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Originally Posted by Mikros View Post
savetheb and usmcvet, I've had the amusement park fun times also, lol. The pull-down saftey bar thing that everyone else has down around their waist is sticking way up on my chest, my knees are jammed into the seat in front of me, sucks! Disney World has very fatguy friendly rides, but other parks, not so much. Many rides I can just look at and know I shouldnt even try.

I work construction and I love it when we are walking thru a job that is just framed, not sheet rocked, and the people I'm with will walk between studs (14.5" space) and I have to go around to the door. lol
I am going to Disney when I hit goal. Thanks for reminding me!

Originally Posted by Wimpster View Post
Billy...it looks like you've made some great progress on your weight loss and you should be proud of that. The issue is making permanent lifestyle changes to keep going in the right direction. It's not easy but it is DOABLE. Your mental attitude and commitment to success is the key.

Important tip: feeling short term hunger pangs on a daily basis is NORMAL for anyone in the weight loss mode and maintenance mode. Don't fear it, love it cuz it means you are not overeating and you are losing weight.

Want proof? Just ask 3-4 of your "skinny" friends this question: "During the course of a normal day, do you ever get stomach growling hungery?" You'll be amazed at the answer!
I am going to use that line! I will give you credit.

Originally Posted by joefla70 View Post
A couple weeks ago my wife and I went to my daughter's elementary school for an introduction to her Kindergarten teacher. All the kids' parents were there. When I arrived, parents were sitting in those little tiny chairs that the kids sit in. I took one look at one of those little chairs and thought "no way!" I was the only parent in the room standing for the entire orientation.

Then over the weekend our family hosted a pool party for my daughter's cheerleeding team. There were a lot of moms there who I didn't really know too well. We knew there would not be enough seating for everybody who was coming, so we asked that people bring their own chairs if they had them (the fabric folding type). I have a Coleman Max chair that is rated at 350 lbs that I use -- even though I am over that limit. During the party I got up from my chait to get a drink and when I got back, one of the moms sat down in my chair. (There were other chairs available, but I wouldn't even try sitting in a regular one of those chairs at my weight!) When this has happened in the past, if the person was somebody I knew well, I had no problem asking them to switch seats with me. But this time I was embarrassed to ask the mom to get up because I didn't want to appear to be rude by asking her for my seat back, and I felt weird about explaining that I would break any of the other chairs if I sat in it.
Originally Posted by wolfeman View Post
I've had so many embarrassing moments. The most recent was during a test I had performed at an out patient clinic. It started with the nurse having to find me a big boy gown. Next was the bariatric blood pressure cuff. The weigh in was awful. She didn't want to humiliate me so she guessed low and kept moving it up. Come on. Don't look like i weigh 250, I'm 338! The topper was when 3 people had to wheel me into the exam room. Thank god they finally knocked me out.

They kept me freaking awake for my last four surgeries, and let me tell ya it sucked. They were all minor surgeries, in '10 I had a port put in and then taken out in '11 so I could get chemo. This year I had two more for carpal tunnel. I was in a lot of pain in '10 and asked for more drugs many times, the last time I got none. I asked the doc jokingly if he ran out of things in his magic box. He told me he was afraid to give me anymore. OUCH OUCH OUCH. This spring I had my left wrist fixed and started IP shortly after. I had my right wrist fixed after loosing 100 or more pounds. My recovery and pain was much lower.

"Feeling short term hunger pangs on a daily basis is NORMAL" -Wimpster

Starting Again. 01-04-2017.
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Never really had an embarrassing moment like that as such, think the main thing was my knees hurting as i walked up the stairs. also once i was laying on the floor streching my back and i couldnt' sit up. i had to roll over and push up onto my knees. that was basically it.
To infinity and beyond!
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Breaking three toilet seats in a month was probably my low point.

Splitting my trousers down the seam in public runs a close second
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My most embarrassing had to be 5 years ago. I was at my old church and they had just gotten new folding chairs to use in the fellowship hall. I sat in one and when my butt had barely touched the seat it just fell apart. The only thing that kept from feeling totally horrible was that a guy immediately came up to me and said that the chair didn't seem to be put together properly but he was told to put it out anyways.

