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Low Carb Support!

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Cool Low Carb Support!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make a thread for low carb support in general. Whatever method you use, please feel free to post! I'm doing a very modified form of low carb which involves part Atkins, part slow carb, part something else! haha!

I feel too restricted on just one and from what I'm doing, I'm seeing progress.

I started at 184.5lbs last week and am at 181.5 as of this morning.

As a side note, yesterday was a cheat type day. I ate well during the day, but the evening we had family in for a visit late and ordered pizza. I had two pieces. I also had a small slice of angel food cake (YUM!), and two glasses of dry red wine. My victory in this was not snacking on anything while drinking my wine! For me that is a huge success, because drinking is always accompanied by heavy snacking.

For what I call a cheat day, that wasn't bad at all. I'm back on track today with eggs, 1/4 cup cheddar cheese, and 3 strips turkey bacon for breakfast.

My carb goals daily are to stay between 50 and 100grams. Closer to 50 is the goal, but I can't attain that everyday due to demands of life and the never dependable food at my job.

SO I just want to encourage anyone who is following low carb to come to to chat, vent, share successes, or anything related to low carb. I didn't feel comfy posting in any other thread because my plan is so different. Also the slow carb thread, which is probably the closest method to mine, seems to have ended with no recent posts in over a month.

Join me on my low carb journey, we can all get to goal together!
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Hi Fleur,
I'm doing Atkins, but not strictly. Since I don't have a lot to lose, I did not want to go through the Ketosis part. I figure, losing it slow is better than not losing it at all....or gaining!

I had a bad Thurs/Friday cuz I was at my daughter's college orientation and pretty much everything offered (other than salad) had some kind of carbs involved. I ate normal, but layed off the sugar stuff and breads. After just 2 days, 2 pounds of the 5 I lost came back on. Took me 4 days to re-lose it!! UGH - just not fair!!!

I'm curious as to why you eat Turkey bacon instead of pork. With Atkins, at least, the fat is not such an issue. I have done South Beach, where every protein was to be lean and frankly, I was hungry on that diet...not to mention miserable. With Atkins, I have my lucious fat and honestly, I don't get hungry as soon as other diets. I went from eating at 8am yesterday to not having lunch until around 2pm. I would have eaten sooner, but the (work) audit I was doing was nearly complete and did not want to break for lunch. I also find that I don't snack so frequently like I use to on other diets which is nice.

Anyways, I'm here to support other low carbers if they want. You just need to realize on this way of eating, that you cannot do both calorie counting that includes sugar and carb counting. Choose one and stick to it.

Believe it or not, when I eat the correct low carb way, I take in less calories than when I was on Weight watchers!!!
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I eat wheat free, low carb, and count calories. I get my carbs primarily from veggies, fruit, and dairy. I aim for <100g/day; my average is about 65g/day. I rarely eat grainy/starchy carbs and when I do they are in very small portions. I'm insulin resistant and carb intolerant so eating low carb makes an enormous difference in how I feel and how easily I lose weight.
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Hey Pam and Novus,

Glad to see you here! Had this thread up for a bit and no one was biting.

Pam: turkey bacon is lesser in carbs and honestly I just really like it in general. I still eat regular bacon too sometimes.

Novus: I have been shooting for the goal of around 50 carbs a day as well, but I don't know how it's working.

Overall I feel I'm doing well, but it's not really translating to the scale as I would like to see. I am down to 179.5, but I would like to see a bit of a faster drop. I honestly just don't think I could do induction on Atkins because of it's dependence on veggies. I'm broadening my horizons in regards to veggies, but that would still be pretty challenging for me. I would love to one day be able to do it though.

Pam: what would you consider as the correct low carb way? Just looking for pointers for myself.

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