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Default 150+ down...SOOO close to goal...

Please be kind...I have NEVER posted my photos online and I still think I look unattractive. I'm working on accepting the way I look; in fact, I am hoping to start posting on dating sites now that I feel more confident. Friends and family members will tell me I look good, but I guess I still see the fat girl. Or I find fault with other things besides my weight. Hopefully I won't be totally rejected on dating sites. That would hurt!

Anyway, the first picture I'm posting is, sadly, not even my highest weight. It was about five months into the weight loss journey, so just add about 40 pounds and you'll have an idea of where I started. I started at about 331, so I was probably in the 290 range when this was taken.

The final two pictures are recent, in the past month, at somewhere between 173 and 175 pounds, which is where I am now. My goal is 164, so I'm close, but due to some health issues I need to maintain for a while. But only about 10 pounds to go...I can do that, right? But for now, I'm ok with where I am and want to focus on the future.

December 2011, 5 months into weight loss (imagine how I looked in July 2011!):

May 2012, around 225 lbs:

Easter Island, November 2012 (about 200 lbs):

Early this year, probably around 185 lbs:

And finally, within the past month and a half, hovering between 173 and 175:


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You look great!!! And so happy! Great work!
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Wow...you look amazing actually!

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You are so beautiful! You look amazing

Such an inspiration

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You look awesome! What a transformation. You'll do great on those dating sites!

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You look incredible! No, scratch that...you ARE incredible!!!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your beautiful self!
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Dang! You look amazing! The change is incredible! Keep going girl! Your doing awesome!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!
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You look fabulous!!!! Yay you!!!
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YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful job, and congratulations! I am so inspired by your commitment and success. Inner beauty, outer beauty, and amazing drive...you are a motivator!
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You look great! Congrats!!!!

One for every five pounds lost!
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You look like a completely different person! I don't think you will have any problems on those dating sites, go get 'em
You should be very proud of yourself, I don't know you and I'm so proud of you. Thank you, for posting your pictures and motivating me and I'm sure many, many others! (I also don't think you need to worry about that last 10lbs, you're so thin, already)

Each =5lbs

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I swear your smile got bigger and bigger in every picture, congratulations on all of your hard work!! You look amazing!! What an inspiration!!
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You look wonderful! Such an inspiration. Good for you!
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I hope you realize that all the comments from members here are very sincere and accurate. If you ever doubt yourself, please read them over and over. You look awesome! The only thing you need to do is work on your perception of how you look and I think as long as you keep your before and after photos, eventually you'll internalize the difference. My hat's off to you! A HUGE congratulations! WOW!
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I understand what you mean about not really seeing the real you in the mirror. Unfortunately this is my second time around on the weight-loss bandwagon. I got all the way to 145 pounds but I never, ever saw myself as thin--even when I looked at pictures it didn't sink in. It was of course, all in my head.

I see a beautiful woman in every picture you posted. :-)

Congrats on getting to 173!

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