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Default Wt loss with supplements or without?

When I signed up for MRC I purchased the flax seed oil, Daily MVI, MRC-6, B-6, and all day weight loss formula. I've since run out of these, and wondering if I can do without. I'm in the medical field, and base my practice on evidence based research. I've been doing a lot of reading lately about these supplements, and there is no evidence to show any of them are effective for weight loss. I know, on a calorie restriced diet such as this that a good multivitamin is helpful, and I think on general purposes the flax seed is good for you, so will continue to take those, but not from MRC. MRC is also a business who makes money on all the supplements we buy from them. I'm choosing to go without the extra supplements (except the HNS, which we have to buy from MRC). What thoughts do you have about this?
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I have lost just fine without all of their "extras". I look at it as being just more stuff for your body to process. BTW, I started out taking a ton of them: ADWL, Guggal, Internal Cleanser, EFA, B6, Multivitamin, Liquid Minerals, Iodine......

I still do the Multivitamin, EFA, and B6 (I bloat a lot because of my birth control). I haven't missed the others one bit.

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I have been on the plan since Feb. (except for a 6 week time off for a vacation overseas) I started the program with Phentratrim, Corti-Trim, MRC-6, Liquid Minerals, B-6, B-12, Bari EFA, I stopped taking the Phentratrim and Corti-Trim after my first bottle was completed, I thought they did not work...however I did find that I felt hunger after a few days off both and more irritable, so after three months off Phentratrim and Corti-Trim, I decided to buy the Phentratrim again however, I purchased Relacor from Sams as the replacement for the Corti-Trim a whole lot cheaper. When I am finished with my current bottle of Phentratrim I am going to buy Hoodia as a replacement. I did and stay on the Liquid Minerals, I tried the diet for a while without the Liquid Minerals keeping all else the same, and boy I was dragging...the Liquid Minerals really work for me, I run and I need this boost. I am not sure about MRC-6, I have lost a lot of inches...not sure if I am ready to give this up. I feel so much better doing this diet and taking the supplements, I tried both ways. I do understand this is their income source, however as you go through the program and get to stabilization and maintenance they start reducing the supplements. Just my two cents
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I've questioned the use of the supplements too, especially considering they look very similar to each other, but I still take them. I'm losing weight and they at least give me a psycological edge.

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I will say that I took MRC-6 throughout my diet for the last 11 months, then for the past month, I ran out and didn't buy more for budget reasons and my weight seemed to drop off a lot quicker the last 3 weeks. Could be a fluke, I don't know.
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