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Default Frozen selections?

I am new to WW, so I apologize if this information is already posted somewhere... however...

What is your opinion about eating Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones for lunch/dinner? (Not necessarily both) I know sometimes sodium is an issue. Most of time, its just really easy for me to grab one of these for a quick lunch or when dinner is too much of a chore. I just saw where both websites for these meals list the number of points.. Just wanted to get some advice before I went grocery shopping.
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I eat them for lunch at work sometimes. The Lean Cuisine with the blue are lower points and seem to taste better than the Smart Ones, but that is just my opinion. I do have to drink a lot of water when I eat them though.
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I buy a few a month and keep them in the freezer for those nights that I don't feel like cooking. I think as long as your not eating them every night you'll be just fine.
I don't care for the Lean Cuisine dishes with a spaghetti sauce, it's too sweet for my taste.

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I agree with the above. The frozen meals are great every once in a while, and better than the other fast food options. I keep a few stashed in the freezer, but aim to cook fresh foods most of the time.
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When I first started to lose weight I got my portion sizes under control by eating lean cuisines and adding dairy and veggies. This worked great for me. I was able to see weight loss right away and got my portion sizes in control. Now, I still keep a few in the freezer. When I am not feeling well, am really busy or just don't feel like eating what the rest of the family is eating I will have a lean cuisine. I think this can go for any diet plan you are on as long as it does fit within what you are allowed.
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I probably eat them too much, because I'm often too lazy to make food for lunch. I bring one to work every day. It's far better than going out to eat every day like I used to!
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I have found that to be true too. Plus, a fast food was beginning to cost more than a Lean Cuisine! :-)
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There are very few I've ever liked, so I tend to not buy them. Instead of rely on my old standby, a salad with some chicken in it, or a sandwich.

When you make chicken breast for dinner, make up a second one and use it in your salad for lunch the next day. Or no matter what you are having for dinner, make up enough so you can make up a dish for your lunch the next day. Then you just have to grab and go.

But if you find they are working for you and you can handle the sodium, then good for you! It always helps to find something that works for us.
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I am not a big fan of them they don't seem to satisfy me, I do better with making more at dinner, putting some in a container and grabing that for lunch or even having it for dinner the following night
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I like some of them. The Italian smart ones are in my opinon really good and filling. I eat the three cheese ziti or chicken parm. Especially when I'm too busy to cook. It really makes me stay away from something really high in points. The women at WW meetings were raving about the breakfast quesadilla and I too think they are good. But you gotta watch out because everyone says they'd eat both servings if it's around!

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I am into Healthy Choice right now...the steamer bowls or the paninis (sandwiches). LOVE them and often I'll have a panini for lunch and a steamer bowl for dinner. I have lots of kids to cook for so don't even enjoy cooking like I used to (it's turned into a chore) so I find it sooo much easier to just pop a frozen meal into the micro. I'm sure I could be eating healthier if I didn't eat these all the time but it's what is working for me right now.

I think once I reach goal I won't be so terrified of food, if that makes sense.

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I eat them occasionally for lunch when I don't have anything pre-made from leftovers.I typically eat variations of what we have had for dinner like the other ladies.. extra chicken breast = nice salad with cubed chicken, oranges, raspberries with that raspberry spray dressing (can't remember who makes that - wish bone?) along with a 1/2 of a la tortilla whole wheat tortilla cut into small strips that I have seasoned with garlic and 'dried out' in the oven for extra crunch.

The progresso soups are a good grab & go lunch too... I like the Italian veggie one.

I very seldom make one for dinner at night as I love to cook.

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I like the smart ones lasagna but usually stick with my own cooking. They are good in a pinch.

By the way...my thin husband ate the lasagna once and was shocked when he realized it was "diet food". So now I put a couple in the freezer for both of us when we are too lazy to cook.

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When I first started my lifestyle change, I often turned to Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice. As time went on, I became increasingly more aware of nutrients, chemicals and what exactly I'm putting in my body. I tend to veer away completely from processed foods with the exception of oatmeal and granola bars--even then, I buy things on the higher end of the spectrum with regards to bad fats and high sodium. Since doing that, my body won't let me go back. I feel more energetic and 'fresh' all day, if that makes sense. I think in moderation those foods are okay--and I would even encourage them to people because you have to splurge every so often, right?! --but I was eating them far too often and had to cut it out completely.

I think different things work for different people and, for me, I don't even look at them in the freezer section anymore.
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I don't have a lot of time to cook, so when I do I always make plenty extra to last me a while, but when I don't, I rely on Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, and Progresso Light Soups... I also tend to grab a bag of veggie lovers lettuce, and bring a bit of it each day with some light dressing, that helps fill me up. It's only lettuce, radishes, carrots, cabbage, and snap peas, but with a little bit of light creamy caesar (Ken's dressing), it's pretty good... sorry, went off on a tangent...

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