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Is anyone calorie counting and doing keto or low carb?

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Originally Posted by mrskuby View Post
Hi Kiley! So when you say you are doing ketogenic days, do you mean you are adding fat? IP is a ketogenic diet but they keep the fat intake low...I've been mostly following IP with alternatives and adding a banana before my workout (targeted ketogenic diet or TKD). Of course now I read "The Art & Science of Low Carb Performance" and the authors seem to be saying that our workouts can be totally fueled by body fat and that all we really need to do is be sure to have extra salt and water prior to a workout. I am thinking about giving that a shot when I workout later today...But I have also been wondering if I should start adding fat back into my diet and heading towards an Atkins type diet...

As far as counting calories, I haven't done it yet because doing IP keeps the calories right around 800 calories so I haven't had to yet. I guess if I decide to add in fat, I will prolly have to start counting. I HATE counting! It's such a pain and not realistic for my lifestyle!
I am doing a combo of higher fat keto days (Atkins like) and alternating with IP days (low fat). I vary depending on my planned exercise for the day. I find I have an easier recovery when I have a higher fat keto day and have an easier time adjusting my calories. I also enjoy eating more "real" food. I do not like calorie counting either but I am finding it a necessary evil, especially as I continue to move forward. I am doing more of a cycled keto diet with a cheat day every week or two. So far I have had no issues getting back on after a cheat day. I feel better with lower carbs intake.
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I made the decision to add fat into my diet...actually after reading the Art & Science of Low Carb, I am going to follow their advice for nutritional ketosis. My calories will more than double! According to their calcs I should be eating around 2000 calories a day! I don't even know where to start adding!

Twice now I have worked out with just a teaspoon of salt and some water 30 minutes prior and have had great results! I really like the idea of using fat to fuel my workouts...

I ordered a blood ketone tester and strips because i want to really keep a close eye on ketone levels to make sure I stay in the fat burning mode and not go back to carb burning without having enough carbs. I guess it's all gonna be a process of figuring out what works best for me!

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Could you help me with menu ideas!?
I should be eating something around 800cal but I just can't make it.
I'm eating 1200cal/day, most of it because I have a sweet tooth!
I'm having whey pancakes for breakfast and as dinner.
And both my snacks (am and pm) are basically some kind of low carb sweet.
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Hi! I. Count calories and eat low carb too. I try to stick to 1100-1000 calories and less than 20 carbs a day. If i eat less i go hungry. To track my intake i use the mynetdiary on my ipad. Started january first at 240 lbs. Goalis to loose 100 pounds.

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Hello..I am not doing keto anymore, I hated the way it made me feel (bad breath, constipation, weakness and fogginess)..but I am doing low carb now and I am paying attention to calories. I try and stay at 1000 calories knowing all too well I'm probably going over to 1200-1300.....I have been on many low carb diets, atkins, SBD, Dukan and Belly Fat cure...and I noticed that no matter how low I keep carbs if I don't keep calorie count low also I don't lose weight..i don't know why that is because others do well on low carb diets no matter what their calorie count is.

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Hmm... Going to try this. Counting and low carb.
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I think it's a fallacy that most people on low carb can eat as much as they want and still lose weight. I think that's even more of a problem for middle aged women, I think most of us have to keep a lid on both carbs and calories (and maybe protein too). I can maintain fairly well without keeping a lid on calories, but to lose I have to stay dialed in. If you want to read more about this, I recommend Jenny Ruhl's Diet 101 book.
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Originally Posted by Marymar View Post
Hi! I. Count calories and eat low carb too. I try to stick to 1100-1000 calories and less than 20 carbs a day. If i eat less i go hungry. To track my intake i use the mynetdiary on my ipad. Started january first at 240 lbs. Goalis to loose 100 pounds.
I don't mean to be a buttinsky but based on your 5'9" height, your goal weight sounds a bit low. Your carb count too, especially if that's total carbs as opposed to net carbs. I'm no expert but did 7 months of Ideal Protein which supposedly has figured the absolute minimum carbs to maintain a weight-losing metabolism. According to them, if you go under 20 or 30 NET (after subtracting fiber carbs), your metabolism will slow down to conserve energy and you weight loss will slow down too.

Like I said, I'm not an expert and we are all different

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I am new here, but happy to join and find others who count calories as well as carbs.

I usually have about 800 calories, but lately I have been increasing to to 1200. I dont think it is impacting my weight, but definitely my pocketbook

My stats are 5'4 at 115 lbs. I would like to trim off the last few on my belly and I workout about 5 days a week.

Hmm.. I still am trying to figure out what amounts of fat/protein work for me. I think I was undernourished before, but maybe this all my way of justifying how much I can eat)
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Hello peaceloveharmony... looks like this is an older thread but great advice.. I am just starting into thie High Fat Low carb way of eating... I use my fitness pal and have my calories set at 1000 might go over by a bit I have my carb set at 25g my protein at 130g and fat at 91 g I dont remember what the % are but so far this is doing pretty well for my I miss fruit but I know that Fruit can cause me to lose weight I like that kellymed said she was alternating between high Fat and low carb and IP days cause I just invested in a bunch of IP food and I would likie to use it up before I completly go High Fat Low Carb.... I subscribed to the Bulletproof site there is a great diet guide line recommendation from them
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