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Default Serving Sizes... Really?

I was at the grocery store last night and I bought some of those Diet Snapple "to go" single packets to put in my water. It says "Only 5 calories a serving!" on the box, and then when I go to look at the nutrition label, sure enough it's 5 calories for HALF A PACKET. Who the heck only uses half a packet? What do you do with the part of the packet you don't use? It's not like these things are resealable!

It's kinda like when you get a jar of whole pickles and it tells you a serving size is half of a pickle. I mean seriously, who thinks up these things? Is it just a way to make you think you're consuming less calories than you actually are?
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I'm chuckling but only because I totally agree with you. Marketing people think them up. I imagine their first question is "how can we get people to buy this when it's supposed to be a diet product and a true single serving has more calories than they'll likely want?" It must be a trend because I've come across a lot of products where you open up a package and it turns out it "about 2" servings. I love that one, too -- ABOUT 2. Does that mean a little less or a little more than 2 servings. Labeling is a wonderful thing, but you definitely have to read the labeling as opposed to the advertising fluff on the packaging.
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Actually, I think the FDA sets serving sizes. I'm guessing that the snapple to go is for 16 ounces of water and a serving size is 8 oz.
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I don't have any Diet Snapple Packets but I do have Crystal Light Packets there info is exactly the same a serving is half a packet however that is only 5 calories so count two servings at 10 calories.
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Originally Posted by mimsyborogoves View Post
Is it just a way to make you think you're consuming less calories than you actually are?
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Nelie's right. Serving sizes that appear on labels, at least in the US, are set by the FDA, as "Reference Amount Customarily Consumed". The RACC of a beverage/liquid is set at 240ml/8 oz, so a packet made for 16 oz of water has to be labeled as 2 servings.

You can see the table here:

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I think one packet is meant to make 1 bottle which fills 2 cups? like you can mix it all in a bottle and pour 2 cups from it maybe for you and someone else or pour half and keep half in the fridge to drink later? like on a packet of cookies you can see they state how many servings and calories per serving on the nutritional facts...not supposed to have it all at once. 5cals, 10cals I think it's ok to have 2 servings at once if you want.

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I completely agree. I understand that the FDA mandates certain serving sizes, but I think it would be could for some products to have "Calories Per Container" stated in an obvious place.

I buy a brand of tuna and one can contains 142 grams. A serving size is 56 grams. It says on the can "Servings per container: About 2" Ummmmm no, "about 2" would mean around 112 grams.

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I always ate half a package of Ramen because of that. I don't like to eat more than a recommended serving of anything calorie dense!
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I understand they are counting 2 portions based on an 8 ounce cup size, but still kind of ironic when the instructions on the packet say "Pour into a 16 oz bottle of water." lol!

It's not too big a deal when it's 5 calories worth of a drink mix but it is definitely a problem when so many other packaged foods are made to seem like it's a reasonable portion and then you find out the calorie count is for 2, 3 or more portions per package.
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I don't use a whole packet!!!! I usually get about 3 "servings" that I put into my 16 oz glasses of water.

I find them very sweet, so I use a tsp measure to dish it out...

Just thought I'd say there is someone out here who saves them!
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If you think that's misleading you should buy a food scale. I have been weighing my food for a few months now and I know that X calories per serving is misleading. Bread for example, the label may say 70 calories per serving (which I would consider one slice) and a serving is 24g, but if you weigh the slice it may be 30g so I may be consuming more calories than I am counting. I have found the same in most food. It can go the other way too. I weighed my pop chips and found that based on weight I could eat more than the number listed on the package.
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I agree some things should list calories per container. It would be so much easier.
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