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SiLly MuCh?
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Question Guy-related question

My husband has decided to start trying to lose weight with me. This is great except for the fact that he tends to try to take the "easy way" with things like this. He isn't changing his activity level at all. He's not working out or anything.
Instead what he has decided to do is "high protein". He is drinking a whey protein shake in the morning.
It was my understanding that those were more for muscle building than anything else. Am I wrong? Aren't they for people who lift weights? I know there are high protein / low carb diets. But, I thought those shakes were for putting on muscle mass and gaining weight, not losing it.
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Soul Cyster
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I'd say it depends, did he used to eat really bad calorie loaded breakfasts? A protein shake vs. say donuts will definitely make him lose weight

And if it doesn't work then you can point that out to him when he complains
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Embracing the suck
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Exercise is not necessary to lose weight.

Eating fewer calories than his body needs to maintain his weight is what causes fat loss.

I don't know what to tell you other than that.

Drinking a protein shake for breakfast is kind of silly in that it is not very satisfying and could cause him to be hungry again soon but there are worse things he could be doing.
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Sounds like he's at the first stage of dieting... Thinking that a shake or pill can be found to overcome all the other bad habits. There is frankly, nothing he can eat that "causes" weight loss.

We all over time, learn from our mistakes that dieting is not as simple as it looks. Hopefully he will pay attention to the lack of progress... and reach further to find a more realistic plan.
40 pounds lost that WILL NOT come back!

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My worst fear for him would be that his perceived attempt at losing weight will fail and will cause him to quit and commit to being unfit.

Something got him a little motivated. See if you can find something more to motivate him. It has to be a true desire for fitness from within, not just to keep up with you or to look better.

But to answer your Q, the protein shake won't hurt him. It's a (tiny) start.
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JohnP is completely right. Protein shakes are actually used as meal replacements sometimes. Because as John said, you never feel full and satisfied, so you end up eating later on. Keep in mind that to lose weight 30% of the effort should go to exercise and 70% to food. Food is really REALLY important. If he wants to take protein shakes let him try Almased. It worked for me and makes me feel full. Also, the plan lets you have vegetable broth in between breakfast-lunch, and lunch-dinner. So you don't feel that hungry. For all of you in this forum, check this protein shake out.
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Yeah protein is used to quench hunger and as a meal replacement. I am intaking alot of protein, including protein supplements (and low carbs and sugar) on my diet and it works for me, my fat is coming off and have been told my muscle is increasing (Down 40 lbs fat in 8 weeks, some of which was fluid weight, and have increased muscle mass so probably have lost more than 40 lbs fat)). For me protein is important as vegetables on their own dont really fill me. I try to average approx 8 hours exercise a week. This is only my opinion though, I am no expert in the area at all its just my own story.
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If I may include a question I have...

I do have very bad eating habits. Would replacing a meal with a protein shake help someone like me? Obviously mixed in with some exercise but still. My goal is to really replace most of my meals with the vegetables and I can stand and go from there.. but I am curious about ways to ween off the bad meals and onto better meals.

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Not so sure about a "protein" shake? I like to use either a Slim-Fast or ********** type of shake and mix in a little fruit (blueberries) and a few seeds like sunflower. I get the powder and use skim milk and a few ice cubes. This keeps the calories down to about 210. Great meal substitute for either breakfast or lunch (sometimes both).
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In most cases protein is good in diets, even if there is little to no activity because it will help maintain muscle mass.
When the body feels deprived of food it will go to other energy sources. One of them being muscle. That's why you simply have to intake protein in just about all diets otherwise you will lose muscle mass.
So it's good he's drinking protein but at the same time he should accompany it with exercise, whether it be cardio or weight.
If he's not doing anything with the protein he will urinate a lot of it. Ask him what his urine color is, because his liver might be working overtime.

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