over 40 pounds and reached a high of 291.5. But I have recommitted myself and quickly took off ten pounds by 7/31/14. I am now trying to take off the weight I put back on, and then lose the rest of the weight I was originally trying to lose. ---- Starting weight / Low weight / Current Weight / Goal Weight

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I only weigh my self at the doctor's office, I dont have a scale at home, Even though I would like one at home I also agree with my mom and she says if I buy a scale and a check my weight often and if by chance I gain or not lose anything that I will get discouraged and not what to diet or work out anymore and she's probably right but having to wait to go to the doctor's to know if I lost or gain or if Im the same is driving me crazy
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I weigh myself twice daily - before getting dressed in the morning and when undressed at night. I write the weights and take the average, which I then plot on a graph. I do get frustrated if the averages don't drop over 5 days, but have the graph which shows a very definite trend over many weeks, and that's what I make myself focus on.
I also have other goals to motivate me (clothes getting looser, exercises I can get better at etc.).
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Do you think you could put away all but one scale and just weigh once a day, preferably in the morning before breakfast? I think that would certainly be healthier if you can make yourself do so. However, there will still be day to day fluctuations you will have to come to terms with.
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I do weigh myself way too much. Like numerous times through the day. However, I don't get very upset at what the scale says. I know as long as I'm staying on track it will go down eventually. For example this week I've stayed right at the low end of my calories and worked so hard at the gym every day. For whatever reason the scale went up two pounds. I could let that get me down and just say screw it. But I know that my body is just retaining water for whatever reason and all of the sudden the scale will catch up.

I think if you're on a plan that works, you need to have faith of you're sticking to it. If you just can't get over the fluctuations of te scale you need to do something drastic like get rid of it or only weigh yourself once a week or even month.
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Im another who weighs multiple times a day. I toy with the idea of hiding them away constantly!
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