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Puffins...my newest addiction

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Default Puffins...my newest addiction

I am trying to get away from my Fat-Free Redi Whip obsession. I love to take a 5-cal hit from the spray can . But I know I need to minimize how much I consume.

Unfortunately, I now have a new obsession: Puffins cereal. Which is loaded with carbs and kinda hi calorie. But I love them. I had the Peanut Butter & Chocolate flavor and liked it, but the Cinnamon ones are amazing. Some people like the peanu butter ones and not the cinnamon, but for me the cinnamon is surprisingly yummiest to me since I'm not a cinnamon fan.

The biggest problem: deceptive advertising. I thought the cinnamon ones had less calories than the PB&C ones because it says "only 90 calories per serving" on the bod, while the PB&C flavor is 110 cals. But when I got them home, I saw that the cinnamon serving size is only 2/3 cup! The PB&C serving size is 3/4 cup. Sneaky, if you ask me...

Still, I find a way to sneak in an occasional bowl. They are so good...
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Wow, that's really messed up. I would be ticked! I should watch out for stuff like that if I ever get into a fix like yours. Is it safe to say that they're about the same then? Lol.
I've never tried that kind of cereal. Haven't had cereal in a while... Might give it a try once I'm past my goal.
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I love Puffins too, especially the cinnamon kind. That's crazy about the difference in serving size! I'll definitely pay more attention to things like that, as we clearly can't trust the advertising

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I bought the peanut butter and chocolate ones last time and I devoured almost the whole box. I'm staying away from them today because I don't want to eat too many processed carbs. At least they have a good fiber count, which is important to me.

I had a hard time getting used to the texture of the PB&C ones but now I like them. But those cinnamon ones...mmmm...I don't have any in the house, but if I buy more, I will save p enough calories for the whole cup. But I do hate that the serving size is only 2/3 cup.

Who only eats 2/3 cup of cereal? Or even 3/4 cups for that matter? All cereals should have to list the calories in a whole cup.
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I've never tried them. My personal obsession is Pop chips, the sour cream and onion ones. Uuuugh, so yummy. It says they are better than regular chips, which they are but nothing that good is good FOR you. *sigh*, oh pop chips, how I love thee.
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Urgh I hate when companies manipulate serving sizes. I once saw a bag of party mix, a small the size of a one-ounce potato chip bag, CLEARY meant for one person. Servings size: 2.5. WTF. Snapple is also a huge offender in this area.
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The cinnamon puffins are only 135 calories in a cup versus the PB ones would be 145 calories a cup if you do the math. . Have you tried putting that cereal on some Greek yogurt with fresh fruit for a dessert? I used to do that with kashi cinnamon crunch. Protein and fiber can make that treat last a lot longer

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Just proves how dilligent we have to be with reading labels. I am glad you noticed.
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