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Default Hello - new to the board

Hi there,

There wasn't a "Introduce yourself" thread in the Men's area that I could find, so figured I'd just throw this out there.

Found the board while searching for a forum to use as a Support outlet. Used to belong to Men's Health many moons ago and later the now-defunct lifesgym.com. I really missed the support of other guys who were in a similar boat to myself.

Late 30's, married (well, more or less) and have been battling weight forever. Made some great headway back in 2008/2009 and then it (plus more) came piling back on when I started takings SSRI drugs from my doctor. Nasty stuff.

Anyway, off those and trying to reclaim the ground I gave up. I do hate paying twice for the same real estate, but here I am.

Currently at about 360 (38, 6'1") and would really like to see the number at least start with 2 before the end of 2012.

Anyway - wanted to intro myself before chirping in on any of the posts.

Cheers all!
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Default Oops

When I actually opened my eyes a bit I did a welcome thread - apologies for not posting there!
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atomic1973 - This is a fine place for an introduction. Glad you've joined us.

Like the way you put it, " I do hate paying twice for the same real estate" - we all do that a bit.

Do you have an eating plan and an exercise plan?
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S/C/G: 365/322/250

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Thanks for the kind welcome.

Regarding eating and exercise plan... at the moment it's a bit of "eating less, moving more" but admittedly need to refine that a fair bit in the coming days.

Overall, I use livestrong.com for tracking what I eat (used to use fitday.com but it had primarily American groceries in its database whereas livestrong has a large Canadian database as well... I was surprised at some of the differences) and have set my caloric goal a little lower than what they're saying for 2 pounds a week loss.

The calculations all say in the high 2000's per day for me (currently about 360lbs at 6'1") which seems like an awful lot. I try to keep it in the 2200-2400 range. I'll be getting more granular and looking at macronutrients and whatnot as time goes on.

In terms of exercise...working on cardio, but mostly because I have the treadmill close to my home office. I know I need to incorporate much resistance training into the routine, but haven't done that as yet.

It "feels" like resistance will have more of an effect for me than cardio.

I've been lucky that I've escaped some of the biggies so far - no diabetes, no heart trouble, no joint damage - although I do have high blood pressure. My doc says given family history, I'd likely have that anyway (that's in no way a justification for it, however) but know that the obesity... the morbid obesity isn't helping it any.

I do have a couple of goals in mind. I'd love for the weight to start with a 2 by Labour Day and I'd love to not need to ask for a seatbelt extender for my upcoming flight to Newfoundland in March. I avoided it last year at 340, so hopeful I can be back in that neighbourhood reasonably soon.

Anyway, looking forward to being here - amazing the effect a good support group and forum can have.

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Default Atomic...da Bomb!

You're doing great Atomic; I'd certainly add weight training to the mix. It adds new, lean muscle tissue that gobbles calories and fat.

I think you're find on the calorie count and you should be dropping weight very fast.

Keep us informed!

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Welcome Atomic, to the Men's corner as well as the rest of the board. There's a lot of different forums here and if you're like me you'll find a couple to watch and participate in. I too have have paid (multiple times) for the same real estate. Probably 4 times for me. I have a photo of me in the Army from 25 years ago. I was about 200 lbs. Four months ago I was 415 and seemed 200 a universe away. Now I'm thinking "why not?". Considering my progress so far I could get down to 200 by August!

Regarding weight lifting take a look at http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/tra...ss-part-1.html Particularly the section on Metabolic Weight Training vs. Tension Oriented Weight Training. Planning your weight training correctly can help your weight loss and maintain muscle mass.
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Welcome Atomic.

I've started my plan dozens if not 100's of time. Usually don't get past the 2nd week. Health scares, and seeing a co-worker's husband lose his leg to amputation from type 2 diabetes are giving me more motivation. Down 9 pounds since new years. (I went up to at least 251 from my Nov 1 starting point.)

So for me, sticking to it is my struggle.
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your recent messages. As I said before, a community / forum, etc is so important for the support that's needed on something as massive as this.... appreciate so many of you reaching out.

@Wimpster - thanks for the encouragement. The calorie goal feels right now that I've had it a couple of weeks. Noticed (as I have before) that my issue tends to usually be eating far too few calories a day at the wrong times and then eating far too many in one sitting every few days. The weight training is starting to come along - albeit slowly. Goodonye for the loss I see on your profile - the stories of lasting success and effort are definitely good to read.

@tykesplace - appreciate the link. Read and re-read the article (and will likely have to tackle it again!). Lots of great data in there and I find myself still wondering what the best approach is. The great thing about the article is that it appears that since it's been years since I've lifted weights - I can likely go either way and see benefit. I'm doing a generic "beginner" full-body program and have been enjoying it. It's high reps, lower weight and puts most concentration on proper form. That's amazing progress you've made - well done. Encouraging and inspiring.

@BuffJim - I feel your pain on the multiple starts. I've been fighting weight since I was a teenager and it's a **** of a thing. I'm 38 now and it's hard to not focus on what's been wasted in terms of time and youth because of the weight. I remember hitting 220 and thinking the world was ending. I'd give just about anything to be back there now! Bravo on the loss so far. I have to admit, seeing you're from Buffalo - I know I'd have a much harder time losing weight knowing the Anchor Bar was in my very own city - whew!

Cheers all - much appreciated. I'll keep you posted.

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