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Default All are welcome!

I would like any and everyone to join me on losing weight.

Since there are so many ways to lose weight. All styles are welcome.

I apply fasting, exercise,eating healthy foods, and avoiding unhealthy habits.

Good luck to you, and wish me luck!

I plan to post at least once per day and weigh in at least once per week.
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Best wishes on your journey, Pang,

It's a great start to already have an exercise plan and an eating plan.
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
Following Dr. Judith Beck via 3FC's Beck Diet Solution Forum: 10 years and 6 months
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Thanks Bill
I've already proven to myself I can lose 50+ pounds. I've lost that much twice. Once on slimfast, and another time with 5:2.
This time I'm choosing these two methods plus a balance of health foods and bodybuilding shakes on feed days.
My exercises are skipping rope or it's equivalent. The seven compound lifts at my gym, and walking briskly for at least an hour after my last meal of the day on feed days.

I have four feed days a week where I eat the same calories as my BMI. On the three fasting days I can have 600 calories. I choose to eat two 300 cals meals at normal lunch and dinner times. Nutritionally packed of course.
It's about a pound a week, my experience not to obsess over what the scale indicates I look for changes on my belt notches.

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Today was simple day of fasting . Mostly just sleeping after work , boring. And only reason I post it to the internet is it's a strategy.

Tomorrow I eat more and can do all the walking,jumping , and lifting.But for today it's just simple housework and rest.
I'm248lbs. I. Sure it's just the fact that I've eaten and drank less.
I'll break my fast tonite just before I leave for work by drinking a home made protein shake.
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400 calorie protein shake - 28,091 steps at work
10 minutes of jumping jacks and skipping rope.
675 calories tuna egg avocado salad
Compound lifting at the gym
625 vegetable salad.
400 calorie Last protein shake

14 hour window

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300 calorie protein shake
300 calorie protein shake
5hr window
Walked 22,248 steps at work
Slept 9 hours

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Experimenting with avocados with week. My local store has them at 49 cents.

I've tried avocado mixed with chocolate.
Not a favorite but I ate it.
I tried it with powdered cheese not a fan - so added in a zesty sauce - a horseradish sauce and half an avocado. Loved it!
Mixed with red beans as an alternative to Chili.

So to reiterate.
1 half avocado, 1 horseradish, 1 cup red beans.
Mashed into a refried bean consistency.
Spread onto a lowfat spinach wrap and rolled. Meatless.

These are just taste tests.

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Unread Today, 02:52 AM #122

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That's what I like too.
When I became used to eating fewer meals per week.
Instead of 3 meals X 7 days =21 meals.
On 4:3 =15 meals
-2 fish= 13
-1 chicken=12
-1 steak=11
-4 lunch salads=7
-3fastday snack packs=4
I found that the four breakfasts were easy because I switched for homemade protein shake and a boiled egg. I really look forward to my 1/2 coffee, 1/4 protein, 1/4 cashew milk. Dark chocolate syrup to sweeten and flavor. Fills a beer mug. 400calories/30g protein
I could say I love the protein shake so much after my fasts. That they give me willpower while looking forward to them.

So my menu became much easier to plan, and
The salads became easier to afford the healthier fixins.

This lead me to be able to control my protein Intake.
Sometimes adding tuna or protein to the salads sometimes not.
I m so glad to be back in this eating lifestyle.

Weigh in 239.
1 lb loss.
Just a pound this week , but it's still going down.
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Fast day for me. I'm struggling with Hunger pangs. If I don't sleep I'll eat. Too much to do , to just take a long winter nap. I know if I eat I'm sure the scale will stall this week.

I once heard a motivational series about if I could pick one thing to do that I absolutely could not fail. I thought about it. It was to li ve healthy.

This is feed the birds day. Some national campaign so I'm spreading the word.

If it were 1991 again I would pick not to fail a quoting smoking.
So it's been nearly 26 years. If I hit the lottery I still won't smoke ever again. But the way I quit was a great lesson for me. I broke my habits first . No cig when wake up, eat, or get in car , or drink.

