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Cool getting older and fatter!!

Well I've been down this path so many times I've lost track. I am currently at the incredible weight of 338! Doesnt look good on a 5 9 frame. Last year I lost 58 pounds and for down to 291, I was on my way! At least that's what I thought. So, after gaining 48 pounds over the coarse of a year, I think its time I did something. If I don't I know the consequences. I work in healthcare and see t every day. Last year much of my success was due to my brother dieting with me. Although he lives 500 miles from me, we called and texted regularly. This kept both of us honest. However, my brother has given up on weight loss, and I find it difficult to keep on track. As most people can relate, its been a life long struggle, made more difficult by working the night shift. Im starting over. I hope to make it work. Im asking anyone who can to give me encouragement. I will post my weekly weight on Thursdays. I need this to work. My plan is what has worked in the past, diet and exercise. Sounds so simple, but like all the other habits that control peoples lives, its extremely difficult. I just keep thinking of something I had read which said that each of us had a 1in 1 followed by 30 zeros chance of being born the exact person that we are . Seems a shame to waste such a grand prize!
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Default The Power of Bad Habits

Wolfeman - bad habits are one of the most powerful forces in the universe. As you point out, breaking them is a monumnetal task. But rest assured, they can be broken and in fact, they MUST be broken.

The #1 cause of weight loss failure can almost ALWAYS be traced to the lack of skills in dealing with the negative emotions experienced on a daily basis during the early weeks of the weight loss process.

As I discuss in my book, Weight Loss for Wimps (Amazon), you must learn to deal with the negative emotions and focus on the positive emotions associated with weight loss. This is the process of "getting your mindset mojo."

If your brother is not on board with you at this time, find another friend or family member that will join you on this journey. Support is critical to your long-term success.

Instead of thinking "I hope to make it work," start thinking, "This is it...I'm going through this process for the last time. The changes I'm making are PERMANENT with no turning back. I WILL succeed."

If they let me post this link, you can find more bits of Wimp wisdom here: http://www.weightloss4wimps.com/wimp-wisdom/

I'll be checking in on you here, so be strong and stay with it...it only "hurts" for a little while!
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WOLFEMAN ~ glad you decided to try again -- your health is just too important not to. I agree with WIMPSTER. "You don't want this to be a short-term band-aide solution that rebounds; you want this to be a long-term lifestyle change that lasts." (moi )

I also found that as I learned to manage my emotions better, the easier things got. Choosing a plan you can stick to is important too (meaning one that is flexible, not overly strict, and enjoyable), plus adding in some exercise for fitness, strength, and toning helps too.

Make a commitment to do your best each day. If you make a mistake, just keep going -- no matter what! Then come here and check in every Thursday as you planned, and you will succeed!!!
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