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Default Glycemic LOAD Diet

Is there anyone out there that is doing this diet? I would love to talk with someone that is. I just started it on Sunday 3/27/11.

I feel better already, eating lower carbs and grass fed meats
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I'm doing a diet that includes the science of the glycemic index along with glycemic load. The way I eat is 2 days low carb, 2 days low gi/gl (low glycemic index/glycemic load) and 2 days high gi/gl. 7th day i eat whatever i want (within reason)....in 4 weeks I've lost 21 pounds...
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I am a calorie counter who also counts carbs and yes, I pay attention to the GI of my carbs. Not all carbs are created equal in the way your body uses them. I was diabetic during pregnancy and had to follow a carb controlled diet and since then, I have seen bigger and better results for my efforts when I watch my carb intake and what kind of carbs I am eating.(Maybe a little retained insulin resistance from the gestational diabetes?) I don't even eat what is technically low carb just moderated, quality carbs but I still see nice results with my calorie counting. I don't know about it as a plan I'd follow alone but the concept is interesting to me and certainly a nice little tweak to an overall plan for me.

Calorie counting gave me a method to fix the madness.

A high protein, moderate carb balance gives me control over cravings.
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S/C/G: Goal: 140

Height: 5'7"


Wow that's really interesting RightWeigh and it's obviously working for you.

Thanks 4star.

I am trying to follow the glycemic load diet after reading the book recently. It sounds like what you are both doing to a degree. I don't eat any refined carbs now (white bread, white potatoes and rice, etc.) and I am eating more organic grass fed meats and vegetables. I am losing at a slow pace but according to the book, this is to be expected.

I am trying to treat this as more of a life style change than a diet because I have gained and lost and gained 90 pounds over the last 8 years and I am SO tired of the roller coaster...
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Watching the glycemic index/load of everything I ate was how I lost the first 30 pounds when nothing else seemed to work, and I didn't even count calories. I'm trying different diet plans now, but the glycemic index and load is a guide that I will always follow.

RightWeigh that is interesting, especially the two days of high gi/gl. Is that like a way of "tricking" your body?
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Rightweigh, that's an interesting rotation. I might consider that when I reach goal, although that's a long way off. Now I'm following Dr. Rob Thompson's Glycemic Load Diet. I can't seem to stick with Atkins or Protein Power long term as they're too restrictive, and I want the freedom to have more fruits and veggies that aren't necessarily low carb. My cholesterol is high and so are my triglycerides. I was taking statins but don't want to, so I quit the drugs and am seeing if glycemic load will bring them down the same as low carb does. BTW, WW didn't do anything to help my cholesterol, although WW certainly does help some people. I'm not counting calories or carbs or anything else. Basically, I'm severely limiting (note that I said "limit," not "omit") starches (bread, grains, potatoes, sugar), the white stuff. My appetite's under control, cravings are gone, and I'm losing, albeit slowly at about 1 lb. per week, which is fine with me.

I'd love to see this thread continue because it feels like I'm all alone out here. ;-)
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