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Unhappy My 2010: from 245 to 170

So far, I haven't exactly done a lot of talking or sharing on the forum. I'm not really sure why; maybe I feel like I haven't done enough or have enough to offer to the community.

I started my 29th birthday (September 2009) topping out at 245 lb. I knew I'd ballooned quite a bit while traveling 100% (every Sunday-Friday) for work, but in that weird mirror-avoidance mentality, I hadn't realized just how horrifying it had gotten. My friends were always ever so sweet, but I'm sure my flaking out and not joining them going out, etc., worried them as much as it did me.

Here's the picture that did me in. I took a road trip with a friend down to portland to celebrate my 29th birthday and when I uploaded the pics at home, I burst into tears.

I weighed just shy of 245, tore the crotch region of a pair of size 16 paige premium jeans (aka, the ONLY pair of "designer jeans" I could squeeze into) that same weekend, and decided right then that enough was enough.

I joined Weight Watchers a week later, lost 16 lb over the remainder of 2009 and then started going to a bariatric MD / weight loss clinic and lost another 50 or so lb over the course of 2010. I follow a paleo/primal diet of high protein, moderate carbs (in the form of fruits and veggies) and exercise by commuting to work on foot and doing water aerobics and light elliptical at the gym.

here I am exactly one year later, trying LBDs on for my 30th birthday dinner. I weighed 174 and was wearing a size 10 dress slack, size 12 designer jean and size 8 (single digits!) dress. I lost nearly 8 inches from my waist, from a 37 down to a 29. (oh, and i ended up going with the knee-length dress and silver shoes!)

I've spent the better part of this year focused on my goals of improving my health and getting rid of the excess baggage in the form of lbs and emotions. The past 2 months I've fallen off the bandwagon though and I am back up to 185 and a size 12 dress slack / size 14 jean.

I'm hoping that by posting these pictures and making an effort to participate in the forums, I will remind myself I've come quite a long way and even though my 30th bday pictures still make me cringe a bit, I can hit my goal and maintain a healthy weight / size throughout my adult life.

I could really use some support and cheering on though!
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life"
-Mary Oliver

My 2010 Progress
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I hope you can see how incredible it is
that you truly accomplished something
amazing in this past year.

Many congratulations and good luck
in the coming year!
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You look amazing and you can be really really proud of what you've achieved. Those before pictures very much remind me of myself a year ago, you need to pring some of them and have them handy. Somewhere near a mirror so you can see the difference and remind yourself that you really never want to go back to looking (and feeling!) like that.

I understand that it's tough to keep it up, completely. I downed a pint of ben & jerry's the other day and then found some old pictures on my computer. I realised that no treat, no chocolate, no unhealthy food, no ice cream is worth ever looking and feeling like that again, that pretty much helped. I've lost 2 lbs since and going strong again.

You can do it too!!!
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One Day At A Time
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Wow this is amazing! Absolutely inspirational! My weight loss since May is about 6 pounds, I have a lot to learn!!! Thank you for sharing this with us, you must feel great in this body!

Love yourself, no matter what!

I place my hand in yours and together we can do what we could not do alone
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great job! You look fantastic!

BTW, I also appreciate that you look *happy* in the "before" pics, even though you weren't satisfied with your weight (and even though you're wearing a black box over your head ).

// b.strong
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I luv my curves
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congrats you look great!
New Year New Start!

1- 203 back to low
2- 199 - Most important goal!!
3- 180- FINAL Goal/Re-evaluation

"Believe in yourself"
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Wow....such a transformation! You can get back on the wagon, you can do this!!
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You look absolutely amazing and have come so far. Keep going and I'm sure your end results will be overwhelming!
Mini Goals:
Time to get back on this weight-loss journey:
190 (Hit 03/02/12 **fingers crossed**)

Every 5 lbs I get a carrot starting at 190.
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Knocking down walls.
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Thumbs up

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We're here for whatever, go girl!

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on the way to Onederland
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congratulations dear

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Awesome - we are almost exactly the same age, but my snap moment came a year later. I've lost 11lbs since starting in the middle of this September (some friends had their wedding right after my birthday and although I felt a million bucks on the day, I realised the time had come to do something about my weight once and for all), and I'm looking forward to knocking it on the head in 2011.

You're an inspiration, you look hot!! Loving the knee length dress.


ps - I'm up for a buddy if you fancy it? I'm currently 188, but aiming for 140 (first off) and hopefully lower depending on how I feel when I get there... PM me if so!
One choice at a time...

NEXT MINI GOAL: 159lbs - 20% of body weight gone!

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You look great!!
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Way to go!
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