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Default Does how you lose it influence maintenance?

Maybe not. This study looked at surgical outcomes against NWCR participants for long term maintenance (5+ years). I haven't read the original paper, but the summary looks interesting.


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3 + years maintaining
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Very interesting indeed. And I must say, I'm not all that surprised. I'm sure many of us have seen way too many people regaining the weight after having surgery. Having surgery is no guarantee of anything.

Only one-third of the surgical group reported engaging in a level of physical activity consistent with recommendations for preventing weight regain compared with 60 percent of the non-surgical group.
I found the above statement to be quite telling. That only 1/3 of WLS patients were doing the recommended exercise for preventing weight gain. I really think this must be addressed by doctors who perform the surgery. I wonder if it is and if so, just how strongly. I think (most) people who go the traditional non-WLS route, are "probably" more aware of just how important a factor physical activity is.

One thing I really liked:

All participants – 315 total – lost an average of 124 lbs and had maintained their weight loss for an average of 5.5 years at the beginning of this two-year study.
That there were 315 patients who've lost THAT much weight AND KEPT IF OFF for 5.5 YEARS!!!!! Now that to me was kinda nice to see for a change.
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Interesting. I still think there's a lot of validity in the idea that losing it the old fashioned way will teach you the way to deal with food and the skills you need to keep it off. Plus, most people need to face their original poor relationship with food in order to lose weight healthily, which is very important.

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My Director of Operations at the company where I worked before had gastric bypass, and she started out strong in the weight loss but wasn't able to maintain it. She had nutrition classes, counseling sessions, a wide range of things to help her maintain the weight loss. When it came down to it, though, she was an emotional eater and she never broke that habit. She later compared it to the people who win the lottery and pay off all their debt only to later run up more than they had originally - the quick fix didn't teach her to not get back there again.
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It's hard to say. I think this question should also be looked at in the new "Biggest Loser" type very rapid weight loss concepts as well (although I'm a fan of that show, I wonder where the contestants will be in five years as opposed to those who have taken off weight more slowly and had more time to adjust to the lifestyle).
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Hope you don't mind be posting here. I tend to be a lurker rather than a poster, but I really wanted to reply to this.

Quick bio: I lost 112lbs following a liquid diet. I have maintained for 3.5 years within 4lbs either way of my goal weight.

I have spent 35 years dieting and putting the weight back on. I have done every diet possible (almost) and each time gained it all back, plus more.

This time it's off for life.

So, was it because I did a liquid diet? After all, everyone told me I was bound to put it all back on again after that. I hadn't even managed to maintain after a calorie controlled diet...how on earth would I do it this time.

The answer is simple. I chose to maintain this time. I wanted it more than anything else.

I really do feel that it doesn't matter which way you do it (as long as it's healthy), maintenance is a whole new journey. Since getting to goal, it's less about food and more 'head stuff'.

I have given myself the chance to get it right this time. To live as a slim person, rather than a dieter. Of course, the diet I did gave me the tool to start from scratch, but so would any diet, including weightloss surgery. What people do after that is their choice. I chose to be free of it all.

My decision had nothing to do with how I lost the weight in the first place, and more to do with how I wanted to move forward when I had got to goal.

Thankyou for reading
Reached goal in 2005. Maintained within 4lbs either way since
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