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My Protein Shake Has WHAT in it?

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Default My Protein Shake Has WHAT in it?

Consumer Reports did an analysis of protein powders and pre-made shakes for their July issue. In addition to protein and vitamins, we're also ingesting arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals. One of the biggest culprits was EAS and Muscle Milk. They say that their sample size was three servings a day. Unfortunately, for me that's not too much of a stretch since I had a shake before working out, a protein bar, and one before bed.

The magazine article is coming out in July, but here's a preview of it's contents and the chart that lists which powders/drinks had what.


I'm so mad. Is it such a stretch to ask for food that isn't contaminated with something?
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It's just another reason to eat real food that comes as close to the source as possible. I dont trust any manufacturer of anything.
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I was furious when I read this. I feel like everything has something wrong with it. Lately I do my workouts and afterwords have a protein rich food, or a meal. I choose workout times that can be replenished by meals instead of drinks and I threw away the protein shakes. I am not going to risk it. It's all about replenishing protein, electrolytes and potassium. I figure banana + beans + water with a pinch of salt works out. If someone has some wisdom on this I would love to hear as well.
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After spending a bottom load of money on different shakes I have decided it's healthier and cheaper to... drink a glass of milk! It's the same amount of calories and if ya need to flavor it go ahead. A glass of milk in place of a meal. I think people spend way too much money on "shakes" thinking they're something special when they're not. Pop a vitamin. Or how about a glass of ovaltine? There ya go you had your shake :P

I'm not downing shakes. I'm just saying they shouldn't be as expensive as they are or as complicated. My fave shake is HMR dairy free 70 (i think was the number). But dang they made me broke. They fortify rice milk nowadays too.

I am totally owning that Jamie Kennedy of eliminating weird things you have no idea what it is and getting to eating the basics of foods.

My pediatritian said all vaccines contain heavy toxic metals so I'm kinda tripping about that. He said no way to get around it (but he advocates for shots but doesn't push). I'm sure we're injesting them everywhere
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I have had concerns about certain protein powders for a while. Basically, whey isolate, soy isolate, etc, they are extracting part of a food and giving it to you. I'm sure its the isolation process that introduces the heavy metals.

I occasionally do hemp protein powder which is minimally processed as they don't try to remove anything from the hemp seed, they just grind it down to a fine powder. Of course you could do a similar thing yourself with hemp seeds.
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You get a certain amount of arsenic from even LIMA BEANS. Moderation with everything is what is important. I am sure we didn't get this extra weight because we were eating celery. I like my HMR shakes and will continue to drink them. I have been a veggie for 24 years and still put on the extra weight because I over ate. The shakes are helping with this issue.
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I agree with Dorothy, we injest stuff everywhere, heck even from the weather (ie. smog).

I use Optimum and only 3 times a week (post-workout) not the 3 times a day they say is common. I'll probably continue to use it.
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It does feel sometimes like there is something wrong with everything. That's why we need to eat things that are as natural as possible, the way nature intended. We evolved to eat these things, not the processed swill.
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I got a book from the library that had post-workout recovery drink recipes that were all natural and made from whole food ingredients. It was written by the doctor from the Biggest Loser: Where Did All the Fat Go? by Robert Huizenga

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Thanks! I'll take a look at it.
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