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Newbie here and I could use 30KG worth of help...

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Question Newbie here and I could use 30KG worth of help...

Hey all,

First off, I hope I can get some help here. I have tried other forums and while more than 200 have read my threads over a week ago it is still sitting at the top of said forum with 0 replies. Disheartening to say the least.

OK, I will share my story with you and I hope you can be of some assistance of which I will be ever so grateful for.

OK, So I started a weightloss journey on March 25 this year. I have always been heavy but felt it had gone too far and it was time to take a stand. When I started I was 135.3KG. Terrible I know. So, I started out with the Insanity workout program. Completed the first 4 weeks of it and checked my weight. I was at 130.2. Very good I thought and I looked forward to continuing the program but something didn't feel right on the inside and the next time I attempted to continue the Insanity program I had to go to the toilet to throw up. I guess it was just too intense for a starter program. Still I didn't let this throw me off losing weight and I went outside and did some running and walking. About a month after that I joined a gym and was doing 30 minutes cycling reaching 10KM and 30 minutes walking reaching about 4KM. Still at the gym now and going into my second month I have upped my workout to 1hr cycling where I can reach 22KM and then the standard half hour walking.

My weight now stands at 123.7KG. Almost 12KG lost which I guess on average would work out at 1KG per week since I started. The reality here is that I want to lose more and I need your help in doing so.

Oh, I should mention my eating habits also. I am currently living in Thailand so I have access to healthy foods. Before starting the weightloss journey I was a typical fatty. Breakfast could be sausages, eggs, toast with marmalade. Lunch could be similar. Dinner could be anything from a chicken curry with chips to steak. Just basically fat foods and alot of snacking in between with fizzy drinks of course. Now, I have completely cut everything out. I eat a 0% Fat yogurt for breakfast with some cornflakes. For lunch I eat macaroni pasta (Yes Pasta! :/) or some noodles with veg and possibly a boiled egg on a rare occasion one day per week. Dinner could be noodles again or stir fried rice with chicken. As a snack during the day I will eat an apple. I always only drink water now. I never eat much which is the thing that bugs me the most about this.

My target is 90KG. We have an important family function on 18 October this year and I was hoping to have reached my goal by them. I am not interested in building muscle. I just want to lose the weight and be slim.

I know I sound crazy but it there any way I could lose 33.7KG by the date mentioned or at the very least get somewhere near?

Appreciate any and all help you guys can give me.
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Hi VanDam, to the Men's Corner, and .

Congrats on those 12 Kg lost forever.

One Kg a week is the maximum rate of loss that my doctor said was healthy for me. His reason was that faster than that can stress the heart. Since the body loses fat and muscle both it can lose heart muscle faster than one is rebuilding it. It is for this reason that some cardio exercise is essential when losing weight.

Another reason for exercise is that toned muscles make us look smaller and sharper - our real goal which we usually describe in terms of pounds to lose. So your gym program and running and walking are terrific for both of those reasons. Kudos for keeping up with it, even changing your exercise program from Insanity when that proved too much.

The eating you list does seem to be heavy on pasta and noodles and lean on meat and fish. Is it possible to substitute some protein for those? The hard boiled egg is excellent! Maybe more of them instead of macaroni pasta?

Look around this site; there are forums for age groups, diet choices, and locals. If you can find a group where you feel comfortable, their support can be amazing.

Good luck with your journey. Glad that you've joined us.
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First off, my apologies for taking my time to reply but I did not get much online time.

Second, Thank you very much for the lengthy replies and fantastic advice and support. I really appreciate it.

I should note about my diet. I can eat just about everything except fish. I don't know why but it turns my stomach. Yes I am heavy on pastas and rice but they do generally be mixed with a bit of chicken or pork. One time per week I may eat a steak so I am not entirely starving myself of meat. I have also started to drink hot water with lemon and honey first thing in the morning and once again during the day. I find it quite nice and feel good inside.

Looking forward to my time here and thanks again for the replies and I am sorry mine are not as lengthy but I have taken in all you both have said and will act upon it. Thank you.

Oh, one last thing, since I made my original post I have checked my weight and have lost 1 more KG. Getting there...
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