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Cheryl, wow that shake sounds healthy! I lost track of this thread. I have trouble finding some threads lol.
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Default "That shake sounds healthy"

It really is! It has everything a body needs; easily digestible proteins, good carbs, fiber, some fat, and lots of flavor and good'ol yummy satisfaction. I forgot to say that sometimes I also add flavored extracts, like vanilla, or almond, etc. There's plenty of ways you can vary it, and it is so easy to make and takes only a few minutes. I suppose you could even use cocoa powder and make it chocolate! I hope some of you will try it. I do take a good multivitamin when I do this half-day fast, just to make sure I'm not missing anything.
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I binged last night. Badly.
This morning (and I've been awake for already 8 hours now) I had just a large cup of very healthy green tea (with no sugar). I feel ok, not hungry, even still full from last night.

I'm already very proud of myself because FIRST, I didn't let the binge take too many meals (I used to binge for a whole day, or if I started at night, I used to binge also the day after)... SECOND, I started the morning very well, I don't feel miserable or too guilty (even if I know I did wrong).

Now I'm just wondering what kind of "plan" I should have for today.
I don't know if to keep on fasting with green tea, or try to eat "normally healthy", dieting like usual and nothing happened.

I also haven't weighed myself yet. I know there will be an higher number. On one hand, I'd like to avoid the scale for a couple of days, because I fear that if I SEE that higher number I could freak out and binge again. On the other hand, I would like to test myself and see if I can handle that situation... because well, OF COURSE I DO KNOW that higher number is just temporary, and logical, naturally and somehow "fake"... why should I freak out?
I feel that for a complete recovery from BED, I should accept my binges and their consequences... and then working "happily" on them.

What do you think? what do you recommend? Fasting or normal dieting?

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If you have an eating disorder, I think it's best to just get back on track. Fasting just smacks of punishment or purging. You're already way ahead of the game because you broke your usual pattern of continuing the binge. Go for it!
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I had a terrible weekend. Binged like crazy on Saturday and eat a lot Sunday morning while I was still camping with friends...
I just can’t ignore all that delicious food...
For over a month I have been doing the ESE (Eat Stop Eat) diet and it works great for me...
Besides that I try to fast after my binges, so it makes me feel a bit better. It kind shows I am in control again...
Besides, make up for all the thousand calories I just eat.
To me it is more than just fast, it is also piece of mind...
I admit it is like punishing me for my bad behave...
But it works for me... It shows me the consequences of a binge and make me think twice before binging again...
I think that as long as work for you and as long as you try to keep it healthy it is well worth.
"Happy or sad, rich or poor, it's still better being thin!
Even if you want to be miserable today, it's better to be thin and miserable than fat and miserable.
Anyway you look at it, thin comes out ahead!"

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I like fasting. I do the fast- 5 plan. I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually is. When I do eat, it's a lot less than I normally would and I think about food so infrequently. I finally feel free.

When I eat the traditional 3 squares meals a day, all I think about is when my next 'fix' is going to come.

I think you just have to do what works for you.
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