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Lilytoby 11-13-2013 05:57 PM

NSV Old Facebook Photos
Well, just a week after my last NSV http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/mini...s-my-face.html
I've had another one!
I was going through old photos on Facebook when I saw this pic from last year. This is the dress I wore to the Christmas party last year:


And here is a photo I took today of the dress I'm wearing to this year's Christmas party:


I can't believe that my weight loss is so... visible! I guess I forgot that I used to be that big. I'm definitely feeling super motivated now :D
Can't wait to see how I'll look next Christmas...!

ILoveVegetables 11-14-2013 09:13 AM

That's awesome, there seems to be a big difference in your face. I like your dress too :)


Mozzy 11-14-2013 05:21 PM


Mrs Snark 11-21-2013 02:20 PM

Lovely! And I adore that red dress, you look smashing!

pipsbabydoll 12-02-2013 01:35 AM

you look amazing! keep up the good work!

Changergirl 12-03-2013 02:10 AM

You look great! Congrats.

newleaf123 12-06-2013 02:16 PM

You have truly changed in a year! Great job!!

sparklesgirl007 02-01-2014 04:22 AM

I'm in love with your dress!!! where is it from? and congratulations on your progress!! can't wait for my 1st nsv!

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