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Proud Bluezer 2011!!!
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S/C/G: 277/170s/155

Height: 5'4"

Smile 75.5 lbs. Down!!! Whew!!! Now on to 100!!! Pics

Hi everyone!

I uploaded the only pic of me heavy I had online and that was about my heaviest, 277. I'm now 201.5 and can't wait to get to 177 by Easter. (Smaller than I have ever been as an adult.) Then I'll see how much lower I want to go.

The other 4 pics are me at about 210, 220, 225, 230, not in that order tho I think, all larger than I am now but I don't have any new ones! I look the same tho, I carry my weight in my hips and rear and thighs, sadly enough! (Notice how many more pics I have of me when I'm smaller. It's true that we don't like many pics of us at the higher weight, huh?) Anyhoo, I take all the pics around here so I'm never in them either!

I have made a commitment to go 365 days On Plan with not ever going over my calories and I'm on day 114. I was on the Blue Team for the fall challenge of TBL on here, which helped me tremendously!!! Go Blue!!! I will tell you that at this point it's not a struggle at all. Just habit, I eat about 500 calories at noon and that much again at 5pm, with a few healthy snacks thru out the day, usually about 1300 or less cals daily. Feels good so I'm sticking with it. I NEVER let myself get too hungry. I have to be sure of that bc I am miserable if I'm hungry and then that's why I would overeat bc I would wait too long and be starving and just eat what I could find right then! Now planning is really important, helps you not have to just grab anything.

I'll never go back to how I ate before. I'm getting a handle on this now. The one year of it is just the beginning. I will continue to eat right even after. It's just for symbolism. Also, I'm saving money for my one year mark and going shopping for clothes. I have been giving away my clothes as I lose but have plenty that are stretchy and should last til at least late spring.

I wish you all Good Determination because Luck isn't Needed!!!!

Hugs, Selina
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Height: 5' 5.5"


You are gorgeous!! Looks like you took about ten years off with your weight loss.
Keep it up and way to go!!
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on my way to a better me
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wow, amazing job! this is such an inspiration.
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Sleek and Fit. Finally.
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Height: 5'5"


You look fantastic!!!

You are so pretty.
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To Go: 4.4lbs
Check out my story so far (and some before & current pics):
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S/C/G: 210/210/174

Height: 5'4"


You look beautiful! What a great accomplishment. You will be at your goal before you know it.

Goal 1: 174# No longer obese, just over weight.
Goal 2: 145# No longer over weight, very top of healthy weight range.
Goal 3: 130#? Who knows I will see when I get there.

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MSer living healthy
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S/C/G: 300/176/170

Height: 5ft 8in


on your weight loss you look fantastic. Keep up the good work and good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey. Thanks for sharing your photographs with us on 3fc
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Height: 5'7


Selina, love the pics! Thanks for sharing. You look stunning!
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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You look great girl....your a beautiful women! I don't know if you honestly know how many of us you have inspired over in TBL challenge! Keep it up girl....YOU ROCK!!!!
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You look amazing - what an inspiration!
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Height: 5'8


Selina, you look GREAT! You are glowing so much in the more recent pictures, I love it.
--marianne GO BLUE GO!
First Goal - 25lbs GONE! Now it's the road to GOAL!

“The most important thing in life is to stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will’. Consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities.” - David Copperfield
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Proud Mom of 6
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Height: 5'3"


Wow - you look fabulous!!!

And more importantly...you look so happy!
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Height: 5'6"


you look amazing!!! i can't wait to get there myself... i *will* be comfortable in a swimsuit this summer

and how long have you been doing the diet? 4 months?
Diet Start - Sept 07

5lb Goal

my new motto - 'Never allow someone to be your Priority, While allowing yourself to be their Option'
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Proud Bluezer 2011!!!
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S/C/G: 277/170s/155

Height: 5'4"


Heya, thanks everybody! I feel lots better but have a while to go to be at goal. To answer how long I've been on my 'diet' (altho I call it my 'new way of eating' since I will have to stick to it the rest of my life), I have been losing my whole life! Up and down, but mostly up. Heavy since I was 5 yrs old. Over 200 from 8th grade on.. BUT this time, I lost from 277 to 198 in 2004-2005. Then dh got sick, I had a newborn who was in and out of the hospital plus all my other kids to care for and little support (besides dh's parents a bit and my good friend Tata) so I gained some back. (I've since vowed that even all that won't make me stop losing ever again too.) So started losing this year last week of August and have lost from 245 to 201.5 now.

I'm happy with the pace. I just know that 2008 will be my year to hit my goal!!! I've gone thru alot this year too but have maintained my focus. I just have to continue. Big hugs to everyone who has posted congrats. It means alot to hear that I have been able to inspire even one of you. I hope you will follow how next year goes for me and celebrate (at least by post! LOL) my 365th day in August 2008!!! Knowing you all are watching helps me stick to it even more. I love the support you all have given me, esp. my teammates from the Fantabulous Blue Teeeeeam!!!! I need it since I know very few people who are into fitness, etc.

Thanks so much, Selina
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S/C/G: 343/293/199

Height: 5'8"


Congrats You Look Fantastic!
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