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Default Two questions, one of them TMI (BM)

Hi I'm new to Medifast and new to the forum.

I'll start with the non-TMI question, so you can skip the TMI one if you're so inclined.

I'm on my third day of Medifast and I've not experienced any extreme hunger, but I'm wondering if it's because I'm doing something wrong. Since I started on a weekend and didn't want to draw any strange questions from my boyfriend's kids during our usual weekend breakfast, I've been breaking up my L&G meal into two meals... one in the morning and the other at night. I started with an egg white omelet made with about a half cup of spinach (which is pretty typical for me), and then my dinner was a salad with grilled chicken. The rest of the day, I had 4 of the Medifast meals and finished the day with the Medifast pudding. Does that sound okay?? Do I have to have everything in my L&G meal all at once?

Now, the TMI one, that has to do with bowel movements.

I haven't had constipation or anything, but my poop is green (sorry, I couldn't help but notice it). This has happened when I've had green nutritional shakes before (like VegaOne), but I've mostly been sticking to the solid Medifast foods so far. Is this malabsorption? I feel okay, so I'm not really motivated to ask a doctor. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Google isn't picking up anything similar.
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I am new to both as well but my understanding is that you can break up your meals as long as you dont eat more or less than allowed. I didnt find that I was hungry either, I never used to eat 6 times a day and literally felt like I was eating all day long. If I ever did get hungry, it would, without fail be time for me to eat again. Also my poop was green, when I had poop. Now I am worried that I may need an enema soon. I keep telling myself that as I am primarily consuming powder, my body has far less waste. It would be easier to believe that if it didnt constantly make crazy noises, but I have a lot less poop. I am almost 2 weeks down on medifast. If you would like to have a bit of a guide to whats coming soon you can follow my blog at: angryboricuamorena.wordpress.com I dont sell anything there I just talk about my experience and the meals that I hate and love.
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I just started week 4 of Medifast and haven't been hungry once. In fact, there are days I can't even force myself to eat that 5th MF meal.

While I haven't noticed green BM, I have noticed significant change in my regularity. Week 1 was just off - week 2 I was constipated all week - week 3 things seemed to be normalizing - week 4 I'm having the opposite problem from week 2.

You can absolutely split your lean & green into two separate meals. I have to do this - that is way too much food for me to consume in one sitting!
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You can split your lean and green! As far as the BM problem...I'm on day 6 and haven't gone since day 3, and before that it was rancid. I talked to my coach and she said it's normal to have irregularity. It's not constipation because there is no pain as with constipation, at least for me, but I can't explain it as well as she did. She said it will pass, and with her it went from no poop to way too much. I think this diet is just kind of a shock for your system, and it takes a while to adjust.
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Hope not to gross you guys out but I cant wait to go to too much. I feel like I will lose 20lbs asap. Im not really uncomfortable it just feels like I should be going A LOT more than I am
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Hi, for the BM issues my coach recommended adding some Metamucil or other fiber to a drink in the morning - make sure you read the labels. I haven't suffered that issue yet, mine is the reverse about one a week. I'm in month 3 and still loosing about 2 pounds a week.

Coach told me that she had major issues with constipation and added fiber to one of her daily meals and she was much better. I know there are phsylium fiber tablets you can take that add no carbs and negligible calories you might want to give a try.

Also, yes you can split your lean green across two meals just make sure you measure right. What I've been doing is having my salad earlier in the day (possibly lunch with coworkers) and then my lean for dinner. As long as you get it in and you don't go over you can split it how you want.

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