So I try to apply breaking habits to improve my health.
OK I admit I'm a yo-yo Dieter. I aspire to be at perfect weight and maintain. So here's some of my healthy habits.

Fasting/ calorie restriction 2-3 days a week.
Fish 2 days a week.
Only 20 animal fat portions a month
Exercise is non negotiable. Everyother day.
7 fruits or vegetables a day
Walk everyday for an hour like Ihave to go pee. After last meal.
Sleep well.
Detox the liver ,gal badder, and colon. Appropriately.
Eat 7 walnuts a day or health equivalent.
Include as much antioxidant as possible.
Keep reading about synergy foods.
Choose exercise that circulate the lymph system.
Get the flu shot.
Cancer fighting and immune boosting foods
Avoid smoking and alcohol.
Include pre and probiotics foods.
Healthy teas, waters, and coffees instead of soda.
Grow my own veggies that use pesticides commercially
Practice a health bath routine.
Practice affirmations.
Practice optimal and adequate nutrition.
Keep reading about health.
And now I add. Keeping In Touch with folks like the one on this thread.

Best wishes everyone.

I forgot to update about the air fryer.
Important to mention I got the cheap $30 one from Walmart.
It works. It cooks my fish and onions out on the porch.
Perhaps I'm just not a wonderful cook. But I cant tell any difference between oven cooked fish or air fried.

Two foods I lean on in strategic way.
Catfish and red beans.

I tried to read info on the FULL FEELING.
It's an enzyme I don't have details sorry.
But there isn't a pill or something that can trick into feeling full. We have to be full for the enzyme to activate.
Two foods can make us SENSITIVE to the full feeling.
Catfish and red beans. Fish and red beans are longevity foods.
I now cook these in an air fryer and plan to keep doing it.

I don't eat them on semi fast days where I only eat 600 calories . But I four feed days and two are dedicated to fish. So I don't eat catfish everytime., but it's my goto fish.
If my feed days are very filling but close to my Tdee. Then the semi fasting's calorie restriction isn't negated, and I lost fat. Well at least I found what works for me, and that I can stick with.
Good luck everyone.
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OJust editing

9000 calories over 7 days.
1290 cal average for 129lb weight goal.
Instead of 3 meals X 7 days =21 meals.
On 4:3 =15 meals

-3fastday snackpack 600cal blueberry,strawberry,walnuts,stevia dark chocolate. Mon,Wed,Fri

-2 fish lemon/spinach red beans avocado/tomato Tues,Thurs 700 calories

-1 chicken broccoli carrots Satuday. 700 calories
-1 steak broccoli carrots Sunday 700 calories

-4 lunch salad Tues,Thurs,Sat,Sun 700 calories and

-4 breakfast shakes Tues,Thurs,Sat,Sun 400 calories 50% RDA nutrients
Beer mug- 1/2 dark coffee, 1/4 whey protein unflavored, 1/4 dark choc cashew milk, stevia dark chocolate syrup

Less meals means less nutrition uptake.
Using synergies foods as the guide for meal planning.

If fish. Pair with foods that boost nutritional uptake.
If meat pair with broccoli
If fasting us antioxidant foods for longevity

Protein shakes and boiled egg+cheese equivalent for muscle health.

Salads for varieties high fiber low carbs, synergy pairings.

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With less meals a week on 4:3 only 15 instead of breakfast,lunch,dinner 21.

Nutritional uptake should take every advantage for natural sources of nutrition. Supplements are not the end all . Some research is showing that some of the minerals in supplements are causing deposits and blockages.
Here's a copy and paste of synergistic pairs of natural foods.

The Secret Science of Food Synergy
Some foods become more nutritious when paired together. Use this guide to learn about food matches made in heaven.

By Tyler Graham and Drew Ramsey, M.D
September/October 2014

Heirloom Tomatoes
Eat tomatoes with olive oil to boost cancer- and heart disease-fighting compounds.

