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Default Starting out?

My friend has been on this for about 3 weeks and has dropped about 10 lbs.

I would like to hear some other opinions about this. I don't know if I have the time to attend meetings, but I was definitely interested in utilizing the online tools (point systems and etc....) - but is it worth the monthly fees?
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I think the meetings help me. I really try to stay on plan hoping to see a loss because 1) I am paing for the meetings and want to get my moneys worth (also I participate in the disscussions becasue I truly am trying to learn and change) and 2) Someoneelse is seeing my weight and knowing if it is going up or down. I really want them to see a loss.
I guess both are about accountability and I really need that. So far I have lost every week I have attended and you can look at my signature to see the total amounts. I do eat basically 5 small meals/snacks a day and try to never be starving, it helps me to stay on plan.

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I love this plan! It's a simplified version of calorie counting and helps you to eat healthier & promotes an active lifestyle.

I do go to meetings and trying to make lifetime...maybe one day becoming a leader. It helps me keep on track
If you can't make the meetings the at-home kit is a pretty good deal. I pay for the monthly pass and get e-tools with it but to be honest I only use it occasionally now to look up recipes or to convert my old family recipes into healthier versions. If I didn't have all of my books I'd probably use it a lot more though

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I'm one of the people that doesn't use meetings, or the online tools. I use this forum a lot and I google what I need to know. If you need the meetings then go, but everyone is different. Some people need the accountability of a meeting each week and enjoy the features of the meetings. I can't really afford it and I am one of those people that doesn't think you should really have to pay in order to lose weight, but that's my opinion. I know meetings have helped many people, including my MIL. But, if you don't have the extra money to spare, you have all you need here and from google.. but again this is all my opinion.
I know some recommend going to one meeting just to see if you like it or not. I think that's a good idea before committing to meetings and then not enjoying them or not making all of them.
WW is a really awesome program. It is definitely simplified calorie counting. It is very easy to follow. I get by without the books by just calculating everything. I have memorized my normal foods (milk, bread, egg, butter, etc.) and the stuff I don't know, I just calculate. If you by chance have an iPhone, there are some cheap app's that can calculate and keep track of points each day and the 35 flex points.

Either way, and you will find that whatever route you choose, you will find amazing support around here!

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I don't have time to go to meetings either so I do WW Online. It has definitely been worth the monthly fees, I wish I had given it a try years ago!
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Hi! I'm starting out too, and using the online program. I know most people love the meetings, but I didn't find them helpful in the past, so I'm trying it solo this time. Good luck to you.
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I have gone to 3 meetings. I dont think they have been the most helpful. I do like weighing myself there though, and then it is the same scale each time. I have gotten my husband to hide my scale at home so I am not weighing myself every day.
The best thing so far, I have lost 7 pounds, and I have taken the motto if i bite it, i have to write it down. I am being brutal with myself, and it seems to be paying off...
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Weight Watchers is the best diet I've ever done hands down. No foods are eliminated, you can work anything into your day/week. You can go out to eat without feeling like you're cheating on your diet... YAY!!! Plus, the more you work out the more you get to eat.... bonus!!!

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I do the Monthly Pass for $39 a month - that includes e-Tools and meetings. I really like the in-person meetings. I tried online only but I think that the meetings work for me. I'm a people person. I work from home and I look forward to my meetings for a bit of social interaction. (My husband spends most of his day on the phone so when HE gets home, he's done talking for the most part.) I like that the Center I go to has maybe five or six leaders and usually more than one meeting Monday through Saturday. Saturday morning has three meetings so I can easily fit a meeting into my day.

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I don't want to afford the meeting, I don't have enought money and free time to go there. So l Iike here. I can search some information I need.
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I don't do meetings........they stress me out. But I'm a BIG fan of the new Momentum plan & have been following it since December & have lost 30 lbs.

I purchased the At-Home program which comes w/ everything you need to get started & stay on plan for the long run.

Good luck w/ whatever you decide!

Um Tanee!!! Your new pic is great! You've done awesome! Yay you!
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