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Medifast Weight Control Centers - Opinions?

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Default Medifast Weight Control Centers - Opinions?

Hi All!

My name is Jen and am on a one week trial through the Medifast corporate Weight Control Center here in Houston. Today was my first day. They allowed me to purchase 1 weeks worth of food before committing to a plan (the center only sells to their members, and not to the public). I know, that no matter what, I am going to do Medifast, but right now I am trying to decide whether to just order online and do it myself or bite the bullet and pay the 660 dollar fee to do a plan through the weight control center. I am really conflicted and have not been able to find many users talk about their experience at a weight control center. All the information is online, so am I silly to shell out the cash? I would LOVE your opinion!

That cost only includes 1 weeks worth of food. It is mainly the charge for the counseling, etc. Here's what I get for that fee:

- For the 20 weeks I am slated to be on the 5:1 plan I will come in weekly for measurements, weigh in, counseling session. Once a month I will be weighed on their InBody machine that checks your BMI, muscle loss, fat, loss, etc.
- During the 6 week maintenance phase I will also come in (although I think it might be less frequently than weekly) and receive meal plans, etc.
- After that I have 52 "Stay Fit" weeks and I'm not sure how often they see me but i think it's one a month or something like that.
- For life I can come in whenever I want and purchase food, get samples, etc.

I feel like it's super expensive versus just buying the food online but then I wonder if the accountability of weekly meetings, measurements and weigh ins will make a big difference in my motivation. I also like that I can just stop buy to purchase food (I live less than 10 minutes away) and ask for samples, etc. The InBody machine also is cool because it's an expensive piece of equipment I've never seen anywhere else and wouldn't have access too.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone been to a weight control center?

Thank you so much for your time.
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Hi, I have lost 155 lbs on Medifast. I started with a health coach with TSFL & lost 90 lbs before I switched to a center here in Florida. The center was not in business when I started Medifast. I had some issues with UPS that is why I started going to the center. If I had to do it over NO I would not go to a center, it is not worth the cost. They teach no behavior mod. They weigh you in & do a monthly scan & sell you food. They chit chat mostly to me about non weight loss things. They also bug me to refer people & we're trying to get my husband to sign up to lose 10 lbs ? I suggest you do it with a good TSFL coach, you can find some good one's on the my Medifast boards. Good luck on your journey, this is a wonderful plan & has changed my life. I met my goal 9/2013. I went from a size 24 to a 4.
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