Photo by iStock

Content Tools
Many of the dishes humans have eaten for generations—such as rice and beans, or tomatoes drizzled with olive oil—have withstood the test of time not simply because the ingredients taste delicious together. Health experts believe we enjoy these combinations because they’re more nutritious together than they are on their own. The concept is called “food synergy,” and it explains how two foods can be greater than the sum of their parts. Here are some of the most powerful food synergies currently known to science.

Fish + Broccoli
Fish contains the mineral selenium, and broccoli is rich in a disease-fighting compound known as sulforaphane. Research shows that selenium and sulforaphane together are 13 times more effective at slowing cancer cell growth than when eaten alone.

Bananas + Yogurt
Bananas contain inulin; research indicates inulin fuels the growth of yogurt’s healthy bacteria, which helps regulate digestion and boost immunity.

Tomatoes + Olive Oil or Cheese
Cancer- and heart disease-fighting compounds called carotenoids (the most well-known of which is lycopene) are found in abundance in tomatoes. Because they’re fat-soluble, they’re more available to our bodies when
we eat them with fats such as olive oil or mozzarella.

Vinegar + Rice
Vinegar decreases rice’s ability to raise blood sugar levels by 20 to 40 percent. Consider eating a stir-fry with a vinegar- based sauce or a brown rice casserole with a salad and vinegar dressing.

Apples + Cranberries
These Thanksgiving staples are rich in a wide variety of antioxidants, including quercetin and anthocyanidins; research shows that when we eat these foods together, their antioxidant activity is significantly higher than if we eat the foods separately.

Green Tea+ Lemon
The vitamin C in lemon makes more of the catechins (a type of antioxidant) in green tea available to our bodies.

Raspberries + Chocolate
Scientists have discovered that when raspberries and chocolate are paired together, their disease-fighting flavonoids (quercetin in raspberries and catechin in chocolate) are even more effective at thinning the blood and improving heart health.

Turmeric + Black Pepper
The spice turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties—it’s being studied for its potential to fight cancer, improve liver function, lower cholesterol and stave off Alzheimer’s disease. When we combine it with black pepper, our bodies absorb 1,000 times more curcumin (turmeric’s active ingredient) than when turmeric is consumed alone.

Blueberries + Walnuts
Blueberries contain phytochemicals known as anthocyanins that protect the brain from oxidative damage, and walnuts are a rich source of the omega-3 fatty acids that help make us smarter. Research has shown that these compounds are even more powerful at sharpening memory and improving communication between brain cells when they work together.

Whole Grain Bread+ Peanut Butter
Together, these two foods contain all nine of the essential amino acids our bodies need to build bones, muscles and hormones.

Chicken + Carrots
Chicken contains zinc, which is what our bodies need to efficiently metabolize the beta-carotene in carrots into vitamin A, a nutrient we need for healthy skin, strong eyes and a robust immune system.

Garlic + Onions
The organosulfur compounds in garlic and onions are more powerful in combination than alone. Together, they help remove plaque from arteries and keep blood vessels flexible and healthy.

Rosemary + Steak
Marinate your steak with rosemary before cooking: The herb is rich in antioxidants such as rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid that help neutralize carcinogenic compounds known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs) that form when steak reaches temperatures of 325 degrees or higher.

Eggs + Cheese or Milk
The vitamin D in egg yolks makes the calcium in dairy more available to our bodies—important for bones and heart health as well. A study conducted by Mother Earth News in 2008 confirmed that pastured hens lay eggs with higher concentrations of vitamin D than those raised in confinement. Learn more at motherearthnews.com/eggs.

Oatmeal + Oranges
Phenols (a plant compound) in oatmeal and vitamin C in oranges both lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. Eaten together, their ability to improve cholesterol and prevent heart disease is four times greater than what they’re capable of individually. (Try cooking oatmeal in orange juice instead of water.)

Salmon + Red Wine
Plant compounds in grapes known as polyphenols do more than promote good circulation—they also help our bodies absorb more of the brain-healthy omega-3s in fish.

Garlic + Fish
Both of these foods fight inflammation and disease, but together, they’re even more powerful: Research has shown that a combination of garlic and fish lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol more effectively than eating the foods on their own.

