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Wink 'But what do you eat?'

Anybody else get this question? I few people found out I eat low carb and everyone's reply was 'what do you eat!?' There were also some 'but fruit is healthy! and too much saturated fat is bad for you.' type comments.
It's funny though, every person who has made the comment is someone who has been complaining about their low calorie diet while eating their tasty high in cardboard flavored snack bar.

What's the weirdest comment you've had about your way of eating?
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I'm vegan with celiac disease. MAN do I hate that question.

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Yeah, I get really tired of talking about food. Sometimes I'm evil and get all preachy about food with a long tirade and then they never ask me about food again!

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In the beginning everyone felt the need to tell me that I could eat anything "in moderation". I can't tell you the number of people who said that do me. It was really quite annoying. If I was the type of person who could handle moderation, I don't think that I would have gotten up to 279 pounds. However, now that they see that I'm losing weight, no one really questions what I'm doing anymore. I was a lot more specific in the beginning but now I just say, "I'm low-carb" or "I don't eat such and such".

I also stopped drinking and my friends had a lot to say about that. They insisted that I could drink wine. I have completely cut sugar out of my diet. Do I miss it? **** yeah. But once I have a little bit, I lose all control. I'm better without. Do I think that everyone needs to give up sugar? Of course not but that's what works for me.
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I am starting the fast track version of Belly Fat Cure tomorrow..... and it is a NO sugar plan.... Chickieboom.... I have come to the conclusion I cannot have ANY sugar.... moderation will not work for me either. It just won't. One piece of the pie for me is almost impossible..... I want the whole pie. I know it is about control, but it makes it easier for me just to go without.

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I usually just tell people I'm allergic to carbohydrates. In a way that's actually true, they make me break out in fat! LOL!
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If someone is badgering me I'll get into it and be specific but if its just a passing comment or someone I know who will bust out with the carbs are brain food, fat is bad bull I'll just say that I'm avoiding wheat, corn, soy and industrial foods and fats and eating a more ancestral low carb high fat diet and leave it at that. people usually get lost on the "NO WHEAT???!!! but how do you eat sammiches?" thing and fail to hear the rest. Lol!
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Omg yes. One person asked me "so what are carbs?" and later on she was trying to get me to eat cake. Come on now, REALLY? (Always makes me think of that part of Mean Girls where the girl asks "Is butter a carb?" lol)

And people always get freaked out by the sheer amount of protein and veggies I eat. It's like they're pretty sure eating that much chicken must be bad for you somehow (and it has skin on it, call the police!) and that mound of vegetables is just soo yucky.

Welp, more phytonutrients and healthy fats for me!

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Originally Posted by Hairballz View Post
I usually just tell people I'm allergic to carbohydrates. In a way that's actually true, they make me break out in fat! LOL!
Thank's for making me laugh!!!

I totally agree with all comments here ... I don't tell people I'm not eating carbs anymore just that I'm eating "low" carbs, they tend to leave me alone then ....

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I find that if I say "My doctor said I have to...." then they leave me alone. Actually my doctor did tell me I have to reduce my carb-intake so there.

"If you pay attention to when you are hungry, what your body wants, what you are eating, when you've had enough, you end the obsession because obsession and awareness cannot coexist." - Geneen Roth
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although I eat more than this sounds like, a quick shorthand I sometimes use is to tell people that I eat "protein and produce." I actually also eat dairy (which counts as protein on my plan, but a lot of people don't automatically see it that way) and I have oat bran in very small quantities (2-4 tbs a day). But it tends to freak people out more when I give them more detail for some odd reason. So saying "protein and produce" sounds more socially acceptable. Not that I care about people accepting my plan, of course, but sometimes, I just don't want to have to put in the energy of debating, you know?
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I've been doing Atkins for almost 9 years now and in the beginning I got lots of questions & comments. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformed ignorance out there. That being said, when I had finally made up my mind to do Atkins (after being fat the majority of my life), I wasn't going to let anyone's ignorance derail me. I had read the book (twice!) and was well armed to confront the remarks. I heard things like "you don't eat ANY bread or potatoes??" "you don't eat fruit?" "eating eggs everyday isn't good for you". But, I stuck with Atkins because I knew it was the plan I could stick with for life. Lo & behold, when I started to lose the weight....the comments and disapproval disappeared
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