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Smile Ideas for high fiber foods..

I have trouble with my bowels and am looking for easy high fiber foods.. The easier the better.. I drive truck and work long hours and not big at taking ice packs for my lunches.. If anyone has an ideas I would love to hear them.. Thanks..
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FibreOne cereal has 14grams of fibre in one serving.

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Kellogs AllBran Buds. 1/3 cup has 12g fibre and 70 calories. What I do is mix that with a serving of fat-free Astro yogurt (50 calories) for a really filling 120 calorie snack. I used to take Metamucil, now I just eat this a few times a week.
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Psyllium husks. I bought them in a bulk food store and add them to oatmeal, shakes, I even sprinkly some on my berries sometimes.
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Hummus - 207 cals and 7.5 grams of fiber per half cup


I love scooping it up with vegetables (like carrot and celery sticks)

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My nutritionist said to make sure that whatever grain you eat, strive to get 2g of fiber for every 15g of carbohydrate. That's basically only whole-wheat products (but not ALL whole-wheat products - check labels), but I don't mind. Ryvita crackers are good.
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Originally Posted by phantastica
My nutritionist said to make sure that whatever grain you eat, strive to get 2g of fiber for every 15g of carbohydrate. That's basically only whole-wheat products (but not ALL whole-wheat products - check labels), but I don't mind. Ryvita crackers are good.
There are lots of grains besides whole wheat. Some so much more nutritional and tasty too.
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I use unprocessed bran. You can find it with the cereals. I use about 3 tablespoons in a meal replacement shake. You can put it juice or milk or in cereals. I also take triphala. It is an east Indian herbal combination that helps keep you regular. I got the idea from Dr. Andrew Weil. Also, you might just try taking Metamuscil regularly if that's eaiser.
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for maximum easyness, you might buy some low-carb high fiber tortillas. They have 7-8g fiber each and 50 calories - a good lunch might be a couple of wraps made with these with your favorite on-plan fillings. 15 or so grams of fiber in a single lunch!
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Beans are high fiber. I understand about not wanting to spend lots of time cooking and then packing a cooler into the trunk, but blend up some canned beans with some spices and/or salsa, and dip veggies into them. No cooler or cooking needed. Also good in chili, tortilla wraps, soups. Rice & bean casseroles (Cuban, Puerto Rican, Creole, Indian -- lots of cuisines to choose from here).

If you're at all interested, I can post some recipes.

Whole-grain bread makes high-fiber sandwiches, especially if you stuff them with veggies.

Fruit has fiber.

Come to think of it, things that need a cooler don't generally have much fiber, because they're meat or dairy.
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Every morning for breakfast I have 1 cup Fiber One cereal, with 1/2 cup Carb Countdown skim milk. 28 grams of fiber and about 140 calories.

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Default Kashi Granola Bars....

These are the ones you find with all the other Granola Bars, not with the protein bars etc....they have about 5 grams of fiber and are very good !!!
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Raspberries are very high in fiber (8 g per cup) and they have far fewer calories than whole wheat bread or bran flakes. If you have some good fibre cereal with a couple handfuls raspberries on top in the morning, it'll usually add up to 1/2 your fibre intake for the day.

Almost all sorts of beans are very good as well. Low-fat chili or bean/lentil soups will totally fill you up and give you tons of fibre.
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i eat frosted mini wheats, you can always eat them without milk just as a snack... almonds have some fiber... and i eat the Wonder multigrain for white bread fans bread, its nice and squishy, and strawberries. Hope that helps.
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Originally Posted by srmb60 View Post
Psyllium husks. I bought them in a bulk food store and add them to oatmeal, shakes, I even sprinkly some on my berries sometimes.
I have used psyllium husk in caplet form, but if I dont order the one that has apple pectin, it actually does nothing for me in the bowel dept, in fact I kinda feel like it makes the situation worse, however, the one that has the apple pectin in it, seems to work fine.
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