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Default New guy here

Hey all. I have lurked around here for quite a while, I spotted that post that mentioned that it's morgue like here, and I can understand, so I decided I should say something! I have been looking around for a daily forum to discuss all things weight loss, but have been encountering forum after forum for women.

Just an introduction, I'm 43 currently, been a big guy for probably the last 20 years. I have been on probably 100 different utterly ridiouclous unsustainable diets, that all resulted in actually gaining more weight than I began with.

I was always big, in high school I realized I was going to be a big guy and joined the football team. In grade 9, I was placed on the senior team due to my size then, 5'10 190 lbs. I was just way to big for juniors, and actually pretty big for most seniors too. Coach saw me as an offensive lineman, and that's where I played. After high school, I earned a scholarship and went on to play CIS at the University level here in Canada. I played two years offensive line there as well. A back injury finished my football career, and that was the story of that. By the time I finished football, I had bulked up to 275. I did not finish University, my outlook on life had changed quite a bit by that time. I still don't regret that decision.

Into the work world I went, got a job on the oil rigs, and then into a mine. My weight dropped to a nice lean(er) 230, where I stayed for the next few years. Then behind the desk I went, where I am still today. The weight crept up, and up and up. I never worked out again, and finally at my peak in November 2012, I stepped on a scale at it said 350. I flipped the scale over, and it had a 350 lb weight capacity, and I freaked out. Was it true?

At work, we have a platform scale, and when no one was around, I stepped on a flipped the lever (my serious emabarrasing moment, one of several). It too said 350. So at least I knew where I was at weight wise.

Time to get serious here. I have a wife and two kids, and I would like to be around a few more years. I have had two friends, athelete friends that I played football with that both passed away of heart attacks. One of them wasn't anywhere near where I was in November weight wise, and he was a coach/trainer on a Junior team here. That one really shocked me. They both did. I could very well be next. And ignoring it is not something one can repent for on a deathbed.

I love the internet age. 20 years ago, misinformation everywhere. So I read, and read and read. Compiled with learning from mistakes from past diets, I am at least a smarter guy now, and feel better armed. My own personal situation is not the same as ANYONE else, especially from expert trainers who say I should try a wheatgrass milkshake with 3 oz of pine nuts. Yep, not me, I like steak/potatoes. So I have to create a meal plan that suits ME. I decided to stop listening to experts, and start listenting to real people with real success stories. I will never have a six pack ab, and I'm ok with that. So I did more reading.

I am committed to a 2000/day calorie diet. I allow myself a small break from it occasionally, as long as my week's aggregrate doesn't go over 14,000 calories for the week, ever. For example, if I do 1500 on Thursday, and 1500 friday, I have an extra 1000 for the weekend in case I want to BBQ that steak. Or have 4-5 hot wings.

This time NO pop, no diet pop nothing like that. And funny thing was I didn't actually miss it. Not saying it's right/wrong, just saying I can kick that, so why not? I replaced it with a MIO in my water (in Canada we don't have MIO with propylene glycol, so I'm actually good with it). I decided to knock out all booze as well. I loved a couple beer now and then, or a few vodkas, but funny thing about that was when I drank, I ate. Hand in hand. I always knew I can stop booze 100 % and not miss it, so why not? I did have a Molson 67 calorie a couple weeks ago when we went out with friends for the stigma thing of it, but that was it. I kicked coffee out the door too, I found out that I actually enjoy green tea!

I will not drink my calories. Period, I like food better. I am drinking probably 2 liters water daily. So when deciding what I wanted for meals, I made a list of what high QUANTITY foods I enjoy with very little calories. Ham practically shocked me. about 1.2 calories per 1 gram of ham????? Get out, I never knew that! So I keep lots of sliced ham around, sliced lean turkey as well. I love mustard, and all things spices. All calories light. So now when I make a sandwich, 2 slices bread (I don't care about the whole grain thing, I watch the calories, and the whole grain are not that generous on calories savings), 50 grams ham, lettuce, tomato and mustard, all piled high, and less than 300 calories. I'm great with that! I use lean cuisines too, for quick lunchtime meals. They also average about 300 per meal. So I eat about 450 in the morning, 400 during the day, 700 supper and that usually leaves around 450-500 for a evening snack. I love fruits, so lots of apples/bananas. And when I'm hungry hungry, a huge bowl of salad with everything (cukes, peppers, tomatoes) but I never use dressing that is more than 5 cal/ tablespoon. Light Italian.

Chicken breasts are another. I'm eating that 2-3 times a week. Tuna, yep, with no mayo. Putting tuna on my salads these days.

All in all, I found a way to eat high amounts of quantity which stuffs me daily, but still keeping under 2000 calories.

One problem I have is the mass amount of misinformation out there. Calculators are all over the map. I calculated on several that averaged my calorie maintenance is around 2800 - 3100 per day. So I am creating a deficiet of about 800-1100.

My level of exercise still sucks. But I am gearing up for that phase. My wife is a letter carrier, and weighs in at a mind boggling 125 with a rock solid set of abs, at 5'10". Makes me wish I became a letter carrier. But getting her to do anything in terms of exercise with me doesn't happen, she is usually too wiped out to go for a walk. That part is definately up to me, I'm on my own there.

Following this, today I weigh in at 315, down 35 pounds. Still got a long way to go. I don't have a set goal weight, I can't decide, I am just going with anything is better than 350. Given my history, I am thinking I will be happy at 250, unless when I get down there and realize that the mass of muscle that used to be there has turned to jello, then that will be another hard look in the mirror. I actually had to create 2 new notches on my belt becuase of the weight so far lost. I have some shirts that I am now wearing that I haven't worn for a long time. The best part is that my wedding band now fits again.

Anyway, I think that that's enough narcissistic babble for an introductory post!

Look forward to chatting with you all here!

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Hey Canuck - glad you posted! You and I have a lot in common - same age, 2 kids for me too.

I'm with you on developing a plan that works for yourself, and I've tried everything under the sun. I've got to do something I can live with, and not some gimmick that won't last.

I'm shooting for between 1600 and 2000 cals daily, and 30 minutes of cardio every 3 out of 4 days. I also started with a kettlebell on Sun, and it kicked my a$$!!

I should be drinking as much water as you are, but all my liquid is coming from diet soda. I know that's bad, but it's the one vice I'm allowing myself now.

I definitely think I'm on to something though, since I'm going on 20 days completely cheat-free. I know that doesn't sound like much, but that's huge for me. It's been years since I've been able to go this long without cheating. The funny thing is, I don't feel like cheating. I'm kind of hungry, and I know that huge bag of m&m's in the pantry would taste good, but I'm perfectly fine going without it.

Looking forward to lending some mutual support!!

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