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Mini-Goal Photo Album Share your photos along the way and show us how far you've come!

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absolutely gorgeous, you look stunning, way to go girl
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OK, I can see the pictures now and I have to say that they are quite amazing! Look at the side view--you have no tummy AT ALL! Wow, you really just look like a million bucks and it's so nice to see the happy self-portraits at the end. Very cute!

Short-Term Goal

One dancer for each 5 lbs lost!
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I couldn't see the pics earlier but then they came up when I checked it again tonight. Strange really!
Jennifer Laugh-Love-Lose

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Wow you look great makes me want to push even more.
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Oh dear!! I'm so sorry that the pictures aren't working for some of you... I think the reason is because I always host the pictures I post here on my Geocities site (random, I know, ha), and I think I exceeded some kind of "uploading limit" they have on the free accounts... So they shut off all my stuff! I tried re-uploading the pics via tinypic.com instead, so hopefully they will be visible now! Please let me know if they're still not showing up!

ETA: LOL to those of you who have noticed my penchant for layering... I didn't even realize that I had done it in almost all of those pictures; I promise it wasn't on purpose! But yes, I'm pretty much notorious for never wearing less than two shirts at a time--it's a habit that I somehow picked up in high school, and I've never quite been able to shake it. Hehe.
"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot
The journey begins - July 18th, 2008 - 263 lbs
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Mini-goal #4: 183 REACHED 1/15/09! Mini-goal #5: 163 REACHED 4/26/09!

*GOAL REACHED* - June 17, 2009 - 150 lbs!
Mini-Goal #5 Progress Pics! (-100 lbs!) <-- Updated 4/26/09!

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Height: 5'7"


Holy. Moly.

You are such an inspiration, in so many ways!
Started 4/14/08 LINK TO PROGRESS PICS 1/1/2009
"It is impossible to live pleasurably without living wisely, well, and justly, and it is impossible to live wisely, well, and justly without living pleasurably" Epicurus
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Height: 5'4" Age: 34


Wow Meredith, I so envy you. You look great
Can you tell me how you lost all that weight, maybe I can try your way of eating to lose.
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yay! summertime!
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You look fabulous! If you get any prettier when you hit goal, we are going to have to find you an agent for your new modeling career. (Not to mention hire security to protect you from all the guys!) You know what I think I like the best in all your pictures, though? That Meredith sparkle that is there in ALL of them. So, I agree --- the outside has changed dramatically (and wonderfully), but the inside is still the same and that is one winning combo!

Now, don't you have a test to study for, young lady?

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Height: 5'5"


You look incredible! Congratulations! You're so beautiful
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Height: 5'7"


Stunning, wow, you look fantastic! Congratulations on your success!

Changing my world, one pound at a time...
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You look great! That last 20 lbs. is totally from your hips and legs- look how much they shrunk! Congratulations on losing so much and in such a short period of time. I'm so impressed!

1st goal- ONEDERLAND! Check!
2nd goal- Less than 194 (a number I've been stuck at before) CHECK!
3rd goal- Reach the 180's- haven't been there since 1999. CHECK!
4th goal- 180 which means hitting the 50 lbs. lost mark! Check!
5th goal- Switching to size goals now more than pounds goals. Goal is to make it to size 12, at whatever weight that happens. CHECK!
6th goal- Size 10! (can't even believe this is possible!)
7th goal- Size 8 and MAINTAIN!
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You look so much younger. Good for me to know it is possible to shrink yourself that much! You really do look awesome.
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*gasp* I'm speechless, you look like a different person!

You are my inspiration. Thank you for sharing these pics. I feel so inspired now to work harder. Thank you!!!
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I'm bringin' SEXY back!!!
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You look amazing and happy. Congrats!!

Starting over again.........again!
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Starting Over...
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Meredith, you look so awesome!!! I'm so happy for you, you are doing so well! See you at goal!
Starting over!

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