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Elly2011 04-14-2011 08:02 PM

New here and glad to be getting back to WW Flex!
I am new to this board and very glad I found it as I LOVE the WW Flex program. (I am so new that I posted a rather long post and forgot to sign in first, so it did not post... duh.) Anyway, I did WW Flex at work many years ago and lost about 10 pounds. I have since put it back on plus a few more and am looking to lose 15-20 pounds. I was going to rejoin WW, but after reading many negative reviews of the new WW program, I decided to just do the program that I knew had worked for me before.

I am so glad that there are so many of you that still use the Flex program and like it. I did learn about the Momentum program from a friend, and did eat as many Core foods as I could while on Flex before, so I think I hopefully have the tools I need to succeed this time.

I am joining this board to hold myself accountable and get encouragement to stick with it, plus make some new friends that have the same struggles as I do with weight. My official start day is Monday since I have my annual physical and it just seems like a good day to kick start things for me.:carrot:

misslynda 04-19-2011 08:48 PM

Me to!! I just can't seem to do the newer programs, Flex worked so well for me, so i'm sticking with it :)

cafebeanz 05-27-2011 02:16 PM

I started on Momentum last year then the company converted to the P+ program :( and have switched back to Momentum (yesterday). Best decision I've made to continue on my weight loss journey.

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