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Default OA and Travel

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are doing well. I had a great first month, and I have been abstinent for 40 days! Next week I will be travelling to the United States (I am studying abroad for a year) and I have a family function to attend. I know I will encounter some emotionally charged moments, and I am preparing for those now.

If anyone here is on the CEA/HOW program, can you give me any useful tips for travelling? And what about going to restaurants? Any good advice I can benefit from? I am going to stick to the program, and I will also attend a meeting while away (as well as an online one). What has your experience with HOW been while in a situation that you have little control over?

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A couple tips:
- Stay in touch with your sponsor and program friends
- Don't fret about the unknown. Yes, there may be a little sugar in something, but it won't kill you. You know by now if something is very sweet or oily, or breaded, etc- stay true to yourself, the program and use your best judgment
- By now you can probably judge portion sizes pretty well. Stick with lean unsauced proteins, unsauced veggies, and if a whole grain is truly available then take a chance on it. You know what your meals are supposed to look like, just try not to let the unknown factor lead you to that "screw it, I messed up anyway" behavior.
-stick to your routine. If you usually read from program literature in the morning, or meditate, or if you journal daily- keep that up- it will keep you centered.

As an example, I went to a three day convention when I had about 90 days. I skipped the breakfasts and ate my planned simple food. At the lunch and dinner there were not always simple foods, there were lots of things that were combos of items and the carbs were all mixed in with the protein and veg. When it was a Chinese chicken salad I ate around the crispy wonton strips. I knew the dressing was too sweet so I avoided the overly dressed parts. When it was a vegetarian meal I picked out the protein (cheese) and veg, and left the pasta. I even made it through a British style tea party. I are the sandwich fillings and left the bread, avoided the scones and had a little fruit. Yes, I usually have fruit only in the morning, but I was reasonable in the amount. Yes, the sandwich filling may have had some dried cranberries or mayo or whatever, but my portion size was so small that I felt o.k. with it.

The main thing is that I was not compulsively overeating. I actually underate a little at the group meals, but I supplemented with a snack right after to make sure I was adequately nourished and to avoid setting up a binge mentality. An easy snack for me was a string cheese stick and a few grape tomatoes.

Good luck! Let us know how you coped.
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