Lemon + Spinach
The vitamin C in lemons helps our bodies absorb more of spinach’s plant-based iron, a mineral that prevents mood swings and promotes happiness.

Red Wine + Almonds
Together, the antioxidant resveratrol in red wine and the vitamin E in almonds boost the body’s ability to thin the blood and improve the health of blood vessel linings.

Beet Greens + Chickpeas
Chickpeas are a good source of vitamin B6, which helps our bodies absorb the magnesium found in beet greens (B6 helps facilitate the transport of magnesium across cell membranes). These nutrients work together in the body to ease the symptoms of PMS and ADHD.

Broccoli + Pine Nuts
The vitamin C in broccoli helps keep the vitamin E in pine nuts active and potent

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Height: 5'9


130 lb goal 4:3 9,000 calorie week.
1285.7 calories 7 day average

Monday 600c
dried fruits and nuts

Tuesday 1800c
coffeeproteinshake dark choc, raspberry 400c
soup and salad 700c
6pm fish, broccoli, carrots , onion, garlic 700c

Wednesday 600c
dried fruits and nuts

Thursday 1800c
soup and salad
6pm fish, broccoli, carrots , onion, garlic

Friday 600c
dried fruits and nuts

Saturday 1800c
protein shake DarkChoco raspberry cashew
banana yogurt
6pm chicken carrots broccoli

Sunday 1800c
oatmeal orange blueberry walnut
carrot hummus
6pm steak carrots broccoli

I eat the fast day food in two separate times.
I work in a warehouse so I need energy.
So I eat just before clocking in and 5 hours later on lunch.
After work I sleep until it's time to break my fast.

On feed days I lift weights or skip rope. Within 2 hours of eating.
My step pedometer indicates I get so many steps at work I won't get more benefits if walk even more on work days. However if I eat a filling meal high in fat I will skip rope Instead of lifting.

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S/C/G: 255/229/155

Height: 5'9


Below is a list of proven cancer fighters. Why I believe cancer prevention and cancer fighting foods are important to a longevity eating plan is.
If avoid childhood diseases, accidental and preventable death, weight and age related disease, avoid alcohol and tobacco, exercise, and eat clean healthy food. We will die from cancer. It's what will eventually bring us down if we avoid everything else. So I take the mind set that I should avoid getting cancer for as long as possible.
However I can actually be entertaining and flavorful part of a ling life.
My plan

Semi fasting 3 days a week
Walking 5 days a week
Eating fish 2 days a week
Weight bearing exercises 4 days a week
Skipping rope or swimming. HIIT PROGRAM
ANTI cancer foods.
33% protein restriction.
Detoxing liver,gallbladder,colon appropriately.
Maintain a healthy weight.

Here are some of the foods we at AICR get asked about most often. Click each one to learn what current science says about its potential role in cancer protection. You’ll also find links to recent AICR articles, cooking tips, recipes and more.

Foods That Fight Cancer
Broccoli & Cruciferous Vegetables
Legumes (Dry Beans, Peas & Lentils)
Squash (Winter)
Whole Grains
Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
Grapes and Grape Juice

Coming Soon
Acai Berries
Blackberries & Raspberries
Chili Peppers
Citrus Fruits (oranges/lemons)
Kale and Other Greens
Watermelon & Other Melons
Bookmark this page, and check back often – we will be updating this section and adding more foods regularly as the science comes in.
American Instute for Cancer Research

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S/C/G: 255/229/155

Height: 5'9


Started collecting the info from knowledge base that I lost.

What I everytime I ate I something that promotes inflammation, cancer, or cancels out nutrition uptake.

But what if every bite I take promotes fighting diseases.

The obvious answer is if it tastes bad I wont keep eating it.

Once a week.
Steak, sweet potato, broccoli, with salad spinach,onion,tomato,egg and cheese.

My hobby is to keep finding the synergy foods. That I will keep eating.

The four most healthiest meals every week.

Salmon, catfish , steak, chicken,
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