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Mini-Goals Even if you're not at goal yet, this is the place to share your successes and achievements along the way! Success can be measured in many ways besides the scales. Tell us about your triumphs, including Non Scale Victories

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Talking Halfway there! 30 lbs gone with photos

As the title states: I am halfway there! I officially lost 30 lbs a few days ago. I started on July 3, 2006 at 190 lbs. and as of today I am 159 lbs. Whoot whoot! I can't believe how big I am in those first pictures!! Thank goodness I came to my senses and found this site. Oh and to make things even better, the jeans I'm wearing in my current photo are from highschool. For three years I couldn't even get them over my butt and now they are baggy in the legs! Again whoot whoot!
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meghan~ WTG!! You look great!!! You gotta love those jeans, huh? So tell us, what have you done to get to this far???

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Thumbs up 3 days in

meghan .......

you look incredible !!!!! CONGRATS FOR BEING SO DEDICATED.....
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What an accomplishment!!!
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meghan all I can say is wow That must be an awesome feeling. Seeing that someone else can stick to it really helps. Thanks for posting your pics.

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Starting Over (again)
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Meghan, that's soo great! The feeling of actually getting into pants you couldn't fit in before is incredible, isn't it? You look fabulous, and you deserve all the praise you can handle!Keep on keepin' on!
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Default Wowee!

Thats an amazing story. You almost dont even look like the same person!
Can you give the rest of us some tips? how'd you do it?
What did you do when you were hungry with no cals or points left?So I guess that averages about 10# a month.
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Kelly M
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S/C/G: 246/147/150 WW Goal

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Way to go! Keep up the great work!!
My Personal Goal!

8~8~06 Journey Started, 246 lbs.
11~10~07 WW Goal Achieved, 150 lbs.
12~22~07 WW Lifetime Achieved, 148 lbs.
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Location: USA
Posts: 34

S/C/G: 190/190/130

Height: 5'3

Default Thanks!

Hey ladies,

Thank you all for your compliments and support. I felt like I had conquered the world when I got into those jeans!

To stacynak and littlegg: to get where I am, I cut my calories. I times my weight by 12 then subtract 500 to get the amount of calories I should be eating. Right now its about 1400 but I usually only go a little above 1200. At this pace I lose about a pound a week. I am the type of person that snacks at night so I learned to go with it and save a good portion of calories for that time. On top of that, I have completely revamped what I eat. I cut out the junk food (except a little treat every now and then that fits into my calorie limit), began eating more fruits and vegetables, and substituted white flour products with whole grains. I watch my portions and serving size and go for the low-fat, low-sodium, and sugar free alternatives (so long as they are not packed with other crap). I also exercise 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes, mainly walking or the stationary bike. Starting in October, I began to incorporate flexibility (yoga) 2 times a week and strength training 3 times a week.

I managed to lose 15 lbs. in the first month and then about 5 every following month. It hasnít been easy but when Iím feeling down I just flex those tight legs and arms I have now and tell myself there is no way Iím going to lose this.

To crackers: Thank you and definitely stick with it. At first it doesnít seem worth it but your future self will thank you.

To TwoPeasInAPod: The feeling is more than awesome. Itís spectacular. I feel like a new person and I am not so self conscious anymore. I love seeing other peopleís progress photos. They have inspired me so much in the last 4 months. Iím glad mine could help you.

Again, thank you and good luck to you all. Keep it up!
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back in the game
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Congrats Meghan, you look fantastic! What a difference.
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Just getting started
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Height: 5'7"


Whoa! Congrats, Girl! Keep up the good work! i'm just getting started (joining WW tomorrow morning!) and you are certainly an inspiration!

Thanks for sharing!
Starting over...again

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WOO HOO! Congratulations!

I'm at 159 myself today, down 15 pounds.
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Working to be an after!
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Congrats meghan!! You look fantastic!! I also love seeing other people's progress pics. It makes this seem possible! Thank you for sharing yours!
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You look great!


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Wow, 30lbs made a HUGE difference on you. Your whole body shape is different. Way to go!!!! Keep up the great work.
27 yrs old / 5'4

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