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Default 205 to 173 - Halfway to goal!

I've been dying to post a mini-goal thread of my own, so here it is! My weight loss journey didn't start with the infamous fat picture or OMG! moment. I've always been perfectly aware of my size, thank you very much, and bad pictures never really provided the kind of kick in the pants motivation that I needed to start losing weight. I reached my highest weight sometime in late 2011/early 2012, tipping the scales at around 210lbs. In June 2012, I made a promise to myself to start losing weight for good. I watched what I ate, I rode my bike around the neighborhood and went on walks. It lasted about a week. Looking back I realize part of the problem was that I became too obsessed with watching my diet. I didn't like spending all my mental energy thinking about diet and exercise, so I gave up too quickly. The rest of the summer passed, and I remained fat.

September came and I went back to school shopping for more fat clothes that I would never wear. I hated thinking I'd let myself get up to a size 16, so I didn't buy many pairs of jeans back then. I didn't notice that I was beginning to limit my caloric intake every day, or that those fat clothes were starting to grow roomier. I didn't pay much attention to my changing eating habits until a doctor's appointment in October, when I weighed in at 195lbs. I began to realize that my diet had indeed changed, but those changes were subtle and gradual. I still can't pinpoint exactly what changed, or why it happened at the time it did.

Around the same time my mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She also began to eat healthier and I think we both began to influence each other's eating habits. I think her diagnosis was sort of a blessing in disguise. She has lost about 50lbs and now wears all my old jeans.

As the holiday season approached, I continued to limit my caloric intake and dropped an additional 15lbs. This leads me to where I am currently. In the mid 170s I hit a plateau and have been stuck there ever since. I swear the scale didn't budge off 174.4 for three weeks! Thankfully it finally gave and read at an even 173lbs this morning.

I realize now that I will not be able to lose the second half of my weight through diet alone. I received a gym membership for Christmas and have gone a few times so far. I love it I already notice a difference in my endurance. On the first day I could barely make it to 7 minutes on level 1 of the elliptical. Today I easily made it to 20 minutes on level 3 - what a difference a week makes!

I love hitting the gym after school because it's before the after-work peak hour. I plan on putting in an hour every weekday. My next goal is to work up to running a mile without resting.

So that's my story - the first half anyway. I will keep you posted on my progress in the second half as it unfolds. I've taken many pictures along the way, especially now that I love shopping for new jeans! (size 13/14 in most brands. I haven't worn a 13 in at least 5 years) My arms are my biggest problem areas - they have not gotten any smaller so far

July 2011 - about 205lbs

June 2012


*Please excuse the messy bathroom!

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I love how, after the first drop in weight, you became more relaxed about your approach, and gradually dropped the weight. You have an amazing mindset going about this, and I hope you don't loose that...You look great

As for running a mile, have you checked out the Couch to 5k program? Just a suggestion

Keep up the amazing work

Goal story/video/pictures: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/goal...g-goallll.html

Currently training for my first marathon on March 17th, 2013
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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One for every five pounds lost!
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can see a huge difference, keep up the great work!
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it's a fine day
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Anima sana in corpore sano
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Well done, you look great!
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Good job!

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Way to go! You look great, and I like your haircut!

Making it happen.
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Back to Basics!
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Looking good! Half way!

GOAL Photos & Story
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Great work!!! Looking good!!!
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Thank you for posting your story.I am inspired by it.
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Congrats! How wonderful to see a difference and to have such a good attitude about food and exercise!
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You look great! Keep it up! I feel you on the arm problem, the top of my arms are driving me insane...but yours look a lot smaller! It's hard to notice changes on yourself but I promise yours look thinner than your first picture! Thanks for posting!
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WOW! You look great. Way to go!
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Great job!
One for every 5 pounds!

Mini goals
Down 25lbs.............245 06/14/2013
Halfway -45lbs........225
No longer obese......185

"Do or do not, there is no try..." -Yoda
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