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crazycatlady33 02-10-2013 08:41 PM

How much did you lose week 1?
I am on my 3rd day of Medifast and I have lost 6.6 lbs. I know that is mostly water weight but its still neat. I was wondering how much other people lost in week 1 and how much do you average on the weeks after that?

SaraSweety 02-11-2013 11:20 AM

11lbs for me. congrats on the 6.6!!!

Veronicali 02-12-2013 11:42 AM

3 lbs for me :(
Good job!

FatinSTL 02-15-2013 09:06 AM

I lost 11 lbs the first week but I started at 337 lbs. My first month total came out to about 23 lbs. It really depends on how much you have to lose and how your body cooperates :-)

ANY loss is good! Keep up the good work :-)

crazycatlady33 02-16-2013 10:09 PM

I am down almost 15 on day 10. Not too shabby.

Twenty2Ten 02-16-2013 10:51 PM

I lost 7.4 pounds the first week. I started at 225 pounds.

PureKaos 02-22-2013 07:27 PM

At the end of week 1, I had lost 12 pounds. I was THRILLED. I'm now approaching end of week 2 (today's Friday, week 3 begins Sunday), and I haven't lost a single pound this week. I haven't cheated, strayed, or added ANYTHING to my meals - eating them straight from the boxes, and being crazy careful about my lean/green meals. I've even started to add in exercise.

I have noticed, however, that I have dropped a jeans size. That's not a whole lot when you're already as big as a whale, but it made me happy. I just have no idea if this happened last week or not, though, because I was too chicken to try on my older jeans until yesterday!!

Really hoping the weight loss kicks back up again...I can't stand feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin!

crazycatlady33 02-22-2013 11:52 PM

Kaos - I feel you on the no weight loss...I was cruising pretty good but then for 4 days I lost like .2 pounds or nothing. I was starting to get real frustrated then this morning I had a 1.4 pound loss. That brings me to 17.4 pounds. They say don't weigh yourself every day but you know what...its what gets me out of bed every morning and motivated to continue on the diet. When I lose, I am excited and happy to eat my medifast. When I don't lose, I am determined to do drink more water or eat exactly every 2 hours so I can lose the next day.

I LOLed at your big as a whale comment. I feel that way too. I too have noticed some changes...not in my pants so much, because I won't wear tight pants to begin with, but in my tshirts. My old navy mens XXL which I don't know how I'd survive without them lol, fit better now. My tummy does not poke out as much and I feel comfortable. I know from this point it will keep getting better....some days its harder to think that way but over all I know I FEEL better...and my clothes FIT better...so even when the scale does not show it I know this is working.

dweedledee 02-23-2013 09:50 PM

Started at 222, lost 7.6 pounds.

amyla 03-02-2013 11:45 AM

I lost 5 lbs by day 7 then I went up a couple of days- now I am day 10 and back to the original 5 lbs weight loss.

I do feel generally a lot less tired these days-I was eating a lot of 100 calorie packs and pizza before starting this. I guess what I was putting in my body was making me sluggish. Also, I think there is a certain energy you get when you are at least moving-weight wise-in the right direction.

I hope to lose another 14 lbs in the next 8 weeks-I have a special occasion coming-we'll see....then I will set my next 15 lb goal.

Scondy 03-02-2013 07:51 PM

I lost 6lbs my first week. I started mid December and I am down 40lbs now. I consisted of 2-5lbs per week. I've started losing a lot of body fat which makes me even happier!!!!

Madre 92 03-03-2013 11:40 AM

I'm doing Optifast not MF but lost 7 in two weeks. Do you do 5 of their products a day plus a healthy meal? Plus veggies? Just wondering about the differences in plans...
Thanks, Melissa

crazycatlady33 03-03-2013 02:01 PM

Yeah most medifast people use 5 medifast meals and 1 lean and green...I am doing 4 and 2 right now and so its 4 meals and 2 lean and greens.

I honestly can't wait to switch to 5 and 1 because the medifast meals are easier to stomach than the lean and greens. I have never been a big veggie lover...obviously. lol

cc183 03-27-2013 06:49 PM


YvonneH 03-28-2013 09:58 AM

I lost 7 first week and 4 the next. I'm a slow loser typically and I can go for days without a pound dropping then all of a sudden - wham!! two to three pounds and then again nothing for days. I'm on a 4 day no loss cycle right now so I'm hoping when this cycle breaks I'll see another 2 - 3 pounds gone. I'm not discouraged - I'm still very happy and am moving into month 2 with a big ole smile on my face.

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