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Question Need Advice

Howdy folks,

I've been a member here for some time (don't remember how long but I'm sure it will show up somewhere once I post this message) and did rather well with Calorie Counters. I went from 154 pounds to about 140, although that stinking scale of mine loves to move up and down as much as the Stock Market does.

Let's just say that an hour ago, the thing registered at 140.4 pounds. If my sliding scale doesn't say that, it's because changing the silly thing is more work than it's worth some days, and I'm SURE the silly scale will catch up to the slider eventually.

Anyway, back to why I'm here...

I am training for a marathon and honest to God, I will be the first woman in history who will GAIN weight training for a marathon.

My marathon is January 25 in beautiful, sunny Miami. I'd like to get there and peel off some clothes. I don't think it's going to happen.

I have ANOTHER marathon scheduled for April 19 in St. Louis and who knows? Maybe with a little luck, I'll have lost FIVE WHOLE POUNDS OF FAT in the time it takes me to train for TWO of these ridiculous races.

But this is the KEY date! May 24. I absolutely must be down to a 119-pound weight, with nothing bulging (except for boobs) or bouncing (except for boobs).

I recently stopped smoking and even if stopping smoking does mean a slowed metabolic rate, it doesn't matter. I can't let something like that stop me. I just have to work around it.

So here is where your help is appreciated. As I said, counting calories yielded great success, but in the real world, I am not going to be toting scales and measuring cups and spoons around. I need something practical that doesn't announce to the world that I am watching my food intake.

Someone suggested Weight Watchers.

Flex or Core?
Meetings or Online?
Subscribe or Read the Manual?

In case it matters, I am 5'6, 49 years old (in a couple of weeks), run four days a week between 20 and 40 miles per week, weight train three or four days a week, and bike once or twice a week.

Also, this isn't a matter of "muscle weighs more than fat". I know it's fat. I can jump up and down and see it move like a big ol' bowl of Jello.

I am posting this on the Core board as well to get some input from those folks as well.

I thank you in advance for your help!

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I love WW! Both options are good- Flex teaches you portion control, with the ability to eat just about anything within reason. Core focuses more on whole, natural foods and is mainly based off of knowing when you're full and tapping in to what you're stomache/body is telling you.

I've seen great results from both. It seems that Flex is "easier" because nothing is really off-limits as long as you know/track how much of it you're eating. Core might be more beneficial to an extreme athlete, looking to only pump their body full of nutrient-dense foods.

Either way- water, good fats (Olive Oil, etc.), and other important food groups on the plan play an important part. I follow Flex and have found that since I've increased my dairy consumption to 2-3 whole servings a day (instead of a piece of cheese or a yogurt here and there) it has made all the different.

Good luck!!!

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I'm 47 and have been overweight for many years and thought I'd tried it all until I found WW. I'm doing flex and it's working. Something I can stick to for the rest of my life. I haven't really told that many people what I'm doing, and I can go out to a restaurant and no one has a clue I'm doing WW. It just teaches you to eat right and make the best choices-without being obvious.

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