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Exclamation Being Obese...it's so damn difficult

Many of us have problems with food. There are so many gimmicks, lies, stories and programs all directed for one specific goal. Weight loss. Weight loss is not a difficult concept. It simply is reducing caloric intake, either slowly or drastically. All good things in life come with a price. So what is the point of spending tons of money on "quick fixes" all of which never work. QUICK FIXES (*in my opinion*)=TEMPORARY FIXES.

Put it this way, we all have to work, or in my case, go to high school to ensure happiness later on. There are so many stresses in life, financial drains or grief that afflict so many of us daily. So why not vent all our stress and direct it into achieving something that would make us happy. Right now, many are probably lapping this information up, but surely, you have read similar articles to "Aid in changing the mindset of obese individuals"....but its true...face it...the only way to lose weight is to basically stop eating. If you have a severe medical problem with weight, then try liposuction, costly but you need to give up food, or your bank account. What really, is easier? More practical? Natural?

My point : Saying NO to that scrumtiously delicious chocolate carmel covered glistening decadent brownie is saying YES to a better, more perfect you. A thinner being, higher self esteem and all good things that you can get out of life, socially and mentally. When you look at food next time, consider it your enemy. Put all your anger, guilt and shame on the food itself, rather then yourself. It's the food that made you this way, so why not show self control and feel good about it, not dissapointed that you couldn't eat that brownie. After aquiring this mental mindset, you will come back to reality knowing that in this five minutes you have spent looking and hating the food, you actually would have finished that brownie by now...is it worth it? **A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips**

...for those who wish to read on...
Some ideas that have helped me tremendously is finding a piece of jewellery or buying one (IT CANT BE AN ARTICLE YOU WEAR OFTEN, AS IT SIGNIFIES COMFORT, AND FAMILIAR SITUATIONS OF WHICH WE ARE TRYING TO CHANGE AS FAR AS FOOD IS CONCERNED), such as a bracelet or ring. Put it on. Make this new item symbolic of your determination to be thin/thinner. Everytime you eat, take it off, as you cannot wear an object of success while submitting to your weakness/cravings.

I have tons more to say, but as it is, the length of this message is going to scare people away, so I will conclude with one final thought: Food is your enemy.

I am open for discussion, if you wish to contact me, please reply to this thread and I will be notified.
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Hi gunna be thin,
interesting post - you're right most of us know how it all works - fewer intake of calories more exercise = weightloss...simple! .... but alas, life is not that simple, along our well intentioned road there are all sorts of temptations and obstacles that get in the way.... my understanding of the whole weightloss game is this

1.It took a long time for me to put on all this weight and therefore it only makes sense that it should take time to for me to lose it all.

2.It is essential to get to the bottom of things - what problem or unresolved issue is the weight masking?

I don't believe that food is the enemy, I like food - it's taste & cooking it. It's so much a part of our lives.

Over the years I have turned to food when I felt stressed or upset - I now have other outlets eg; exercise, yoga or talking to a friend to deal with the stress. I know I have a long way to go but my new approach to food is a healthy one and THAT I think is the difference.
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Hey gunna-be-thin, You are a very remarkable 13 year old. You seem to have it all figured out. Have you had success that you would like to share? Do you go to OA? Also, you say you have tons more to say . . . SAY IT!!!!! You have a good view on things and you should share them. You can write on and on and if anyone is not interested in reading it, they don't have to. Please continue your thoughts.
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