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Default Hard day!

I had a rough day and I got through it fairly well, considering: I was traveling today, 4 am west coast time until 6 pm east coast time. So first off, I didn't get enough sleep last night. I was borderline grumpy from the travel, and I'm also having my TOM.

I ate my first 2 MF meals just fine, and then right around the time for my third, they were passing out snacks on the plane and I ate peanuts. Peanuts aren't on plan, but they are nuts, not a lot of carbs. The bag was super tiny, maybe 1/3 of the size of the pretzel snack bag.

Then I had trouble with my rental car and ended up getting out of the airport later than expected, so by the time I was heading toward my hotel, I was HUNGRY. Let me confess here, I did have a bag of chili cheese puffs with me that I could have eaten on the plane (in lieu of the peanuts) or in the car. But on the plane they sounded gross and I was in the middle of 2 men I didn't know and the puffs smell so strong - I was embarrassed to eat them. In the car, I was HUNGRY and they didn't sound like enough. I stopped at Taco Bell and got 1 chicken soft taco - I ate the insides and threw away the tortilla, and had a few chili cheese puffs. Not a great half of a lean and green or anything, but again no carbs. I felt a little better.

Got to the hotel and the guy said, "You're just in time for happy hour!" OMG that sounded so good. What a day, and the people in the lounge seemed so relaxed... I let him pour me a glass of wine. Drank 2 sips, felt guilty, threw it in the garbage.

Ran upstairs, ate the rest of my chili puffs and got my workout clothes - I wanted to do the treadmill. I really wanted to. But I was so sticky and gross, it's really humid where I am right now, so I was going to take a quick shower which somehow turned into a bath. I got out and threw on the workout clothes, but it was almost 9 and I was scared I wasn't going to get any dinner if I didn't order now, so I called in a cobb salad with shrimp at Red Lobster right by my hotel.

You guys... I meant to put that salad in the mini-fridge and get on the treadmill. But after eating erratically the whole day, once again I was truly feeling hungry. I ate the salad (pushing aside most of the bacon, all of the egg yolk, and most of the blue cheese crumbles). And guess what the waitress had added to the bag for me? Cheddar Bay Biscuits - 6 of them (why??!). Have you guys ever had those? Holy **** I wanted to cheat. But here is what I did: I had 1 bite of 1 biscuit. I licked a couple of other biscuits (make fun of me all day long I have NO shame). I even - surely not healthy normal behavior here - took one more bite, chewed it, and spit it out. And then I flushed all the biscuits down the toilet because I did NOT trust myself. Needless to say by this time I don't have enough time for my workout as the hotel gym closes at 10.

This put me at 3 MF meals, 1.5 lean and greens without enough green, plus the nuts which I'm not sure whether to count as a snack, plus the 2 illegal sips of wine and bite/licks (haha) of biscuit. I'm going to eat a bar before going to sleep so at least my timings are decent at the end of the day, and that will make it more like a 5 + 1 day.

I know this is a ridiculously high level of detail, so thanks if you're still with me - I really felt the need to come clean! I am trying not to beat myself up, though - I had slippery behavior but no terrible outcomes, and I am going to pat myself on the back for that.

There were a lot of factors to the disaster of my day, but I think the worst one for me was that I could not trust my phone alarm to tell me when to eat. I depend on that thing with my life, usually, and my time zones were shifting and all so the alarms didn't make sense, and I had low battery halfway through the day.

Tomorrow I know what my day looks like, and I will get on the treadmill in the morning, and I will eat my MF meals on schedule like a good girl and split my L&G into 2 small L&Gs (the place I'm working tomorrow is catering lunch and I will go to dinner with my coworkers).

I won't be home for 10 more days (vacation right after this business trip), so I'm a little worried that this is how I've started out. Anyway, thanks for letting me confess my sins here!

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Hey amy,

Hang in there. Travel is tough till you get the hang of it. Considering there were unanticipated cheddar bay biscuits involved, I think you didn't do too bad. I usually plan on an extra MF meal on long travel days, or I have a maintenance bar.

Now that I'm in an exercise habit, I tell myself I must do something every day while I'm away, even if it's just a 20-30 minute yoga app on my phone.

Make a plan, stick to it, and do better tomorrow. You can do it!

Lost the first 100 with Medifast, now working on the last 25
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Hahaha! You are such a great writer! I know nothing about medfast and yet I totally enjoyed your post. In fact, I probably enjoyed your day more than you did! You did great in the midst of mess. Good job!
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When I was in culinary school myself, 2 Chef Professors and over 20 culinary students once spent a good 15-20 minutes discussing just how amazingly deliciousness those Cheddar Bay Biscuits are. This was in the middle of a culinary calculations class and some how the topic just kind of came up, but those biscuits have such a pull we couldn't stop talking about them.

I've been known to eat a good 6-8 on my own. Good for you for being able to toss them after only indulging a bit! They have power those biscuits, what ever food scientist came up with their formula managed to perfectly balance every palatable salty-fatty-carby flavor to create something almost inhumane to resist.
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