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Selena125t 02-06-2012 10:17 PM

Is anyone familiar with/ or following the original points plan?
I am not following the points plus plan, I have everything from the original plan from a friend of mine and I wanted to know if anyone remembers it well enough to give me some pointers.

I calculated that based on my weight 210, that I need around 27 pts a day. When I calculated my BMR it said that it is about 1750. I also found out that 1 pt is roughly 50 calories each so that would put my caloric intake at around 1350, not counting veggies (because they don't count). I am wondering if maybe this is too many pts and that may be why I don't see the scale moving.
Should I drop down to 25 pts a day to equal around 1250 a day or should I just forget calories all together and eat the 27 pts and give things more time to start moving?
I will say this though, things are fitting looser so maybe I should just stay away from the scale a while longer?

Any thoughts, suggestions, tips or tricks?
Thanx so much to anyone who answers!

nancylmrn 02-07-2012 06:32 PM

Hi Selena,
I have been following the old flex plan (well tech. this is my 5th or 6th time lol) I would say if you are losing 1 to 2lbs a week you are where you need to be.

The best tool is to journal journal journal that way you can see what you did that worked and what didn't. And please remember our bodies are fickle and don't always cooperate with our wishes.

If your clothes are feeling less tight then I would say you are where you need to be. :carrot:

begoodjen 02-12-2012 12:53 AM

I am following the old points. I am allowed 30 points per week. I eat all of them and most of my flex points. I lose about a pound a week. At the beginning I lost more and it has slowed down now but I have lost 35 pounds since October. I could probably lose faster if I didn't eat the flex points but I am trying to make it as realistic for the rest of my life as possible so I am ok with slow and steady. I would stick with the 27 for a few weeks and see what happens. I also wanted to say that with WW, although you can technically eat whatever you want as long as you stay in your points, I find I have better results if I eat tons of veggies. I find the more fiber I get the faster I lose! Hope this helps :)


roxybabay 02-20-2012 10:15 PM

I lost 72 lbs on the old plan! I would stick to your 27 pts a day and just focus on points and not calories. If you feel your clothes feeling looser than I think your on the right track so just keep on trucking and it will pay off in the end :)

Chubbygirl253 07-27-2012 04:29 AM

I'm also on the old plan. And I love it. My ww points allowance says one thing and the calories allowed for my weight according to Myfitnesspal.com says another. But I'm not counting calories per se so I don't go by that. I go by ww. But it is interesting to see how my exercise relates to calories burned vs. calories consumed. Yesterday myfitnesspal said I had gone over in fat and calories when in reality I had points to spare in ww terms.

3FC can't be beat when it comes to support but if you need a good tool for tracking your food and exercise try myfitnesspal.com. I love how I type in what I ate and what exercise I did today and it tells me how I'm doing.

Today I worked out really hard! Did 1 hr of water aerobics, 55 munites of Zumba, 35 minutes on the treadmill, and a 30 minute hike. And it told me I burned 1983 calories. It's a neat tool that might help you. But when there is descrepancies I would go with ww

GinnyCarinhas 01-12-2013 01:41 PM

I use this to find how many daily points I get, it gives me 31

Below are the general guidelines for the original points allowance based on the variables.


8 points for men
2 points for women

Women who are solely nursing add another 10 pts
Women who are supplementing breastfeeding with some solid foods and/or formula add another 5 pts


4 points for ages 17 - 26 years old
3 points for ages 27 - 37 years old
2 points for ages 38 - 47 years old
1 point for ages 48 - 58 years old
0 points if over 58 years old


0 points if under 5'1"
1 point for 5'1" - 5'10"
2 points if over 5'10"


0 points if you spend most of the day sitting
2 points if you spend most of the day standing
4 points if you are walking most of the time
6 points if you are doing hard, physical labor

Add 10% of your weight (in pounds). You can simplify this by just taking the first 2 digits of your weight and add to the points allowance.

Total up all the above items to determine your daily allowance. For example, a 35 year old female, weighing 172 pounds that is 5'4" tall and spends her day sitting at a desk would have the following points allowance;

Gender - 2 pts;
Age - 3 pts;
Height - 1 pt;
Activity - 0 pts;
Weight - 17 pts.

This would give her a total of 23 points for her daily allowance. Keep in mind that there is a minimum of 18 pts and max of 44 points on Weight Watchers original system.

This means a person cannot be below or above the minimum. So if your totals fall outside the range, then set your points allowance the the min or max (whichever applies).

In addition to these daily points, donít forget to work in your flex points. Each person receives 35 weekly points allowance to use as they need or want.

In order to lose weight with the Weight Watchers points system you need to stay within your allowable points for the day and the week.

I think this is the way to find your daily target. I don't think the FLEXPOINT plan gave a range of points, am I right?

catcookie 08-27-2014 11:39 AM

Thank you so much for posting this. I've been gaining and losing the same 5 pounds on pp that I'm going back to turnaround. I'm so glad I didn't toss out the
old plan booklets and sliders. I lost 28 pounds on this plan, I really believe that it works better for me.

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