I've also had my jeans split while lifting a heavy object at work before.

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Hey guys - I'm new here and love the forum. I've been through a lot of these too - broken chairs, amusement rides, avoiding swimming/beach outings. But I would have to say my personal private **** is the restaurant booth. And it's not just one embarrassing moment, it's a full length feature film. God do I hate them. But I'm committed to beating them. Once I can fit comfortably in them again, it will be a badge of honor remembering where I once was and how far I've come. Don't be surprised though, if one day you see on the news some guy was arrested going ape $&#% on an empty one with a baseball bat in a Red Robin, it was probably me.
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I know it's terrible, but I can't help but laugh at some of these stories. That's all you can do though, right? In hindsight I mean, look back and laugh.

I've had the usuals.

- I never swim without a shirt, I hate people seeing me in public without my shirt on.
- I split my pants twice during school. Once in year 7, and I did it at the start of class. I remember walking with my back to the wall all the way around the classroom to inform the teacher, and then having to go all the way back to get out of the room! I've never been more embarrassed.
- At work my clothes are crazy tight (I'm embarrassed to ask for a new set) and I sweat alot
- I also remember at school, some kids asked me about the celulite on my thighs during class so everyone heard. I cried as soon as I got home, and for hours!

It didn't happen to me, but I remember another big guy at school who had a chair fold in underneath him in the middle of an exam. I've never felt so bad for another person in just about my whole entire life.

I guess the worst thing concerning me though is the fear of having these "Big Man" moments any time I step outside the house, therefore I've closed myself off to just about everyone and don't socialize or explore new things at all.
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I, too, carry a spare pair of pants at work...just in case.
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Oh so many embarrasing moments where to begin?

At a friend's extened family's home having a BBQ - the only seat is an old wood bench I am always careful about where I sit and decline when it's offered. But the host insists - It holds me and my 3 kids is his assurance - I sit down and almost immediately the legs break on one side sending me rolling into the grass one way and food sailing in the air the other way.

Collasping any folding chair that I happen to find myrself seated in - always fun.

While I'm on the chair kick - nothing says fun like plopping yourself in a chair with arms - various parts of yourself spilling out/over the chair only to stand up and have the same chair stuck to your azz - awesome.

Numerous crotches torn out of pairs of pants - always at the most inopportune times.

On holiday and trying desparately to find some place that carries my clothing size to buy beach wear - sweat pants and a t-shirt is no fun in the sun and sand.

Huffing and puffing going up a flight of stairs and trying to have a conversation with your coworker. Who has a paniced look like she is searching for the nearest AED in case you are having the "big one".

Having to get out of or off an amusement ride because the lap belt won't go around you.

Speaking of lap belts - as has been mentioned airline seats - a big mouth flight attendant announcing at full volume - "Sir you need to buckle your seatbelt" and when I say it doesn't fit around me she says even more loudly - "Then you need to be asking for an extension" with every eye in the plane now turned my way.

The moment of panic when you realize that you may have to take your shirt off for any reason.

I also have deep stretch marks on my torso - lucky me - years ago a big mouth college roommate asks me "what's with the racinig stripes on my upper body?" Then goes on to explain to all the others sitting at our table in the dining hall that I have stretch marks. -Got him back though - caught him mastuarbating in our room and made sure everyone in the dorm/university knew about it.

I've lost count of the number of times I've caught people watching what and how much I am eating while at restaurants.

There are dozens of more and I'm sure I'll add more in the coming days.
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Keep 'em coming. These are hilarious!

One of mine is shopping for suit jackets. Most tailors have a P section, round the back: P for portly. I've lost count of the number of people who ask me what the P in my 50P jacket stands for.
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Funny but sad...

Deciding whether to ask for a seat belt extender or just hiding the fact that you cant buckle the seat belt on a airplane.

Breaking my sons sofa/sleeper a week after he gets it.

Breaking a toilet seats was the low point for me.

Deciding one more X is not that bad, as in XXXL clothes. Really friggin pathetic. So disgusted with how I let myself go.

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I wasn't going to say it, but bum sweat on the seat and/or trousers has got to me the most embarassing for me.

There. I said it.

It's probably just my problem. Hopefully. Dear God.

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