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Smile Copycat?

Hello :-)

I just realized that my first post was in the wrong forum. I tried using the search feature on the forum but I seem to keep hitting the wrong phrase for what I needed. Anyways, I was told that there is a copycat version of the Medifast plan that I could do myself. I'm not actually going to be able to start buying the real deal until middle of next month due to college tuition. But I really want to get a head start and start getting my body used to the diet.

I'm planning to incorporate lean meats and greens soon too. The thing is, I like having a set plan because I'm the type to get frustrated if I don't know what I'm doing and revert back to my old ways. I have no problems starting, its just sticking to it is the problem. It would be great if I could get a shopping list of the stuff I need. Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is having a good day!

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Hi Dorko!
Glad you found us! I'm sure you will find the info you are looking for here. Hope you will also join our monthly chat. Everyone is very friendly. helpful and supportive!
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Well, the heart of Medifast is a low carb (less than 100g/day) plan with frequent meals, approximately 100 calories each, every 2-3 hours. I don't feel comfortable recommending any food choices for you to buy, just because Medifast is fortified with vitamins that you might not get from regular 100 calorie foods like eggs, cheese sticks, and low calorie soups.

You might want to check out the medifast site and look for the recommended food choices for the lean and green and eat those foods throughout the day. I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do. Medifast is a great program to help you lose unwanted weight.

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Default "Do It Yourself" Medifast-like program

I tried the shakes/food from medifast and I thought they were disgusting - they vaguely smelled like baby formula. And its kind of expensive. So I took the nutritional information (all of which is available on the website for free) and the guide (also available on the website for free), and used it to find shakes/bars that 1. I could get close to home and 2. Actually tasted good to me. Like someone already said, the carb count on medifast is important (its listed somewhere on the medifast site as 60-80g/d), and the diet is also low-fat and low cal .
I figured out that the supplement meals calories would be 4 shakes at 90 cal each (or 110 if you are on the higher protein ones) would range from 360-440, plus the one bar supplement at 170 cal, so around 530-610 for the supplement meals. I found a couple of supplements that are very similar in nutrition/calories, including the EAS carb control shakes (110 cal each) and there is also the Nature's Path Ultra energy shake (but you have to use 1.5 scoops rather than a full 2 scoops recommended on box for 100 cal), and then for bars I use Nature's Path Ultra energy bars (200 cal) or Sorce of Life bars (160 cal). All of these products I can find at target and Super Supplements, and they are all low in fat, carbs, and have similar vitamin profiles as the products on medifast.
I then use the same guide from Medifast for my lean and green meals.
I plan on using their transition guide as well.
Hope this helps
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You can do medifast 100% real food. Get the same weight loss, and get all your needed vitamins minerals and fiber naturally! Diymydiet is and awesome tool and has all the information you need!
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The Ideal Protein forum has many threads on using alternatives, and the plan described in the book, "The Simple Diet" by Anderson and Gustafson is another meal replacement plan that uses shakes, bars, soups and frozen meals from the grocery store as well as fruits and vegetables.

The Simple diet gives you guidelines for selecting shakes, bard, soups, and frozen entrees. You can make The Simple Diet more like Medifast by choosing options on the lower end of the calorie guidelines.

The basic plan is 3 shakes or soups, 2 entrees, and 5 servings of veggies. Protein bars can be used occasionaly. This is the minimum, and you can eat more if you need to, but you can only eat these items.

Guidelines are given for choosing shakes, soups, entrees and bars, and specific brand name items are listed as well.
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Wonderslim, Protidiet, New Lifestyle Diet, and I am sure there are others I can't think of on the top of my head, are the "copycat" versions you are talking about. A bit pricey. And you can do it with real food as other poster mentioned. But if you have a food addiction that you are trying to kick along with the weight, totally worth the price. Personally, I am on WS, but am at the point that my addiction is under control so my doctor and I are slowly weaning me to real food now. Check out THIS forum for ideas on how to do one of these cheaply using alternatives.

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