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Mini-Goals Even if you're not at goal yet, this is the place to share your successes and achievements along the way! Success can be measured in many ways besides the scales. Tell us about your triumphs, including Non Scale Victories

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Default I weigh LESS than my license says I do!

Today is probably one of the happiest days I've had in years....I weigh one lb less than the weight on my license! To make things even worse, when I got my license, I weighed 224 -- but I knew I "carried it well" and hey -- I was wearing black and black is slimming, right? So I did some typical dieting math in my head and came up with 168 as my weight (which was 100 lbs less than I weighed on New Year's Day, 2001) and for the last 3 years, I've thought about it everytime I pulled that card out. Now today, I'm going to write checks everywhere I go just so I can pull that ID out! (And it's my birthday too, so maybe someone will sing to me *tee hee*)

My DH is the most supportive, loving man alive....but he doesn't get the whole weight-on-the-license thing. I KNEW you all would!!!!!!

What have YOU done today to make you feel proud?GO BLUE!!!!

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Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your 60lbs loss, thats absolutly fantastic! We don't have to put weight on our driving licence over here but I can imagine...what a wonderful victory for your birthday
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congrats I never even thought of my license. I just got it renewed in July so it won't be any big change. How lucky u are not to have to put your weight on your license
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Default ...

Congrats and Happy Birthday! Today is my b'day too.

That license thing feels great, doesn't it? I just realized that I too am below that weight. It makes it great because the weight on my license was not actually my weight. I was about 10 pounds less than I weighed when I got the license. Woo!!

Hurray for every day victories!!
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My license weight has always been 250, even when I weighed 364 lbs. I just realized that I almost weigh what my license says. That will be awesome
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It's working this time!
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Mine still says 160, which is what I weighed when I got my liscense at 16. I've just never bothered changing it. LOL Can't wait until I weigh less than mine!!!

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Congrats and Happy Birthday!!! My license says about 25 lbs. less than what I weigh now (and I put that # down at my heaviest ), so I know it is a major accomplishment to see that you are actually [I]skinnier[I] than your license.Celebrate!!!
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happy birthday! and congrats!
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WTG!!! That is fabulous! I can't wait to get to that point

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Default So happy for U!!

What a great day for you !! Happy Birthday!! And today should be your birthday because its the beginning of a whole new life for you and a healthier way of living!!
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That's great! My license says 160, also the weight I was at 16. I'm not even aiming that low right now.

Happy Birthday!

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wtg. My DH is a state trooper and says he can't believe how often people lie about their weight on their license. I just laugh. Mine said 155 when I weighed 234. It does feel good to finally get below that license weight. I have noticed that thin men, lie in the other direction. My son weighs 145 and is almost 6'0 and put 155 on his license. (Also, did you notice almost every man says that they are 6'0 and many are more like 5'6'.


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Originally Posted by lilybelle View Post
(Also, did you notice almost every man says that they are 6'0 and many are more like 5'6'.
My DH swears he is 5'9"--well, I know I am at LEAST 5'8" and I am taller that he is. Maybe if he'd stand up straight LOL! I actually love putting on "high" heels (I rarely buy anything over 2 1/2 inches high) and then stand in front of him and call him "shorty".

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I remember the day I hit this NSV well! Its such a milestone - I don't know why, but psychologically its really important for some reason...I started out at about 60 lbs higher than the license, and now I'm 12 below.

And happy birthday!
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What a great idea for my first mini-goal. I will aim to reach the weight that is on my driver's license! Way to go!

Mini-goal; to reach my driver's license weight!
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