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Default question from former OA member who is hesitant to return

I was an OA member for almost a year. I did not quite click with the program, and I continued to pile on weight. I had a major issue with the whole "higher power" thing. Although I believe in a religion that has G-d as its focal point, I don't quite believe in G-d.

Anyway, I was wondering if it is a good idea to become an OA member again if I did not really "get it" the first time around.

I have put on 70 lbs in a year and a half. I was on OA for 2/3 of that time. I was 115 lbs, but now I am 185 lbs. Please let me know if I should pursue the OA thing.

I have one other issue. I feel like the OA meetings that I went to had very opinionated and judgemental people. I am scared to return with all this weight I have gained. I am really, really embarrassed. I feel that the people at my meetings will judge me since I failed. Additionally, I don't have a car and cannot go to meeting placess other than the places I have previously gone.

What should I do? OA or no OA

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It sounds to me like you have made your decision and just need to be reassured.

Why go back to a program that you didn't like when there are so many other ways to approach weight loss?

Any group that makes you feel uncomfortable isn't going to be of help to you.

I have never been to an OA meeting, but from what I know of it, believing in a higher power is most definitely a major part of it. I know that I have read several books that were put out by OA and they were most definitely religious in nature.

Check out some books at the library and search for a program you like.

I am currently not on any particular program, but am trying to take a slow, one step at a time approach to losing the weight I need to lose.

Good luck.
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thanks for the response. it was definitely insiteful. i think i did need some reassurance to pursue a non-OA avenue. i think it works for a lot of people, but it may not work for everyone.

i remember even hearing that at meetings -- that OA does not work for everyone. i just never thought that i was one of those that it did not work for. (sorry, for ending my sentence with a preposition. i presume you are a teacher.)

thanks again,

bubble gum
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Smart Recovery is an alternative to Overeaters Anonymous. They're not a large organization, but they are growing. Their Web site is:
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Hi. I would encourage you to return. Something in the readings or about the program must have touched you somehow. Give yourself time to learn what it was that affected you.

As far as a higher power, remember the program is threefold. Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. Tackle one at the time, eventually it all comes together for each person in a very individual way.

We always end our meeting with 'Take what you like and leave the rest'. You won't always like others, what they have to say, their opinions etc, however, I have found I always hear what I need to hear...good luck to you.
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Depending on the problem with food that you have, it sounds like you need a plan and need a place to articulate your feelings and experience. I might suggest viewing the Eating Disorder thread to see if there might be some similarities to the posts and you might feel comfortable going that route. Good Luck!
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