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Question What's the take on nuts?

I know nuts are good for you in general, but while it's good fat, they still have a lot of oil. Are there any particular nuts that are better than others for snacking?
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This link tells you the top 6 healthiest nuts to eat.
Hope it helps.
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Nuts are high in calories but very good for you. They add up SO fast and are easy to pop without thinking! I read somewhere to either count them out for use in a salad or dish, or to divide up into little baggies for a portable snack.
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What Crimsons said. In addition, I'd suggest thinking less about which nuts to eat, since they all have similar nutritional profiles, and more about ways you can use them in your cooking where you are using modest amounts but still appreciating their presence. A sprinkle of pine nuts in a lettuce salad, a few cashews in a stir-fry, a few almonds mixed with raisins for a snack. I'm on a lower calorie diet than practically everyone due to being a short inactive featherweight, and I'm on a low-fat diet due to gallstones, so I don't use nuts very much at the moment. When I do, it's generally something along the lines of putting in 7 almonds (a third of an ounce) in when I'm sautéing a courgette to put on pasta for an evening meal. To my surprise, the almonds show up pretty well even in such small quantities. Most people can eat quite a lot more of them than me, though.
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just dont eat too much of them and youll be fine

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nuts are a superfood and are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Especially healthy nuts are walnuts.
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Nuts are very healhy,eat them but note more then 150 grams a day.
My favourite are almonds.
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I don't understand why all these old posts keep coming up but nuts are awesome. I eat unlimited amounts of almonds and walnuts.

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I grow basil and like to make my pesto with walnuts usually. Today, I splurged and bought macadamia nuts (more expensive than good steak) and will use them in my pesto.
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I've been having a handfull of cashews every day for three weeks now... it really satisfies my snacky craving and it has not stalled my weight loss at all,

I've been steadily losing the same amount eating them as when I didn't.
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I'd only eat a sprinkling or small portion of nuts to garnish something for their nutritional benefit, I'd never view them as a snack on their own because when I'm hungry I tend to take bigger handfuls or over eat nuts.
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I weigh and log my nuts without any issues, just like with any other food.
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Dr. Oz eats a handful of nuts rather than sugar. He said so, this week. Nuts curb his cravings for sweets. Measure your nuts and enjoy them. Nuts are far better than dingdongs, twizzlers and snowballs.
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I eat a weighed out half ounce of mixed roasted nuts immediately after eating dinner (and before finishing off with 2 squares of dark chocolate with a decaf latte).

It really helps me feel satisfied with the meal. I only eat 1 meal a day and no snacks so any snacky food I want to eat becomes part of my meal.
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I buy my nuts in the baking aisle so they are not salted. The salt is not good for you. Makes you retain water, and causes some people over eat on them. I eat 5 walnut halves per day, for the healthy fat. Good for the heart.

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