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Unhappy I am here at college

Hi everybody!

So I can say I've successfully completed two weeks of college. But eating, wise things could've probably gone better. I am 15 hours away from home, in a new enviroment, and there is a place called the college cafeteria. Another bad thing is that there isn't a center within a 100 mile radius, so basically I am now doing this on my own. Although I haven't gain any weight, I still have 10 lbs I'd like to lose! Any helpful tips for this new experience??

I also have another question...I've lost 23 pounds so far, and clothes fit so much better, and I went down a size! But I still see myself as fat. I look in the mirror and see the old me. It's also difficult when all my friends are little, skinny people. Also, in pictures my face still looks chubby. Less chubby then before, but still chubby. I hate it.

I just need some adult support right now...as I am 1000 miles from home. Not feeling/doing too hot.
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I am in college myself and know exactly what you are going through. I myself am struggling with eating right and doing the things that will further my weight loss while surrounded by all my skinny friends. I understand how the stress of college and making good decisions can be a bit overwhelming. I don't really know hot to eat right while living on campus I suggest you find a friend with an apartment and go cook a weeks worth of food at his/her house that way you ahve healthy meals for the week. I was also thinking that in the cafeteria you can eat a salad and bring your own dressing. I think with the cafeteria your goal should be to find the healthiest of the unhealthy food to eat. I suggest you find a support system to some close friends who you can talk to when you just are having those really bad days.

I also know what you are feeling when you say you have lost weight but you don't feel skinny. This has more to do with your mind accepting the changes than your body. The way I handled the issues I had with my body image was to talk them out. It took me losing 50lbs and for someone to force me on a scale before I realized tha t indeed I was a skinny girl (in my eyes anyway). I think getting over this issue is hard for all girls who use to be overweight at a certain point in there lives. We have to teach ourselves to love ans accept our bodies.

sn: if you ever just want to chat you can send me a message on here and I'll shoot yo my contact info.

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Congrats to both of you for taking responsibility for your own health at such a young age.. I've got to admit, it was the years I was in college and right after that I gained the most weight. The new found freedom was exhilarating, but mostly it was my lack of education and awareness of my diet that did me in - I just didn't pay attention. You have already proved you are aware and you're going to do great.

Plenty of people gain the 'freshman 15' but keep in mind that many don't - it's not inevitable. Hopefully your college has plenty of options like mine did that are healthy choices for everyday - salad bars, grilled dishes, fruit and yogurt. Make good decisions in the dining hall, take fruit to go for lunch and if you have a mini fridge in your dorm, stock it with the healthy alternatives for lunch or meals you can't make it to the cafeteria. Depending on how large of a city you're in you could go to the store and stock up on deli case grilled chicken breasts and string cheese if you're finding it's hard to get protein.

mtgal1453, you're so close to your goal weight that it's a good idea to start thinking about how you'll eat for the rest of the year instead of just for the next month. As a freshman with a new life, you have a wonderful opportunity to setup good habits now that will follow you later. Get to the campus gym or join intramural sports. Being active will help you find friends who make healthy choices and you'll influence each other in more ways than you can predict. I'll bet those 10 lbs will melt away pretty quickly with the change in habits, walking to classes and being active - whether you stay fully on MRC or not.

As for how you see yourself, I think it's a gradual process. I find trying on clothes (even if i'm not going to buy them) helps reinforce to me that I'm pretty darn skinny now and even though I have another 15 i'm working on, it's time to start recognizing what i've already done. If your insecurities are about your size then you're very lucky because I'll bet you plenty of the 'skinny' girls you're meeting are insecure about far trickier things to solve (like personality!). Everyone has insecurities, but not everyone is actively working on becoming confident in those weak areas. I was nearly 200 lbs when I was a freshman yet had the most wonderful year and made so many amazing friends who are still my closest buddies. Enjoy yourself, you're already off to a wonderful start and keep us posted along the way.
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Ditto everything Goalaug2010 said. You need to let yourself off the hook, emotionally. You're going through massive change and transition right now. It seems to me that you're judging yourself very harshly (which has never worked for me!). I would take it one meal at a time. Plan and visualize what you will eat before you walk into the cafeteria and DO NOT look at the other food. Just pretend it's not there. If you see fried chicken breasts and are tempted, imagine the damage they will do to your veins, heart and butt! Then, when you're done, leave the cafeteria and don't think about it until the next meal. Enjoy college! Eating can become a full-time job; you don't want to miss out on your experience because you're obsessed with food.

As for the feeling/looking thin thing, these are issues that don't go away just because you've lost weight. After all, we didn't gain weight by accident! Much of weight gain is emotional. I would highly suggest you take advantage of your college's health center. They most likely have free/low cost counseling services. You may have a form of body dysmorphic disorder, which makes you see your body differently in the mirror than it actually is. Therapy can go a long way to helping you accept who you are and what your body type is. You are in such a transition time that counseling might be a good idea for you.
Hugs and good luck,
Debi in FoCo, Co
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